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Fiverr is a marketplace that saw its birth in 2010 in Tel Aviv and which is a meeting point between freelancers and clients from all over the world, a platform that has had an excellent response especially in the last year, used by many professionals who during the pandemic found themselves looking for alternative channels and tools to increase their job opportunities.

Born from the idea of ​​providing – as the name suggests – services starting from five dollars, Fiverr gathers professionals who, once their profile has been opened, can create showcases for their projects (called “Gig”) among more than two hundred different types of services. Each gig contains the type of project and service that is offered and all the information relating to it. The minimum age limit for using the service is thirteen years and for users under the age it is possible to access it only with the consent and supervision of an adult. It is good to point out that the site is in English and that those who do not know the language could be a bit penalized.

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The categories are of the most varied and include graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and technology, business, lifestyle, data . It is then possible to search for professionals based on many specific sub-categories (for the commission of projects concerning logos, for example, you can refine the search starting from the style of the logo you want, or choose the language for revisions and writing of texts).

Once registered as a “buyer”, a customer can access the platform to find a professional and can choose the project that best suits him, with the guarantee that he will pay for it only when he approves the work done . The professional can be contacted both for information and to acquire the service directly, which will be completed in the time indicated in his gig.
But what a freelancer must do to become part of Fiverr and take advantage of his service?
Meanwhile, it is good to say that registration is free and that in practice Fiverr will earn from the services performed by the sellers.

The freelancer registers as a “ seller ” for the categories for which he intends to offer his services, introduces himself to clients and indicates various parameters, including the time to complete a commission, the price, etc., therefore, from the moment it publishes its gigs, is visible on the marketplace. Obviously, the more you have a profile rich in information, the more you will have the opportunity to be chosen by customers, and it is therefore advisable to take care of this start-up phase. When the seller receives an order or a contact, Fiverr will immediately send him a notification and he will be able to contact the customer via a messaging service.

The Fiverr profile can also be shared on your social channels and this can be useful for increasing your business. You can also download the Fiverr app also on their mobile devices, so you can check messages and contact customers at any time. Once the customer has accepted the delivery and after fourteen days, Fiverr will pay for the work done through a Paypal account or bank account, keeping twenty percent of the amount for itself. This is to be kept in mind when creating your profile and assigning a cost to the services offered.
The client will be able to leave a rating and also reviews about the work done by the freelancer and this will be visible to potential future clients. / p>

The level from which a new Fiverr user starts is level zero (“no level”), then, depending on the number of jobs he will do and the reviews he will get, he can level up , up to the qualification of “top rated seller”, with which he will obtain a special badge that will be indicated on his profile and which will allow him to access special promotions offered by Fiverr. The best sellers can then take advantage of Fiverr Pro. Here only a few sellers actually manage to enter, due to a rather severe selection, but certainly a privileged “place” for a customer looking for better quality services at prices that are not exactly cheap.

Fiverr offers various services , such as online courses taught by experts, in-depth guides, a community to connect with, podcasts with which you can get advice and suggestions from business experts, a blog via who can stay up to date and also an immediate logo creator with which you can create a professional logo in a few clicks.

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