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A very showy dress evening dress, in orange color, on the most important red carpet of our local cinema. She, beautiful, The dress with two dizzying strings that have left very little to the imagination. Giulia Salemi thus rose to the headlines, bewitching and scandalizing at the same time.

After all, to the most attentive to the gossip reports, the face of Piacenza was not at all new: she had already ranked third at Miss Italy in 2014 and in 2018 she had passed under the limelight thanks to Big Brother Vip.

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Giulia Salemi Instagram: a woman of the world

It would be reductive, however, to confine Giulia Salemi to the mere television sphere. The showgirl was able to build a respectable public image, especially thanks to Instagram, and between photos at work and provocative poses, the beautiful Emilian has conquered a large number of followers, well 1 million, not a small thing.

It may not be the numbers of Chiara Ferragni or Giulia de Lellis, but it is certainly a very high profile profile, capable of capturing the attention of fashion houses from all over the world.

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She was, in fact, the face of Zuiki’s advertising campaign, with a maxi tour in showrooms throughout Italy. The Italian-Persian has often launched into long sessions of autographs, rigorously wrapped in the beautiful clothes of the Italian house. Her collaboration with Levi’s is very recent.

Giulia Salemi Instagram is her collaboration with Levi’s

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Between fascinating journeys in around the world and catwalks scattered throughout the Italian peninsula, Giulia Salemi makes the most of social photography thanks to a not indifferent storytelling activity. In summary, to always keep up with the life of the Italian-Persian, just follow her on the most popular social network of the moment.

Giulia Salemi on Instagram is success on TV: how does she earn?

From aspiring Miss Italy to Big Brother Vip, from Quelli che… il calcio to Play Talk. Giulia Salemi’s experiences on the small screen have made her famous to the general television audience, and by exploiting this platform she has also managed to launch herself into the world of social media.

Constantly in the spotlight, always at center stage, the beautiful brunette was also at the center of our local gossip reports, without ever scandalizing . In fact, she defines herself as a soap and water girl, old-fashioned and who still believes in the value of courtship.

giulia salemi instagram hashtag

A decidedly confirmed nature during the experience at Beijing Express, where, with her mother, she formed the couple of shutters in the Rai 2 survival reality. This characterization of a “girl next door”, combined with decidedly provocative clothes, allowed her to obtain popular national approval.

Her cashets have progressively increased from production to production, thanks to her ability to appear without scandalizing. A thin red line on which to run, but which has attracted major fashion brands. These too, as already mentioned, were willing to spend good money just to be represented by the former gieffina.

Currently, Giulia Salemi is participating in the “Adoro!” project. a living room broadcast on Mediaset Play and the purpose of entertaining the public while waiting for the start of “The pupa and the nerd and vicersa!”, the new reality show by Italia Uno.

Who is Giulia Salemi

Definitely her fame precedes her, but you probably want to know everything about the sensual influencer from Piacenza who is riding the wave of success so far matured with great mastery.

Giulia Salemi before being a simple influencer is an Italian-Persian showgirl born in Piacenza on 1 April 1993 and known to the public for her participation in Beijing Express together with her mother Fariba to whom she owes her Persian blood.

All this, before participating in Big Brother Vip 3 in which she took part with her ex-boyfriend Francesco Monte and the GF5 who brought her the love of Pierpaolo Petrelli.

For the lovers of statistics it may be interesting to know that Giulia is 174 cm tall and is from Aries and probably from here comes her stubbornness and stubbornness to obtain the results she gives she has always hoped for and for which she has worked and continues to work.

Giulia attended 1 year at the University of Economics to then set aside her school career, even if recently, it seems that the model, to the delight of dad Mario Salemi (policeman), he is retracing his steps, contemplating a return to the benches to finish his training in Milan, the city where he currently lives.

Several beauty contests and those hosted on TV that made her famous; together with the flirtations that have seen her linked to illustrious ex like Abraham Garcia, ex of Elettra Lamborghini and Andrea Iannone.

Impossible not to mention Giulia’s Instagram profile which has accumulated as many as 200,000 followers, a true influencer in all respects.

Giulia Salemi: work and career

Giulia Salemi’s first appearance was in 2014 when she took part in Miss Italia ranking in fourth place, but still obtaining several minor awards. From that moment on he hosted several, on all those in sports programs such as Tiki Taka and Quelli che il calcio.

The following year the participation in the reality show that h made more famous, Peking Express in which she takes part together with her mother forming the couple “the shutters”. Subsequently, her hosted in sports programs lead her to land at the helm of Leyton Orient as Simona Ventura and Milan-Rome with Giancarlo Magalli, both football programs.

In 2016 she participated in the famous MTV Super Shore program, where she meets her ex Abraham. Meanwhile, he continues his career as an influencer and in 2018 he participates for the first time in Big Brother Vip where he meets another famous ex, Francesco Monte.

