Growing on Instagram without bots: #MiGiocoIlFeed [Case Study]

Growing on Instagram without bots is possible, only that it takes a good strategy and what I present to you today is an initiative that I invented and tested on my profile, and that made me acquire about 150 followers in just 3 days.

Not bad growth, even if not on a par with that obtained with the viral content of the #VasoDiValore , but we certainly can’t expect all experiments to have the same outcome, after all.

In this article I will illustrate the strategy I adopted to increase my fan base on Instagram , from which I hope you can take inspiration to be able to grow organically and in complete respect of Instagram algorithm .

#MiGiocoIlFeed: the strategy

Let’s start by saying that nowadays 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day, all over the world. A data of some importance, which makes us understand how this tool is becoming increasingly important and present in the lives of users and how appropriate it is to include them in our (organic) growth strategy on Instagram.

For this reason, the strategy I devised for #MiGiocoIlFeed would only affect Instagram stories and no other tools.

The goal I had set myself was to increase my brand awareness and improve my brand reputation, demonstrating my skills in the field of Instagram, thus establishing myself as one of the most knowledgeable Social Media Managers on this social network.

What are the KPI (Key performance indicators) that I took into consideration to evaluate the actual success of this strategy? Here they are:

  • Number of fans on my Instagram profile
  • Number of participants in the initiative
  • Amount of impressions on the stories
  • Coverage achieved by the stories

To achieve my goals, therefore, I set the strategy to step:

  1. Users had to screenshot their feed and publish it on their stories using the hashtag #MiGiocoIlFeed and tagging my profile @elisa_pasqualetto
  2. I would have shared their stories by adding the sticker ” questions “to leave users the opportunity to have their say on the participant’s feed (comments that I would later share)
  3. Finally I would have created a special story with my personal comment, tagging the profile concerned

In this way, I had the opportunity to create engagement on my Instagram profile both in terms of answers to the sticker questions, and in terms of dm received and tags on the stories in completely organic and without investing in sponsorships, but using only (so to speak) my time.

The results

I have to admit that launching #MiGiocoIlFeed wasn’t a great idea on the one hand, because I literally spent my weekend responding and interacting with users, getting to work 10 days in a row non-stop, but on the other hand it also has high participation allowed.

Here are the results:

  • 159 followers in 5 days (Friday to Tuesday)
  • 90 participants in the game ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • 144,665 impressions (+ 127,000 compared to the previous week)
  • 4 spontaneous posts / stories from users who recommended my profile as #smm professionsita and / or have recommended my course #Easygram
  • 2700 people reached (+1290 compared to the previous week)
  • 67 clicks on the website (+47 compared to the previous week)
  • 3472 profile visits (+2979 compared to the previous week)

As you can see, I haven’t grown up only in terms of the number of fans, which as a vanity metric relating to brand awareness is always good, but also as visits to my site, moreover perhaps the most important data were the stories and posts from users who talked about the initiative, who recommended me as “one of the best social media managers” and who also recommended my Instagram online course in a completely spontaneous way!

Graph from Ninjalitics, MiGiocoIlFeed was launched on September 7

The cost of a strategy of this type

As I said at the beginning of this article, the cost of implementing the strategy is to be calculated solely and exclusively in terms of time and that was really a lot!

I personally replied to all 90 participants , both in DM and by creating a story, I therefore gave value to their publications and established a direct relationship with each of the users. I have not invested money in this strategy, but time, which as experience teaches us, is sometimes even more precious, especially for the return it gives!

Do you want to use Instagram like a pro?

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