How and how much an influencer earns: STUNNING FIGURES

How much does an influencer make? Can they really survive posting photos on Instagram?

In this article I want to give you some numbers . I know it may all sound far-fetched, but if they drive around in Mercedes , go to the most expensive resorts in the world and dress in Dior , perhaps their profession is not negligible.

I want to tell you how and how much an influencer makes. I am referring to all those who, thanks to a following on social networks, have managed to create a fortune.

I’ve already told you about 10 ways a blogger or a fashion blogger can make money. Here I want to explain only what is possible thanks to social networks . Instagram and YouTube, which are the most profitable at the moment, but the situation could change from one moment to the next.

Keep your eyes open!

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This Instagram influencer thing won’t last long

I’ve heard it a lot of times, I expect it from a 60-year-old who has no experience of this world. But sometimes it is also the envy of twenty-year-olds that speaks.

I believe we are just starting out . It is estimated that in the next year, companies will spend more and more to sponsor their products through influencers, and do you know why?

They work !

There is nothing more to say, if the person is well chosen, he can give not only great media exposure to the brand but also direct sales.

I am convinced that the future of Instagram is already written and that other platforms could soon come forward where we can’t wait to move in search of new popularity. Could it be the TikTok app?


Nobody can tell what’s going to happen. The truth is that as long as we are attached to social networks and mobile phones, companies will not be able to do without influencers .

By the way, if you already have some followers you can find out how to start collaborating with companies on Instagram.

To stay on the crest of the wave it will be necessary to have a precise strategy

Not everyone can continue to thrive as an influencer if they continue to treat it like a game.

Things will get more serious and companies will begin to understand more.

The number of followers on Instagram or the subscribers to the channel will always count less, but the quality of the people who follow you.

That’s why it’s important to choose your topic well. In fact, there are niches that yield more and others that yield less.

Marcello Ascani talks about it better in this video. Topics like personal finance can bring you incredible gains compared to others, but that doesn’t mean that others go hungry!

You can immediately understand how to best choose your niche on Instagram.

How an influencer makes money: 4 main ways

So what to do, starting with Instagram and YouTube, to start putting aside a nice nest egg?

I wanted to tidy up a bit and propose you a plan, from the beginnings to success , to make you understand how an influencer can go from posting photos on Instagram or videos on YouTube (and soon karaoke on TikTok) to earn the big bucks that I will reveal to you shortly.

An important thing.

Success does not arise overnight but is the result of sacrifices and practical actions performed every single day. Maybe it may seem that the latest influencer or the latest youtuber showed up overnight.

The problem is that when they made videos and shit content, no one followed them. Then, thanks to a thousand attempts and a thousand obstacles overcome, they managed to find what really works and did a bang.

That’s all.

If you are here out of simple curiosity, you can very well continue reading lightly, but if you believe that this career is for you, you are tenacious and you want to try it too, know that millions of euros are waiting for you if you will be able to put aside laziness and start taking action every single day .

Before I started this blog and started collaborating with companies on Instagram, I posted one photo a day on social media for 365 days .

I set myself a challenge, a mission that pushed me forward. Consistency and consistency reward much more than perfect and quality content. I have already explained to you how perfectionism can block our growth.

But now let’s see the path that leads many influencers to make big bucks!

1. Collaborations

It really starts at the bottom. Forging partnerships with companies to sponsor their products and services is definitely a quick and easy way to start having some free products and, why not, get paid.

I have already explained to you here, that often not all that glitters is gold. At first, influencers could only receive free products, without being paid. So they have to be very careful about getting products that really can be useful for growing their business .

For example, a fashion influencer might partner with small fashion stores so that she always has new products to show to her followers.

I know it may seem like a poor girl, but you inevitably have to put some money into it and you won’t know if you get it back. Just think about the photographic equipment you need to get to start taking great photos or videos.

But this is just the beginning of the ways an influencer makes money.

These partnerships can go further and get paid really well.

You may think that collaborating just means posting a photo on Instagram or a video on YouTube talking about the product, but it can actually go much further.

They can become partnerships , where you become a kind of representative in the brand and talk about it on multiple occasions. The influencer can be invited to presentation events or be involved in special projects, such as travel and product launches.

In short, seen from this perspective, it can become a truly attractive earning opportunity.

2. Google Adsense

Easy, simple and fast to get income thanks to the numbers we can generate.

I don’t know if you’ve had anything to do with it. It is a Google service, therefore only available on YouTube , with which it is possible to give permission to insert advertising interludes in videos.

That way, you get a certain percentage every time someone looks at your ads.

The great thing is, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can continue to produce your content and focus only on the creative part . At the end of the month you will be able to collect your pennies.

It is rumored that Instagram also wants to do the same thing with IGTV and this feature has recently been introduced on Facebook as well.

This is the easiest way to monetize videos and make money as an influencer. The success of YouTube has also led other social platforms to push in this direction.

3. Coaching and Video Courses

The first two methods are perfect for starting to make some money, but I remind you that here I really want to explain how an influencer can make millions of dollars .

