How did Lilly Singh become || Superwoman ||

Being a youtuber: a profession linked to digital communication that characterizes our age, which implies a great commitment, as well as capacity and competence, and which for some can become a real job, a way of life and a good source of income.
There are striking cases, even in this area. One of these is represented by Lilly Singh , who like many other youtubers started to take care of this activity as a pastime, but who soon became one of the most popular characters on the web, an international influencer, reference model for women and girls from all over the world but not only.

lilly singh - superwoman

Since the Canadian actress and comedian of Indian descent, born in 1988, started posting videos in October 2010, her YouTube channel || Superwoman || has recorded an incredible number of views (the most recent figures speak of almost three billion) and at least fourteen million subscribers. In her early twenties, therefore, she has reached levels that many youtubers would like to reach throughout their career.

A worldwide fame through her videos played on comedy, which are trendy and therefore have a high potential to influence web users . But what did Lilly Singh do to become a real star, currently considered one of the most talented on YouTube?

For sure putting all her skills as an actress, comedian and rapper into play was a great boost for her notoriety and for her number of followers to continue to grow . Already in 2014, her channel was ranked among the 100 best internationally and in 2017 the American magazine “ Forbes ” reported Lilly Singh to the tenth place in the ranking of the highest paid YouTube stars in the world. is at the top of the list of the best influencers in terms of entertainment .

lilly singh

It should also be considered that Lilly Singh has also given considerable importance to the direct involvement of those who follow her, thanks to initiatives such as “ Ask Superwoman Live “, by one hour long, held on the 14th of each month, and which gives her fans the opportunity to ask her questions live via the social platform.

An activity, that of the Indo-Canadian youtuber, which ranges between various types of videos, starting with a very popular series in which all the characters are interpreted by her and which report, in a comic, satirical and spontaneous way, scenes that recall everyday life (especially of young people linked to the Punjabi culture, to which her family belongs), but also motivational videos, in which Lilly Singh interviews well-known personalities, up to her personal talk show, launched in July of 2016. It should also be considered that since 2011 he has joined || Superwoman || a second channel, SuperwomanVlogs , where she posts daily vlogs of her daily activities and behind the scenes of her videos of her.

All this is also combined with a passion for rap, with various songs and music videos as assets , as well as her participation as a dancer, actress and voice actress in several films. In 2016 he also presented his first feature film, A Trip to Unicorn Island , born from his world tour in 27 cities, and also published in 2017 his first book, How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life , which was a great success.

Honors, awards, nominations and, in 2017, nominated Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF. In fact, you also have another worthy project: the social GirlLove campaign, which has been encouraging solidarity between girls since 2015 to combat girl-on-girl bullying.

A multifaceted personality, therefore, who seems to devote himself body and soul to his business, who does not even disdain collaborating with other youtubers, and who can be said to have been able to make the most of not only the opportunities made available by the new media communication, but also and above all its qualities, abilities, possibilities.

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