FUTURE OF INSTAGRAM: What will happen to the social network of the moment

What will happen in the future of Instagram?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

When I go to Instagram and see all those people who are struggling to create their own presence on the social network, they care about followers, about interactions I wonder

How long will this last?

Just yesterday I was talking to you about how to collaborate with Pixibeauty and while writing I was thinking about all this.

Everyone knows.

The day before the app looks one way and in 24 hours everything changes! Some say that jumping into the new TikTok app is the solution.

We are subject to the whims of a constantly changing algorithm that is not managed by us.

How long can we last? Is there a solution?

I’ve already told you about how to start a successful Instagram profile.

In this article I will try to explain all the conclusions I have come to about the possible future of Instagram.

Before you begin…

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Are we ready now?

What you don’t know about Instagram

But how did this whole Instagram story start?

6 October 2010

Day of the official launch of the platform on iOS devices.

Yes, the app was initially designed to run only on the iPhone, but was later adapted for other operating systems as well.

And even today, iOS devices still have a few more features, super cool first.

I don’t know about you, but I went crazy some time ago because I couldn’t figure out how to switch between the external and internal cameras during a story.

We had to wait months to get it on Android as well.

The platform developed rapidly.

Do you know why?

It responded to an intimate need that we would never have the courage to admit.

The need to show off.

Let’s face it.

Even on Facebook the phrases and captions of the photos were often only around our photo with friends.

But our main interest when posting a photo was to show ourselves or something beautiful we had seen.

Instagram jumped at this and thought of creating a platform where the photos were the only protagonists.

Second reason, at that time Instagram was a pristine place .

Alternative people went there who wanted to escape the noise of Facebook.

We went looking for a place where we could express ourselves freely without being judged by anyone, where there wasn’t everyone .

Besides, on Instagram there were no advertisements, it was a child’s platform .

Nothing to bother us.

And so people started pouring in.

What happened at that point?

Mark Zuckember saw the great potential and decided to buy it in 2012 for $ 1 billion.

An insignificant price when you think about all that it earned him afterwards.

Since then, everything has started to change.

It was August and I had just returned from my trip to Barcelona.

I had taken a lot of great photos.

My friends already used Instagram.

I wasn’t very inclined to throw myself on social networks.

Then I thought

Oh well come on, let’s try this Instagram thing.

So I opened my profile!

I never imagined this would happen.

That instagram would have changed my life so radically that it took me on a totally different path from the one I was on until then.

If you are a member of my community, you know my whole path of change well.

How I left my sad life to start building my path as a blogger and influencer.

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Another breaking point.

Instagram introduces advertisements and the algorithm for displaying posts on the home page.

Statistics for business accounts.

A new era has begun.

No longer a pristine platform for sharing photos.

But turns into a digital marketing platform .

A place where companies are starting to see fertile ground.

Influencers are born, sponsored content.

Everything is aimed at monetizing what used to be a community of photography enthusiasts.

I’m not here to judge anything.

I think there are positives and negatives to everything.

On the one hand, there may be people who think that this has destroyed what was the initial environment of Instagram and feel nostalgia.

But there are others who have made a job of it creating the life of their dreams.

Blaming and pointing fingers are useless.

It doesn’t depend on us.

We don’t decide how the algorithm works or how many advertisements we show.

The only thing we can do is accept reality and turn it in our favor .

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If the pristine world of the Instagram app is long gone, now we need to think about the future of Instagram .

About its ability to be a marketing platform.

We can use it to get something out of it, to be among the first to enter this new digital reality and create something new and innovative.

A little while ago I read an article about how Instagram has turned us all into sellers and marketers.

I don’t fully agree with everything written there, but I like to give you different points of view.

But now we come to the question why you are here.

Are you ready?

What will happen in the future of Instagram?

At some point something happened that no one expected!

Facebook has drastically reduced the visibility of all posts published by the pages.

Our home has begun to become a riot of advertising that we didn’t give a shit about.

And what did people do?

They started moving away, migrating to Instagram.

A new platform where there was still hope to grow and see their content shared with the world.

You know it’s not an easy thing to give up all your work on one social network and move on to another.

