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Hide you already follow Instagram? Maybe you didn’t know, but it is possible to do it in different ways that, as always, we will analyze in our new article!

In particular, we are going to analyze in detail how to hide you already follow Instagram without risking any penalization from the social network. In fact, it is not uncommon to receive penalties from the platform which, to protect all users, tries to keep the general quality of use high.

In fact, there are several updates that are made in the time, in order to locate. In extreme cases, ban those users who try to take advantage of certain system malfunctions or bugs.

On the other hand, we are talking about a platform famous not only in Europe, but known throughout the world for its entertainment capacity.

In addition, there are many who have made social media their main job, totally revolutionizing their lives. After eliminating the count of likes under the posts, Instagram recently launched a very important novelty .

It has removed once and for all the “Followed” section (called ” Follow already ”on Android devices) accessible via the heart-shaped icon.

With this update, Instagram has raised the level of privacy, preventing them from spying on everything done by their followers on the platform. So you know the new accounts you follow, the likes and comments made by the accounts you follow.

The “Followed” function thus allowed to know every action performed by the followers . But was it born with this intent?

The initial goal of the “Follow”

Instagram had launched the “Follow Already” section as its first feature in 2011, even before the “Explore” section appeared. At the time, “Follow Already” was born with another goal, that of making users discover new things, a wider opening on the world thanks to the likes placed by our contacts to other users whom we did not know up to that moment existence.

come nascondere segui già instagram

All this before becoming a real way to spy on others. Unfortunately, in many cases it lent itself to being a perfect way to find out if your partner was putting hearts too often to another person in particular or if he was exchanging too many likes and comments with his ex .

An excessive transparency that Instagram itself has decided to eliminate from its platform. The “Follow Already” section will be replaced by “Explore”, accessible through the magnifying glass.

It is a space with which each user can discover new posts, places, hashtags and new people to follow, based on their interests and the likes placed during the activity on the social network.

Before the new update, to hide “Follow already” on Instagram it was necessary to follow a simple procedure. Once logged into the app. In the screen you had to select the item “Options” at the top right. In the menu that opened, after having reviewed the items “Invite friends”, “Follow people” and “Account”.

You had to click on “ Settings “.

come nascondere segui già instagram

In the new screen, among the various functions, there was the option” Show activity status “. To deactivate it, just click on the blue “button”.

Once the procedure has been completed, it is true that it was possible to enjoy greater privacy on Facebook, but it was no longer possible to see even the activity of your followers.

This is a very important update regarding the level of privacy protection on the social network. In fact, it makes it impossible to monitor the activity of followers on Instagram, counteracting unpleasant episodes of stalking and bullying.

You have been using this function for some time even if you do not really know the risks.

If you have never had anything to do with to do with this feature you need to know that your activities appear to your followers. In particular, it is also for this reason that this eventuality will be averted with the definitive removal of the functionality.

If initially the “Follow Already” section was removed from a limited number of, very soon it spread to all users. We are talking about how to hide you already follow instagram.

The news: dark mode and disappearance of the follow already Instagram

The photographic social network is famous to its users for continuous updates and constant adjustments based on new trends . In fact, among the news comes the dark mode, for iOS and Android devices and, as already mentioned, has decided to delete the section that reports the activities of the profiles followed.

come nascondere segui già su instagram 1

Instagram, therefore, starts with the release of the long-awaited dark mode, ending with the elimination of the section dedicated to the activities carried out by the profiles followed. July was a month of great changes and real revolutions. Starting with iOS 13, he moved on to darken all system elements, which have now turned white and bright.

With dark mode, you try to strain your eyes as little as possible in low light conditions. Furthermore, this version allows to significantly reduce the energy consumption of the devices .

On the famous application, then, all the appreciations that a user puts on the photos, appear in the follow section already. This is a specific section where you can see all the activities carried out on the social network by the profiles followed.

The decision to delete the followers already Instagram

In this section you can find, therefore, the likes to photos, comments and all the new profiles followed. The decision to delete the followers already Instagram derives from the poor use of the feature, although the reason was more related to the fact that users ignored the existence .

By eliminating this function, then, the social network intends to decrease the episodes of stalking or blackmailing. The tab was used to monitor the actions of a user who, consequently, does not think he is free to put appreciation to the photos that interest him .

The little one slice of users who used it on a regular basis, considered it their safe haven, through which to see all the likes and comments posted by our friends, colleagues and partners within Instagram . In fact, it lent itself to being a perfect place to find out if your partner was spending time around other people in particular or if he was still following his ex.

Precisely this excessive transparency led the team to decide to hide you already follow instagram permanently. The team’s hope, on the other hand, has become that of increasingly transforming that space into a starting point through which the user can discover new functions .