The purpose of these figures is to become influential in a specific topic, in a niche. Once their followers recognize them as experts in the field, why not sell training or even better create a video course to explain how they achieved their results?

Starting to create your own products and selling your consultancy is one of the methods that really allows you to make the leap in quality, not only economically but also in terms of your image.

You can show your experience. It works like this: important companies turn to you, your portfolio is filled with collaborations, the pay goes up.

I’ll give you a striking example shortly!

It always starts with your own distinctive competence , something you’ve been doing for a long time and learn to do so well that people want to know how you do it.

Marcello Ascani has had great success on YouTube, everyone wants to know how he did it and he … gives us a course!

I also started creating courses to answer, in depth, what were the most common problems of my readers. Take a look! ?

4. Investments

There is a thread that divides real success from momentary success.
At this point, influencers are able to earn large sums of money.

And what do they do with it? There are two options.

▶ ️ They start squandering everything on boats, luxury homes, hotels and anything that can elevate their social status.

▶ ️ Invest, create a solid and unassailable business . Do not remain tied to a single way of making money, but above all start to leave social networks because they are a world that, after all, we cannot control. We can lose our popularity overnight due to an algorithm that plunges our content into oblivion. Do you know how the Instagram algorithm works?

I want to give you some investment examples.

The line of Chiara Ferragni’s clothes , the creation of physical stores to sell products that are detached from the web. Enter the real world and exit the internet. This allows you to create a second way of entry of the money that serves as a buffer, in case things on social networks start to go wrong or simply annoys you this world in which you always have to show yourself firsthand.

The possibilities are truly endless and the strong image of ourselves, or personal brand , that we built for ourselves at the very beginning, when we started showing our skills in courses and to help other companies through coaching.

For this reason, I fear big influencers, especially from the United States, who base their success solely on Instagram and don’t invest their time in creating a blog . I already told you about this when I explained the difference between bloggers and influencers.

The website is our own way in which we can do what we want. Not only do we write and publish whatever we can think of, we have full control on a graphic level as well.

We do not risk everything being closed to us at any moment, as is happening with large Instagram profiles, and we can always keep our audience whatever the fate of social platforms.

At this point, you just have to let your imagination fly to come up with anything that can make this world better.

So? What are the figures? That’s how much an influencer makes!

At the end of this paragraph, once you’ve found out how much an influencer really earns, I’m sure you’ll never go around saying that being an influencer isn’t a job.

I already mentioned that there are half a million euros . For example, Chiara Ferragni said she earns about 10 million euros a year.

I didn’t give you the number right away because I wanted to make you understand how this number is the result of hard work that includes all four ways of making money from an influencer I mentioned above, but above all a lot of dedication and intuition.

But let’s go in order.

From collaborations you can earn figures ranging from a few tens of euros, up to half a million dollars.

Chiara Ferragni takes about 12 thousand euros for every post she sponsors on her Instagram feed which, compared to what she earns in a year, can be quite a bit of money.

The Americans fare better on this, even if they have unimaginable numbers. Kim Kardashian even went so far as to take half a million dollars to post a single photo on her profile.

Profiles ranging from 50 to 100k can earn figures ranging from 200 to 5000 auro and more . It all depends on the type of contract.

A single post is no longer enough, companies try to propose a program that extends over several days, weeks if not months. The whole includes a series of posts, Instagram stories and even participation in events. In these terms, it is easy to reach thousands of dollars for a single collaboration.

But let’s move on to Adsense. Marcello Ascani explains it very well in the video I have put you above. It all depends on how much advertisers decide to spend on advertising and how many people watch the ad. With a channel of half a million subscribers, you can make up to € 10,000 a month just thanks to video advertisements .

Coaching and video courses is another very interesting perspective.

A well done video course can cost between € 150 and € 700-800 on average . Then it also depends on the subject matter. There are video courses that cost as much as 2000 € and in the United States it can be as high as $ 5000 .

As for the consultancy , we start from the bottom. I started from € 25 per hour , the equivalent of a math lesson. It is not difficult to get advice via skype for hundreds of euros per hour . Dario Vignali, a web marketing expert, went as far as asking for up to € 1000 per hour !

If you’re interested you can also read How many followers do you need to get paid on Instagram.

How much does an influencer make, what did you expect?

In short, you could well understand how easy it is to exceed one million euros a year in earnings for an influencer. Not only that, once you understand the mechanism, it is possible to earn tens of millions .

It doesn’t all come by chance. However, it takes a lot of intuition and, at a certain point, the influencer realizes that he can no longer carry out everything alone but needs to as many professionals to act as business consultants.

You can write in the comments what were the figures you expected, I’d be curious to know!

Everyone is making a profit from this huge influencer movement.

If brands spend all this money and why they know they can get it back. If they give Kardashian half a million, they hope to earn a lot more from their reputation.

And even users, followers and regular people can improve their lives by discovering new products or new ways of doing things and living life.

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I hope this article has inspired you. If you want to become an influencer but you don’t know where to start , I’m preparing a guide in which I explain everything you need to define a strategy that allows you to increase your Instagram followers and collaborate with brands. All exclusive things that you won’t find around.

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See you soon.


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