You need to understand how to navigate a new environment and gain a new following.

Facebook has made us understand, for the first time in human history, that social platforms have a rather short life cycle. From here we can understand a lot about what the future of Instagram will be.

Dario Vignali tells you something in this video.

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# 0 Birth

An idea takes shape from a need.

Some crazy genius comes up with a way to connect with people.

is what happened with Facebook.

February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

A group of young people are thinking of creating an online platform to connect all the people in college.

I’m not going to tell you the rest.

You know the story well.

Since then, the world of connection, or social media, has exploded into a billion-dollar business.

But don’t forget that it all starts with a simple idea.

An idea that aims to solve a people’s problem.

# 1 Development

The platform extends beyond the boundaries for which it was designed.

Facebook leaves college and begins to colonize other environments as well.

Ordinary people begin to use it as a means to connect with distant loved ones, to share their ideas.

And that’s where something begins to be born.

When so many people begin to love it and use it in their daily life.

The numbers are growing.

There are new investors.

Companies interested in using the potential of the connection to reach customers.

The platform understands that having all this information about people in hand is very powerful.

And what does it do?

Reduces the visibility of posts.

Start selling advertising to those who need it.

Sponsored posts, sponsored stories, are just some of the many methods by which social platforms have begun to monetize all the work done up to that point.

Everything is transformed.

From social networks and ways of uniting people to a real marketing and advertising tool.

# 2 Maturity

At this point, the social goal becomes purely a business goal.

Increase your earnings.

How can they do it?

Inserting more and more advertisements!

Trying to make fewer and fewer people see your content to encourage you to use ads to grow.

Not only that.

To give even more space to companies that have money to invest to grow their business.

And so we get bombarded with advertisements.

Really fascinating.

There are tons of people behind it studying everything.

From people’s behavior, to psychology, to post display algorithms, ads.

A balanced world is created in which everyone benefits.

Users who always find new stimuli and ideas. And, why not, also a gift idea for a friend’s birthday. There are companies that can thrive, businesses that can be born and people who start living the life of their dreams thanks to this connection.

This is the time of maturity.

Everything reaches a certain degree of saturation.

Billions of users.

The system needs to be squeezed and squeezed out as much money as possible to keep growing.

Until the rope breaks.

And we move on to the last, inexorable phase.

# 3 Decline

Everything goes into decline sooner or later.

What happens when the social platform becomes saturated?

Facebook lends itself well to this example.

It’s right at this stage.

When the visibility of posts is reduced to the point that no one sees them anymore, people start seeing alternatives.

Other platforms that showcase your content more and give you some satisfaction.

Simply the platform is abandoned and begins to turn into a ghost town.

All for the benefit of another social network that is starting to go through the development phase.

The loop repeats itself.

Hope of revitalization: A consideration on the future of Instagram

No one has seen the revitalization of a social network yet.

It is not yet clear what might happen.

On the one hand, we are seeing Facebook in steep decline.

On the other hand, there are attempts at revitalization, adding functions that may arouse new interest.

Of course, groups and ads are still an important part of social media that doesn’t make me think it’s totally dead.

The investments are huge, there is a lot of money in it.

Behind them are people who know exactly what game they’re playing.

Usually this whole birth-decline cycle lasts about ten years.

Then there are new tools that people turn to to find something new and more satisfying.

Where is Instagram in this whole cycle?

We are in full maturity.

Users are growing exponentially.

As well as advertisements.

The reduction in the display of posts has already been happening for a while.

We get fewer and fewer likes. Fewer and fewer comments.

They push us to buy advertisements to test their effectiveness.

Just yesterday I was offered a € 30 voucher!

Sooner or later, I don’t know when, we will begin to realize that the effort to grow on Instagram will be too great.

We will no longer be willing to put up with it and will start looking further.

Looking for new places where it will be possible to grow and gain visibility with less resources.

These new worlds already exist.

We don’t know how and when they will develop.

But it’s worth taking a look to get ready.

I’m talking about the Chinese music platform TikTok and the video game streaming social Twitch.

I’ll tell you more on another occasion!

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How do you think the future of Instagram will evolve?

See you in the comments!

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