Funny Youtube Videos, little tricks

How many times have you gone to YouTube to search for funny videos or funny videos 2017 youtube for free, simply, have you typed funny YouTube videos on Google? Surely a lot.

We are talking, on the other hand, of contents that can only improve the day, totally harmless even for children, and without any ulterior motive. They are very different from the videos of YouTubers, or from videos that aim, for example, at sell or sponsor a product.

They are not even like informational videos, because for those you have to concentrate at least a minimum in order to fully understand the topic. We can say, therefore, that funny YouTube videos are a separate category, unique in its kind, and that cannot be imitated.

That’s why they do all this success on the net. They not only entertain, but entertain at the same time. For example, the 2017 free YouTube funny videos have been the subject of interest for millions of users.

This is because the digital age was getting closer and closer, and the number of people subscribed to platforms of this kind has grown exponentially. By now there are billions, not millions, of users registered on YouTube, so it goes without saying that the number of views also increases day by day.

It doesn’t matter that funny YouTube videos feature memes, animals or people falling: the important thing is that they have fun and bring a smile to everyone’s lips, even the saddest.

In this sense, YouTube has improved the lives of so many people, making them happier and more carefree even during difficult times. In addition, channel owners can monetize their videos , generating extra income, or first income, in addition to their work in the real world.

The real question, however, is the following: how to create funny YouTube videos that, in addition to making people laugh, are also interesting? Also, how to make them go viral and bring them to the screen of all Google users?

Some advice for your free funny Youtube videos from 2017 to today

Lighting is also important! Clear and highly visible videos are welcomed by the community. And the same shooting tools prefer adequate lighting; if the scene we are shooting is poorly lit the result will be grainy images not really suited to the purpose we have set ourselves .

video youtube divertenti

It is better to prefer rooms with good lighting and white walls. We can also resort to the use of spotlights or artificial lighting to be positioned above the camera and behind; there are very cheap ones around but they do their job properly.

Funny Youtube Videos 2017 for their audio …

The audio quality of your funny Youtube videos of 2017 is also very important: you certainly don’t want them to be seen excellently and then get lost in an audio in which you do not understand anything, do you?

Nowadays most of the devices have incorporated a microphone, which may not always be suitable, so it may always be the case to look online for something at a low price that is right for you; a Boya BY-M1, for example, costs just over 20 euros and is a valid tool for your videos.

The image quality of hilarious videos in social

After examining stability, light and audio, let’s focus on the quality of your funny Youtube videos.

We can start with the devices we already have available; we have said that today most smartphones allow you to shoot images in ultra HD and even in 4k. If this does not satisfy us, we can always use the webcam of our PC, or look for economic solutions on the internet.

video divertenti youtube1

Among the Youtubers the Logitech HD Pro C920 is very popular as an external webcam, a particularly economical model that in addition to filming in HD resolution has autofocus and a built-in microphone . Obviously if you have the opportunity to spend you can also aim for better cameras, aiming a little higher in prices.

It is not enough to film everything perfectly. The success of your funny Youtube videos will be determined precisely by your originality and your inventiveness; giving the people of the web trite content, already seen, will not lead you to success. Get creative!

What content to put in your funny YouTube videos for free?

Now that we have largely seen the technical side of funny YouTube videos, now we can move on to something else. In fact, most people are wondering the type of content that you can insert into your video.

What should you put in your funny YouTube videos? What are the the right content to entertain people and at the same time get views and subscribers to the channel?

What we can tell you is that “your only limit is the sky” , in the sense that you will have to and will be able to give full rein to your creative vein, while respecting some criteria.

So more than telling you what you should or shouldn’t put in your funny YouTube videos, we will give you just a few useful tips:

In the beginning do not make videos that are neither too long nor too short : it is well known that long videos on Youtube are for monetize, because under a certain limit of minutes, monetization doesn’t even work.

But, at the same time and especially in the beginning, it can really be counterproductive to produce videos that are too long.

After all, people don’t know you at all and giving them a content of 10 minutes is not the best.
At the same time also a video too short is not ideal: therefore find a happy medium, find your formula!