Hashtag, places, people and posts, and many news that you can still discover and know beyond their pre-existing popularity. Discover all the news from Instagram by reading the updates in our section dedicated to social media!

What is Instagram follow already

We have seen why Instagram has decided to delete this particular section that took the name of Follow already and we have mentioned that Instagram has probably decided to delete it precisely because it is not particularly used.

But what is the Follow already of Instagram? In reality this section was foreseen at the birth of the social platform, m a has never been particularly used.

His presence was, however, almost reassuring.

It was the section of the social network that allowed you to spy on the interactions of their followers, checking their daily actions on other profiles.

It was probably more useful than it actually was, considering that it could help to understand what the contents were most appreciated by Instagram users. To take inspiration from it in your own publications.

Delete the follow already to protect the privacy

It looks like Instagram has made this move on its chessboard to deliver on its commitment to protect the privacy of its users. From this moment on, it will no longer be possible to monitor the actions and interactions of other users.

It would therefore be a further attempt to eliminate from the platform the episodes related to stalking, a phenomenon that sneaks up on all social networks. But this would not be the only reason that prompted Instagram to eliminate this feature.

Another boost came from the lack of freedom to perform actions, a feeling experienced by several users, who ended up self-limiting themselves in the publication to avoid being “spied on” .

In short, a change that might have seemed minor and that instead has partially revolutionized the way of approaching the platform.

Deleting the follow already and how it is now possible to see the activities of other users

Despite all the attempts of Instagram, the social network has to clash with the usual Made the law, found the deception that not a few use as a real style of life. Deleting the follow already does not mean that you cannot continue to see what other users are doing, rather, that you have to take alternative routes to do it.

There are so-called spy apps that allow you to monitor the activities of other users and therefore to see their Likes, comments, posts and find out who have the started to follow.

It looks like that the platform has no intention of re-entering the follow already, therefore, probably knowing the other possibilities that the web offers, can become really very useful.

When it comes to apps spy refers to all those applications that allow you to control chats, who unfollows, those that help you improve your visibility on Instagram and many others.

Sometimes these are not reliable remedies and there are not a few messages that Instagram itself sends to push you to stay away from it.

But the real problem with these apps is that they are paid, in most cases, without considering which, being sometimes offered by third parties, could be a vehicle for viruses and malware.

The alternative methods of Instagram to replace the follow already

If you want to spy on the activities of other users of the social network, do not underestimate the possibilities that Instagram itself offers.

Check for newest posts

Hide already follow Instagram. You don’t know how to check the posts recently posted by other users so please follow what I’m about to tell you.

Access the Instagram home and scroll your news feed, generally, thanks to the Instagram algorithm, all the contents that could be more interesting for you are shown in evidence in the home.

Then choose the magnifying glass icon to find out if there are likes and comments from the people you follow.

Otherwise you can visit the profiles of the people you are most interested in. Click on the little man icon to see the photos on which the person is registered and view the comments and likes under the post.

On the same profile, by clicking on the item Followers you will be able to see who has started to follow recently and possibly also choose if you want to become his follower. = “ez-toc-section” id = “Enable_notifications_for_that user”> Enable notifications for that user

Instagram gives the possibility to activate notifications for some profiles, this allows you to immediately see the publications of these users. Doing so is extremely simple to do. Go to the profile of the person you want to monitor, at the top right you will find a bell-shaped icon, tap and decide for which publications you want Notifications to be activated.


Yes, it is possible to“ spy ”on a person’s profile also through geolocation. It seems that this mode is extremely effective even when it comes to private profiles. For example, if you know that the person you want to follow often tags themselves in the city where they live, or is on vacation, then you can search their posts by using the places they love most.

To proceed in this way click in the Explore section by clicking on the icon in the shape of magnifying glass> Search> Places at this point enter the name of the city where the user is at the moment or where you know he spends most of his time.

Checking hashtags

Hide already follow Instagram. Hashtags are another powerful means that Instagram makes available to its users, both to get noticed and, consequently, to check the work of other users.

Not everyone knows them but by now on Instagram it is also possible to follow hashtags, especially if you know that a certain person uses them systematically, some specifically?

Try then go to the page linked to the hashtag and follow it.

See when it is online

An Instagram update finally allows, as Facebook did previously, to see when a certain user is online. To do this, however, it is essential to have interacted with this person in chat through Direct.

This is a function that does not allow you to see what activities are on Instagram in detail, but only to understand when that subject is online. This can, however, push you to go to its page and see if there have been any recent publications, in order to stay up to date.


Now that we’ve seen together how to hide you already follow Instagram, don’t you just have to apply everything you have learned within the social network. The steps, as you have well understood, are not only very difficult: you just have to pay attention to how you move.

If, on the other hand, you want to find out everything on social platforms in a simple and precise way, then we can only tell you to visit the rest of the Visibility Reseller blog, or our social channels!


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