HASHTAG INSTAGRAM: How to use them best and get thousands of views to your posts!

Instagram hashtags are no longer needed!

This is what I’ve been hearing a lot about lately.

Actually, this was the case for a while. Any combination of hashtags I included in the descriptions of my photos, I got ten views compared to the thousands I received before.

How is all this possible? The usual Instagram algorithm changes we have to get used to!

22 August 2019

I’ve been doing some tests on my @monicpirozzi profile for a few days and guess what happened?

Hashtags seem to have recovered and almost half of the views of my posts come from this source, when previously did not exceed 5% .

Now I want to explain how you can create your perfect Instagram hashtag combination to insert in the captions of your photos and double the views of your posts!

If you read to the end, you will find screenshots of the statistics of some of my posts on Instagram, to understand a bit what numbers are behind the hashtag views.

Let’s go now!

What an Instagram hashtag really is for

Tagging your photos doesn’t mean coming up with some description like #ioelamiaamicastiamoandandoalsushi and hoping to become popular.

Inserting a tag, that is a label to your posts, must have a very specific purpose . This is up to you to choose but, based on what your strategy might be, you need to know that hashtags can be useful to us in many ways.

Let’s see which ones!

Reaching new people interested in your content

The main reason we should tag our photos is to reach new people. We all know by now that to find new users willing to follow us we have two alternatives: either we pay sponsorships or we use hashtags on Instagram.

The second way is free. But it is not only important to reach people but also to reach those who can be as much in line with the content we publish.

This way, we maximize the likelihood that the person will like or comment and finally hit the Follow button!

Group content


One of the other reasons to tag the photos is definitely to give some order to all this mass of images that are on the social network. If you want to find content related to a specific topic, it is much easier by doing a search by tag.

Otherwise, all the published photos would be lost who knows where and there would be no way to find them.

This is, by the way, one of the many ways I use to find out what other accounts in a certain category are doing and get inspiration from them!

Tell the social network what the photo / video is about

I already told you about how Instagram tries to show the right content to the right person when I described how the Instagram algorithm works. That is, each of us sees on his feed and on the page he explores the videos and photos that are closest to his interests.

Yes, but how does Instagram figure out what a photo contains?

It certainly has a very advanced artificial intelligence and image recognition system.

The social network knows if you are in that photo, if there are people, landscapes, sea, mountains. In short, it manages to determine and understand what the macro category is.

But you can also help him understand what you are posting with hashtags.

Why tell Instagram what we’re posting?

It’s really very important. This will allow them to understand the topic of our posts well and show them to the most interested users.

This, I will never tire of saying it, dramatically increases the chance that people interact with our posts and then start following us.

Whatever the reason you have in mind, it is very important that you start adding hashtags under your photos on Instagram but above all that you do it with a certain criterion (which I will explain in a moment!?).

I’ve read around and in support forums that even some profiles are no longer putting hashtags under their photos.

I believe they are a very important tool and are regaining their full power.

We have 30 available , why not use as many as possible?

Not only that!

There’s a trick to add 60 hashtags under your photos!

It’s very simple.

Just publish the post without entering hashtags and put the first 30 in the comments. Then, edit the photo and you will find that you can insert another 30 in the caption.

The truth is that there are accounts that usually use a dozen hashtags and still manage to get good results.

If you search the internet you will find a thousand theories on the optimal number of hashtags to insert. I try to give you the wisest advice there is.

You need to test.

Each account is different and the visibility of a post in the hashtags depends a lot on how much your followers interact with the post, how many followers you have and other content published at the same time as yours.

I think the younger an account, the more it should try to get close to 30 hashtags because the less likely it is to end up on the popular hashtag page.

Big accounts, like @tezza’s one for example, have declared that a dozen hashtags are more than enough for them. Of course, with the photos and interactions that Tezza has, I think it’s easy for her to get in the first posts of all the hashtags!

One thing I advise against.

Do not enter hashtags in both comments and descriptions to get to 60 but stop at 30. Instagram could penalize you with the shadowban!

But then…

Hashtag in comments or description?

I’m a huge fan of the super minimal description , readable and clean under the posts. For this, I love to insert hashtags in the comments so as not to have that wall of blue gates crowding the caption.

Actually, after realizing that hashtags weren’t bringing me many views anymore, I tried to test my profile.

As a result, I started putting hashtags back into the post description and I have to say that I have had some great results. When I post hashtags in the comments it’s like Instagram doesn’t read them and I don’t even get a view!

So, hashtags in caption work for me!

Always try to run some tests before figuring out what’s right for you! 😀

In the video below, I’ll explain the three tricks that have worked in the last few weeks that have allowed me to go from twenty hashtag views to almost 2000!

Why use Instagram hashtags under your photos

I know, I too have wondered several times when I saw that these Instagram hashtags didn’t bring me anything good.

In fact, they also made me waste a lot of time searching, cataloging and mixing them in the right way when I had to publish a post.

But, with a bit of trial and error, I realized that they are really very important and have functions that I never even imagined.

Here are all the ones I discovered!

1. Get more views and interactions

A bit trivial, but when we insert hashtags under our photos we expect to get more likes and maybe even some new people who follow us.

Only that often doesn’t happen, in fact, the views just don’t arrive and we find ourselves having very few likes.

Sometimes it doesn’t just depend on us, of course, but also on how many photos are published at the same time as ours and other people’s activity on the social network.

Here is the tragic situation of one of my latest posts. ?

Insights foto Instagram visualizzazioni hashtag

I admit I want to cry when I see things like this. ? Only 21 people viewed my post from Instagram hashtags, which is equivalent to not entering them at all!

