Get more likes on Youtube, let’s see how

You want to become a popular youtuber then what you need to do is follow our 6 tips to get more likes on Youtube .

Youtube is one of the most used social networks ever. It is chosen by millions of users every day to watch videos, see tutorials or listen to music. Youtube is not a private platform, rather it is public each of us can try their hand at making videos and upload them to allow other users to view them. If you have a passion that drives you to want to create videos to upload to Youtube then you shouldn’t miss any of our 6 tips to get more likes on the social network.

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Choose a sector to get more likes on Youtube

It is not enough to make videos and post them on the platform to be successful, you need to create a good marketing plan . Start from the creation of your project, choose the sector in which you want to enter, choose the target of users you want to address and based on that create a personal channel to be made public.

If you want your videos are attractive you have to make them of high quality. To make them you need a video camera or smartphone that produces excellent quality videos , a microphone if you choose to speak in the video and a program to edit the video. Make more than one video and make the production constant.

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Promote your videos on other channels to increase likes on YouTube

Choose to promote your videos to get more likes on Youtube on other channels such as blogs, sites, social networks. This way you will get to as many users as possible. The more users you reach will be the number of hits on your video. Precisely for this reason you should create accounts on other social networks and publish your videos on these too , the most suitable in this case are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which are among the most used every day and the most popular in the world. Even creating a website with a blog can be an idea to increase visits to your videos.

Social media are an important means of communication and thanks to them we can interact with millions of users to get more likes on Youtube. Therefore, create interactions with people in your industry by inviting them to visit your channel and give you their opinion on your videos. In addition to having a few more visits, you will also have the opportunity to receive advice and useful ideas to improve your online presence.

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Get more likes on Youtube with some precious tricks

If you want to receive more likes on Youtube you have to publish quality videos and more. First decide the sector you want to jump into and try to become a famous youtuber.

For example, if you talk about travel you will have to upload videos that are purely about travel and related but without exaggerating. Your channel must be niche otherwise you risk your potential subscribers to the channel confusing your identity .

Video quality is definitely a must have for a channel Youtube worthy of note. Equipped with a latest generation smartphone, an SLR or an HD video camera and you will do great; modern technology allows you to have excellent quality videos for little money.

Remember to always shoot videos in bright environments and not towards the sun; the sun always behind you while if you are indoors you should turn on two ceiling lights to help the brightness . Also in this case on the web you can buy the suitable equipment at a low cost.

If you are in the videos, and I hope you are, put your face on it and let yourself be seen and known for as you are . People greatly appreciate the naturalness of people and their simplicity. Stay calm and relaxed, be spontaneous and genuine. The rest comes by itself.

To make videos like this, try at home if you really don’t feel comfortable in front of a video camera . When you feel I try and loose it starts spinning.

Get more likes on Youtube: video editing

For the video question we are there but you must also think about the question audio . Purchase suitable microphones that isolate surrounding noises; you can find them on the internet there are so many.

To get more likes on Youtube you must also have video editing and video editing skills. Create an opening and closing theme. If you do not know how to use video editing programs on the web you can find some easy to use .

In conclusion, insert calls to action in the video where you refer to visit the your website or other videos on your channel to learn more about some aspects of your video . In the description be clear and describe in detail what you have published by dividing into paragraphs and inserting at the end the links of other videos, of your Youtube channel and if you have affiliate products you can also insert those.

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Rely on a paid platform to increase the YouTube audience

There are many platforms online that allow you to get more likes on Youtube and buy visits, followers , like and much more. In our case we could buy a package of views to our videos in order to make them more attractive for other users. We recommend that you choose Visibility Reseller which offers real views from real users and active on the platform. No deceptions and everything takes place simply by purchasing the package of our interest.

YouTube and the likes

YouTube is a web platform that allows the sharing and viewing on the network of multimedia content (video sharing): on this site it is possible to see video clips, trailers, short films, live streams, news, and other content such as video blogs, or original short videos, educational videos and more, which users can add to their favorites, or vote positively or negatively, comment or report a video.

According to Alexa, it is the second most visited website in the world, preceded only by Google, that’s a crazy result! With a Google account, you can watch videos, like, and subscribe to channels. However without a channel, you don’t have a public presence on YouTube.