In 2020 another challenge awaits Giulia Salemi who with Paolo Ciavarro and Paola di Benedetto he leads “Disconnessi on the road”, a program in which Italy and its most hidden villages are already present.

The book

In the same year as Disconnessi on the road, Giulia publishes her first book “I’ve always preferred chocolate to men”. Manuscript in which he promises to make known a part of himself not known by many.

In this book, the beautiful woman from Piacenza uses bright tones, tells the ups and downs of her life and career, without hide that sometimes I have fallen, but that I have also had the ability to always get up.

The dress of the famous Venice Red Carpet

One of the moments in which Giulia made the most of herself was when she stood out at the Venice Film Festival with a dress with a crotch slit that made the rounds of all news and still today it remains the most remembered look of the model and influencer.

On that specific occasion, as in her entire career, there was no lack of criticism but also appreciation, among all we remind you that of Kim Kardashian.

Giulia Salemi at Big Brother VIP 2020

Giulia really got a taste for it and after taking part in a Big Brother VIP in 2018, again in 2020. Galeotta was the reality show and she couldn’t otherwise, considering the past of the girl who met her soul mates in reality shows.

But this time it happens only towards the end of the journey, a long journey that led Giulia to confront first of all with her long-time friend Tommaso Zorzi, with whom she had had a misunderstanding for the publication of the book that should have been take place on the same day when the boy, also well known on social networks, would have presented his.

There was also a confrontation, clash with the red carpet rival Daine Mello. Inside the most spied house in Italy, however, there were also touching confessions such as the one made by Giulia about her past in which she had breast cancer at an early age and of which the scar is still very much living.

Giulia stated that up to now she has not corrected this defect, a sign of a battle she won. ong>

Giulia Salemi and love

We have already mentioned 2 famous names who have joined Salemi in her love life, first of all Abraham Garcia and then Francesco Monte, even if there was no lack of real or allegedly.

Above all, the relationship with Monte left its mark on Giulia’s heart, who after the breakup said she deeply regretted, although she did not fail to emphasize that probably having started the story in a media bubble like Big Brother made everything much more intense even though the 2 only dated for 8 months.

Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Petrelli

Despite this experience Giulia Salemi has not lost her habit and in 2020 again in the same house, she has established a relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli. The story born under the spotlight of the most spied house in Italy the feeling born immediately did not go unnoticed by the landlord Alfonso Signorini who knows a lot about gossip.

Pierpaolo previously had a fleeting flirtation with Elisabetta Gregoraci , but between him and Giulia Salemi the galeotta was the exit from Elisabetta’s own house. The two got closer and between a joke and a confession this fresh love story was born.

Although Pierpaolo did not hidden that sometimes he still thinks of his ex with whom he has a child and also of Gregoraci, the two boys on Christmas Eve are particularly close and here is the couple’s first kiss.

The first difficulties

The relationship between the two has certainly not started in the best way; Pierpaolo’s mother, did not miss the opportunity to shoot zero on the girl and ask her son to go back to being the show man that everyone knows without being influenced by women.

Despite these words, Giulia remained calm, at least at first while Pierpaolo felt quite resentful of this situation.

In any case, the two continue their story despite the fact that the public also seems prefer the Petrelli-Gregoraci couple, who now seem to be a thing of the past. Meanwhile the boy’s mother’s attempts to dissuade him from this bond continue, but love cannot be commanded and the two continue on their way. p>

This is until Giulia is eliminated by Big Brother, while Pierpaolo manages to be among the finalists of the reality show. Only after the final do the two meet again, but they seem even more close-knit and determined to live their love story outside the house.

Giulia Salemi: some curiosities

In short, it seems to have said everything about Giulia Salemi, of the girl who took her first timid steps in the entertainment world by participating in one of the most famous beauty contests in Italy.

As we could see bio-sites missed difficulties and jokes arrest for the beautiful model who to the sound of reality is making space in the Italian show biz, not content with her life to influence and having the series intending to show its real value.

To conclude with some curiosities, you will probably imagine that Giulia admitted that she was completely addicted to her cell phone, it is no coincidence that she became the influencer who and everyone knows and thousands follow every day on Instagram.

As already mentioned several times, the girl was born in 1997 and has a Persian mother from whom she probably inherited the traits that make her one of the most beautiful women on Italian TV of the moment and her father is a policeman.

Giulia’s dream is to one day be able to lead a program of her own, even if she has not lacked, up to now, the opportunity to work alongside people known as Simona Ventura or others like Paolo Ciavarro, son of the famous Italian actor, sex symbol of the 80s.

Giulia knows well what it means when a parent does not accept your sentimental choices, it has happened to her with Francesco Monte, when his mother Fariba was not very enthusiastic and now with Pierpaolo

Finally Giulia to maintain her splendid shape is used to doing Yoga and Pilates, activities that she really likes.


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