I’ll tell you the truth.

These are situations that also happen when you use good technique. If you want to prevent this from becoming the norm on your profile, I recommend you read on! ?

2. Receive reposts from other profiles

Hashtags are one of the main channels large accounts use to re-post photos of other profiles .

I don’t know if you know, but there are those very big accounts that have gained their following by simply re-posting the crazy photos they find around.

What easier way than to go to hashtags and find the best ones?

Yours could be next and you don’t know how much visibility it will give you!

3. Go to the popular hashtag page

Currently, each hashtag features two distinct pages on Instagram.

One with all the posts in chronological order and another, the popular page of the hashtag, where there are the best posts, the ones that got the most interactions and liked the most to users.

Here in the photo you can find the distinction between TOP and RECENT hashtag! ?

Pagina TOP Hashtag Instagram

As you can imagine, it would be great to end up on the TOP page , which is the one that users visit most often and where you will certainly have the most visibility.

In fact, if you enter a hashtag, the top posts page is set automatically, which means that many inexperienced users do not even realize that they are not viewing the posts in chronological order of publication.

Not only that.

I take this opportunity to further emphasize how videos are becoming Instagram favorites over photos .

I’ve already told you about it on other occasions. To beat the Instagram algorithm and ensure that it promotes us for free, we need to throw ourselves more and more into the production of video content.

And in the screenshot above you can see very well why this is all important.

What is the first content that Instagram offers us if we go to the hashtags?

A great video! ?

4. Increase followers!

We always get to the usual sore point!

In the end, our goal is just that. It doesn’t matter if people say that numbers no longer count for anything that we must aim to have a quality, loyal and blah blah blah audience.

We are always interested in increasing our followers. I’ve already told you about 20 techniques to increase Instagram followers, but if you add hashtags to those, I assure you it’s not a bad thing!

More views and interactions with photos means more likely to be followed and turn a casual visitor to our profile into a real fan ! ?

hashtag Instgram

How to choose the best Instagram hashtags for your photos

If until now you have entered only the most popular Instagram hashtags under your photos, perhaps using tools and mobile apps like TagsforLikes to search for the most used ones, then you should definitely try this technique that I propose below!

Thanks to it, I was able to switch from the results you see on the left to those you see on the right of the image below!

Insights foto visualizzazioniInsights foto visualizzazioni

The views from hashtags have increased by 100 times!

Again, this doesn’t necessarily happen under ALL your posts. On Instagram there is never a certain strategy because everything always depends on what other users are doing at the same time.

But you should aim for this for most of your posts.

In the video below I explain, in detail, how I managed to achieve this incredible result!

Not all Instagram hashtags are the same!

For this they must be used in the right way.

The main way to distinguish them is based on the number of posts published within the hashtag.


Based on the number of followers on your account, there will be hashtags that will work better and where you will be able to end up on the TOP page and others where you just won’t be able to because too many posts are published per day.

For this reason, it is not always good to insert very large and very popular hashtags . Both because the audience that frequents them is very heterogeneous and we are unable to filter well people who are closely interested in our content.

But also because, if we don’t have an account large enough to stand up to the competition, our post will disappear in the meantime in a matter of minutes.

Here’s why you’d do well to keep this distinction of Instagram hashtags in mind:

  • Babies – from 500 to 100 000 posts published;
  • Children – from 100,000 to 500,000 posts published
  • Teenager – 500,000 to 1 million posts published
  • Adults – 1 to 5 million posts published
  • Seniors – more than 5 million posts published

Have you ever thought that it could be useful to divide the hashtags in this way? If you think this article might be useful to someone you know, you can share it using the buttons below! ?

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How to search for the best hashtags

You have to make sure to add consistent hashtags to each photo, but above all you have to make sure that are not the same for all the photos you post .

You can create lists in your mobile notes for each of the macro topics of your profile which you will then mix up from time to time.

I usually use two ways to find the best hastags to put under my posts.

Either I start from the topic of the photo and I let myself be guided by Instagram’s suggestions , or I see what accounts similar to mine are doing that are getting good interactions.

Understanding what others are doing is a great way to learn successful strategies and save time. A great tool that you can use in the free version to see which hashtags are most used by a particular account is Ninjalitics. I found it very useful when I just didn’t know which hashtag to use!

Creating the right mix

Now that you know how to find the best hashtags for your content and you have broken them down based on the number of posts, all you have to do is create the right mix to take your posts to the next level!

How many posts in each category do you need to post?

You have a maximum of 30 hashtags available under each post, the advice I give you is always to test.

You could start by posting 6 for each category , Infant, Child, Teen, Adult, Senior, and see what results you get.

I usually tend to use Instagram hashtags the most in the Baby and Child category because they are the ones that, based on the number of followers I have, have brought me the best results.

By the way, have you already taken a look at my Instagram profile? You can do it right away by clicking on the banner below! ?

monica pirozzi instagram

Do you have your own strategy for choosing Instagram hashtags?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

I want to point out that the world of Instagram is always very uncertain. There are no absolute techniques but the results depend not on the number of followers of each account but also on what users decide to do at that precise moment on the platform.

I therefore always invite you to experiment, experiment and experiment again.

If you disagree with something you read in the article or have tried some other technique that worked for you, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!

See you next time!


Firma Monica Pirozzi

P.S. To know how to create a hashtag strategy that works best in your specific case and that allows you to grow your followers in an incredible way, I am preparing an Instagram guide that explains, step by step, all the strategies to use to start and lead an Instagram account.

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