How DeviantArt works, the historic platform for graphic designers, artists and videomakers

From the first time they made their appearance on the web, social networks have multiplied dramatically, each carving out their own place on the web. There are many and often unknown to most, as some are mainly used in certain sectors. This is the case of DeviantArt . If you are not an artist, graphic designer or videomaker, it is possible that you have never heard of it, but we are talking about one of the ‘historical’ social platforms. Let’s see how it works.


What is DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a real social network, dedicated to anyone who is a graphic designer, designer, professional artist or whoever has an aspiration for it. The social network describes itself, in no uncertain terms, as the place where art is born and as a movement for the liberation of creativity , a cultural place where to create, discover and share.

Founded in August 2000 , this year comes of age, it is a social network where art is shared. Although one might be led to think that this social network only concerns artists who deal with digital, in reality there is any type of art. Here poets, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers and videomakers promote their works by potentially putting them in contact with 44 million registered users. The platform is open to everyone. Each user can create a gallery in which to show her works.

How DeviantArt works

Like any social network, DeviantArt requires registration and the choice of a username and password in order to access your profile. Each account is customizable. You can enter personal information, determine your preferences and set your own settings. It is possible to upload an image that represents your ID and there is also the possibility to keep a journal, which is a real blog, to be updated freely, where you can discuss any topic.

DeviantArt users are called Deviant and their works are Deviation . Subscribers can interact with other users by leaving comments addressed to Deviants or Deviations. All the works can be loaded on your home page, the latest works posted will be placed within a section that will highlight them for each user who visits another Deviant.

Within DeviantArt you can browse using the categories menu, choose the one that interests you most and explore it. The categories are really many, demonstrating how immense this social network is. If you come across a work that you want to remember, you can save it in the favorites section. In the same way, you can follow your favorite artists , in order to always be updated on the works they publish and their interactions.

There are two types of accounts , one is completely free, the other is an upgrade, for which an annual fee is required, and which allows you to unlock some features, including one deeper personalization of your journal or access to statistical data on visits and satisfaction.

The Upgrade also gives you the possibility to sell objects with the prints of your works within the platform , to which however a very high percentage is applied on each sale: only 10%, in fact, it is recognized by the artist. By activating the Print function , always available in the upgrade version, you can sell your works directly and in this case the remuneration paid to the artist is 50%.

The benefits of the DeviantArt platform

DeviantArt manages to put many artists in contact and show the light of many original and important works that would risk remaining in the shadows or being forgotten, waiting to be discovered by some gallery of art or some industry expert.

The possibility of exhibiting one’s works, especially for emerging artists, has a very high value. Precisely due to its strong social value, within DeviantArt what matters are the comments, the suggestions and criticisms that are made to the works, which on the one hand allow the artist to constantly improve, on the other hand they allow you to create discussions, generate interest in the pieces of art and create a strong community around a certain profile.

The works that get the most engagement are put on the homepage, allowing them to have even more visibility. This will allow the Deviant with the largest following to make themselves known and increase their fame.

DeviantArt is therefore a fantastic springboard for all emerging artists . But it is also – perhaps, above all – much more. Just take a quick look to understand how popular the site is with people of all kinds. There are very varied images. Works of digital graphics, manga, cartoons… DeviantArt is a truly heterogeneous platform that over the years has managed to resist the many changes of the web by carving out its own following of very loyal users.

Monica Curreli

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