Guide to IGTV

Instagram tries to compete with YouTube and television by creating its own “television” platform to give more space to visual content. The novelty dates back to June and consists precisely in the introduction of the possibility for users to go beyond the stories that disappear after 24 hours and videos lasting up to one minute, expanding their possibility of expression and communication. We’ll briefly explain how it works.

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What is IGTV

This is basically the Instagram TV . A channel where users can publish vertically recorded videos that occupy the entire smartphone screen. The videos can have a maximum duration of 10 minutes but for some influencers up to an hour (a possibility that will then be extended to all). There are no advertisements and therefore for the moment, unlike YouTube, there are no opportunities for earnings and monetization for content creators.

How to get IGTV

IGTV is accessed in a very simple way and the graphics are essential and intuitive. You can download the app, separate but still connected to Instagram, from the Play Store or App store by logging in with your usual Instagram login details. Or you can enter IGTV directly from the Instagram app by clicking on the icon in the shape of a television which is – although not yet for all profiles – in the Instagram home next to the icon of the message arrow or in the profile of a person who has uploaded a video to their channel ..

How to watch videos on IGTV

Once you are in IGTV, navigation is very simple. To change videos just swipe to the right. The videos are organized into four categories:

  • For you: to watch videos based on your interests
  • People you follow: where to find videos of users you follow on Instagram
  • Popular : to have access to the videos with the most views on Instagram
  • Continue watching : You can resume watching previously started content by having access to your viewing history (similar to Netflix).

To watch videos in particular, you can type in the space with the magnifying glass icon on the left of the screen and do a keyword search . In all cases, the videos can be shared with friends, commented on and liked with the classic heart of Instagram.

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How to create a channel and upload videos to IGTV

To create your own IGTV channel, click on the settings wheel and then on Create a channel . Screens will appear explaining the main functions of IGTV. Going forward you will be able to create your channel in just a few clicks.

Once you have created your channel, just click on your profile photo in the classic Instagram circle to access it. Holding the screen vertically, on the top right is the “ + ” button with which to access the multimedia gallery of your smartphone and load one of the contents inside . In fact, it is not possible to shoot videos directly from the channel but only to upload contents that are already in the memory of your phone.

After selecting the video you need to choose a title and description and after publishing it you will be able to access the number of views, likes and comments. To view the content you have published, just click on the circular icon with your profile photo. The videos you have uploaded can be seen by other Instagram users. As soon as you have uploaded your first video, a tv-shaped icon will appear under the description of your profile.
By clicking on it, anyone who visits your Instagram profile will be able to see the videos you have uploaded to IGTV. Your videos will also be recommended by Instagram to your friends through push notifications and with Home alerts.

What will happen to IGTV? Will it be a winning bet?

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