To upload videos, post comments or make Playlist, you need to create a youtube channel, even if you have a Google account. To create a new channel, just use your computer or the youtube mobile website, if you want to do it from your mobile.

Then, to create a channel, log into YouTube from a computer or mobile site, then try to leave a comment, or upload a video, do anything that requires a channel.

This will ask you to create a channel, if you don’t already have one. After this short step, enter your details, verify the details (i.e. name and photo of your Google account) and confirm the creation of your new channel. Now here we are, we can open the dance! Now I’ll start explaining how to get more likes on Youtube!

Quick Guide

Previously I explained to you how to open your own channel on youtube, in this way you too can interact with this vast audience! Now let’s move on to the explanation on how to get more likes on Youtube.

The first step is the simplest, but also the decisive one: it is that of personality. If you want to conquer the public and build your own personal group of fans, and GET MORE LIKES ON INSTAGRAM, you must have a clear identity, be recognizable and have an original style.

But be careful, this does not mean say create videos all the same, this way you will get the opposite effect. This means that you have to choose a common theme for your videos, such as fashion, cinema, culture, information technology, and not go out of sight.

Of course, there may be some small uncorking of the rule, but don’t overdo it! Those who follow you expect to follow your content in an orderly manner, they are aware of the kind of video you want to post.

In short, if you publish news related to the world of gossip, you cannot expect that videos in which this issue is not addressed are warmly welcomed.

Furthermore, my advice is to face this experience naturally: this does not mean that the videos must be made without a minimum of preparation, shot “ on the fly ”, but you must make sure that you know how to execute a script , prepared previously, in front of the camera, or else you simply have to pretend to talk to your friend beyond the camera.

You can also incorporate any errors and imperfections in the video, so you will be more acclaimed by the audience, who will not think you starred.

How to get more quality likes

After explaining to you how to be and face the experience in front of the camera, now I want to give you some quick tips on how to get more likes on YouTube with simple details, which seem obvious, but they are not.

In addition to having a unique personality and incomparable, we must take into account another requirement that allows us to get more likes on youtube: the quality of the videos.

To get more likes on Youtube, an essential requirement is to create videos of high quality, and nowadays it is more than possible, given that the latest generation smartphones and cameras allow you to create HD videos (1920 × 1080 pixels) without costing a fortune: use these devices, i.e. smartphones and cameras, to make your videos, not the webcam of your computer.

Also make sure that the quality of the audio in the recording is optimal, as should the surrounding lighting. On the internet, same on youtube, you will find many tutorials on how to fix these small, but fundamental, details.

Also, don’t forget to cut the dead time from your videos before posting it, if you don’t know how to do it and want to know the best applications that allow you to do this, you can always search youtube for tutorials about it. T all these precautions are necessary to get more likes on Instagram.

Last details

We have reached the epilogue of this short guide on how to get more likes on YouTube. Now you can have fun and compare yourself with the general public, thanks to the advice we have provided you in this guide. But that’s not all! In fact, we still have some small but useful tips for you.

By making a brief summary, after creating your channel you can get more likes on Instagram, after choosing a general and common theme for your videos , and having taken care of the videos in the smallest details, from the quality, the sound and finally to the lighting, let’s now move on to explain the part of advertising, that is the ‘marketing’.

I know that you are very tempted to ask for likes, channel subscriptions or positive comments, but don’t do it, all of this will be counterproductive. Rather you have to think creatively about getting people to follow your content, make people follow you and I write to your channel independently. How can you do? Play cunning.

Upload interesting videos, which can also create a kind of envy of your users, create teasers or short videos that you anticipate or what you will do in the following video, for example you can post a video on a event in which you participated, a well-known character that you managed to meet, in short, hi more has more of it.

You can also create an opening theme, but be careful that it doesn’t last anymore of 5.10 seconds. Also remember to use other social networks to promote your video.

Get ready to become an established youtuber and make your videos known all over the world and start buying YouTube likes .

Discover all news on YouTube and find all the answers to your questions in the dedicated section of the blog.


Ottenere più like su Youtube, vediamo come fare

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Get more likes on Youtube, let’s see how


You want to become a popular youtuber then what you need to do is follow our 6 tips to get more likes on Youtube.


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