How does Twitch work?

There is a place in the virtual world of the internet, where millions of users meet, chat, interact and have fun together every day, it’s called Twitch. If you are not a video game enthusiast, do not be surprised if you have never heard of it , because this live streaming platform is dedicated to video games and was created with the aim of bringing together all gamers in the world and it is so popular that its sphere of interest is expanding more and more and it looks set to become one of the most important live streaming platforms.


How Twitch was born

Live streaming platforms where gamers film themselves while playing and interacting with other users are all the rage. For those who are not passionate about video games, watching unknown people, who fight criminals, shoot madly and challenge huge aliens, may not be intriguing, but among fans this kind of content is highly appreciated. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Twitch platform attracts millions of users every day. The idea was born in 2007 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear , who called their product In 2011 the platform was renamed and continues its rise, so much so that in 2014 it was acquired by the giant Amazon. The secret of its success? Very simple. As with sports fans, who love to watch their favorite team live or on TV, gamers also love to watch other players in action.

The platform is a great tool for learning new tricks, discover the tactics used by the strongest players, learn about the latest news in the field of video games and see how they work live. But the added value that such a platform puts in place is the ability to communicate and get in touch with other enthusiasts, exchange advice and opinions and little tricks. In short, the world of Twitch is a true paradise for all video game lovers and not only, because the platform also offers other types of content, such as TV series and channels dedicated to cooking, a whole world outside the game, which is enclosed in the non-playful tag.

How Twitch Works

The easiest way to use Twitch is to visit its web page, but there is also an application and the ability to connect via the most popular game consoles . Even without registering on the site it is possible to see the streaming videos of the players. On the Home Page we find the recommended channels on the left, that is those with more views, while in the center of the page the different categories are shown and do a search by video game. Once you have chosen the video to follow, a window will open where you can see the game in action in the foreground and a window with the player in action and live commentary at the bottom right. Comments from his chatroom are also visible. Obviously, the platform gives access to all its functions only if you are a registered user.

To create an account, simply click on the button at the top right sign up and follow the classic procedure. Congratulations, you have now joined the Twitch community. You can follow your favorite streamers, and be notified when they are online, support them with donations or monthly subscriptions, participate in conversations and start creating your own streams, stream to use community jargon. The basic service offered by Twitch is completely free, although within the platform it is possible to buy Bits, the currency used by Twitch, which is used to cheer and support streamers and to subscribe to channels. For all Amazon Prime members there is the option to activate the premium Twitch Prime service.

The advantages for those with a premium subscription are many , you receive every month a free subscription to a channel of your choice, reserved access to certain game content, accessories as gifts for your games, such as boosts or additional characters and many other features to apply to chats, such as the ability to color them or have exclusive emoticons. Also with Twitch Prime you can save your videos for 60 days instead of 14.

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