Do not imitate others and do not sell out : do not imitate the others, but draw inspiration and above all do not sell out.

What do we mean by saying this?

We know that every day dozens of challenges are launched all over the world, on every social platform. It’s not like you have to do everything, even if it’s trendy. Find your style and carry it forward with determination and do things your way.

Create small formats to create videos on social networks

The first thing I recommend you do when creating your editorial plan is the following: learn how to use the pills. What do I mean by this? Simple.

Imagine you want to create content, in our case a video, of 10 or 20 minutes . How much information would you be able to give during this time frame? Surely many.

The user, on his side, would get tired of assimilating a large amount of information all at once. Rather, he would prefer to receive them in small pills of no more than 5 minutes, perhaps divided by subject or subject matter. Similarly, you’d rather not “throw” so much information into a single video.

Ergo, try to divide the content into several parts, creating a sort of “mini series” “On the topic. Divide it into chapters, complete with titles, and the user can move freely without difficulty.

However, this question may arise spontaneously: c what is an editorial plan? The editorial plan is a calendar in which you plan the contents to be posted on social networks, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Our advice? Create your own editorial plan also for publications on the Youtube channel.

This is a slightly more concrete example: let’s pretend that you are the owner of a youtube channel where funny videos are uploaded.

You have decided to post 3 videos a week, every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

But you will understand for yourself that uploading the same videos, could bore users, therefore, you have to create small columns.

For example, on Mondays you can upload your funny video while you do a challenge, on Wednesday upload your original video, on Friday dedicate it to talk to your followers.

Here are the advantages of creating free funny Youtube video formats

Let’s talk now about the hidden advantages behind creating funny YouTube videos for free. Of course, the road to success is very long, but with good ideas and consistency you can get anywhere you want. The first is that you will always have something to post.

Besides, it’s not that difficult to create or find a fun video to post. You can also show someone else’s content by doing a reaction, that is, showing your reactions to the video. Among other things, this type of content is very popular lately.

The second is that those who follow you will always have the certainty of finding a certain type of content in If he knows you’re posting a funny YouTube video on Mondays, then he’ll be on the safe side by staying free at the time you’ve indicated.

Another important thing is that having funny YouTube videos on your channel can significantly increase the amount of users you can reach. Even if your goal is to talk about something else, perhaps finance, being able to find nice content can always be helpful for people.

Other advantages

In addition, you would have the option to tick all internal searches when the words “funny video” or related terms are typed. Again, we want to give you another tip of fundamental importance to further increase the number of people who will follow you.

Try to notice it: after reading this article, look for your favorite youtuber and notice all the columns and how they have been structured over time.

You will realize that that sense of security they give you when you see them, is due precisely to having a great organization behind them.

It is very easy to navigate within well-divided channels, with titles to the topics covered and, among other things, very captivating contents. You will also notice the beauty of the graphics, often colored, created specifically to capture visual attention.

In fact, if you didn’t know it, each color has the ability to convey a certain sensation to the user. Orange, for example, stimulates trust and friendship, while a black can indicate professionalism and attention to detail.

Blue or white shades, on the other hand, help to generate confidence in the eyes of the reader, since they are very pure colors. In fact, the colors of Facebook are just blue and white. Result? Billions and billions of users from all over the world!

Conclusions: it’s time to open your channel!

Now that you know in detail all the precautions you need to take when you want publish funny YouTube videos or you want to open a channel, the social network has no more secrets for you.

You will always have to keep in mind all our suggestions and, of course, combine them with your creativity and your desire to achieve the much desired success. We anticipate immediately that it will not be easy, but with the right determination and the right amount of dedication you will certainly succeed in your intent.

On the other hand, even those who have “Started as a joke”.

So, now do you feel ready to open your youtube channel of funny videos? Just follow these little tips and put all your creativity into it, because it all depends on your desire to express something!

And with this we conclude our little guide to create your own funny Youtube videos! We just have to wish you good luck with your content, which we can’t wait to see online .

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