How Instagram works: everything you need to know

come funziona instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks today, but not everyone knows about it. If you don’t use social media, you may be wondering what Instagram is and how it works.

This article will show you an overview of Instagram. We will go and see what it is, why people use it and more. By the end, you should have a good understanding of how Instagram works.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social platform free network based on sharing photos and videos. It was first launched on iOS in October 2010 and became available on Android in April 2012. Facebook bought the service in April 2012 and has owned it ever since.

Like most part of the social media apps, Instagram allows you to follow the users you are interested in. This creates a feed on the home page that shows recent posts from all the people you follow. You can Like posts and comment on them.

In addition to posting regular photos and videos, which remain on your personal account permanently, Instagram also supports Stories. If you’ve used Snapchat, they’ll be familiar to you. Stories allow you to post one or more photos and video clips in series. Anyone can view them for 24 hours , after which they “self-destruct”

They also recently added a new form of post called Instagram reels, a feature added to go against the direct competition of TikTok,

In addition to this, Instagram also supports direct messaging so you can chat with friends privately.

How does Instagram work?

To start using the service, you will need to register for an Instagram account. You can log in with Facebook or provide your name, email address and set a username and password. You can even create multiple Instagram accounts if you need them.

Once done, you should download Instagram for Android or iOS. You can also install Instagram for Windows 10, which is basically a copy of the mobile app.

Although Instagram has a desktop site, is quite limited . It is acceptable to browse your feed, but the features of Instagram are designed to be used on smartphones.

Discover and follow

Instagram wouldn’t be much fun without people to follow. Press the magnifying glass icon in the bottom bar and you will open the Discover page. Here you will see the photos / users that Instagram thinks you might like, along with the categories above. Use the search bar at the top to search for people you might be interested in

To follow a person, simply tap the follow button on their profile. From then on, you will see everything that will post on your Home. You can unfollow an account at any time by following the same procedure by tapping on unfollow .

Please note that you can set your Instagram profile to private . This means that only the people you approve will be able to see your posts. When someone wants to follow you, they must send a request that you can accept or decline, if you refuse the request they will only see your profile photo, your bio, the number of posts, accounts followed and followers.

Finally , you will notice that some accounts have a blue tick. This means that that is a verified profile , i.e. Instagram has confirmed that that profile actually belongs and represents that person and is not run by a fake. In a recent article we explained how to get verified on Instagram if you’re curious.

Your home

After following some accounts , the Home tab will become a much more lively place. On them you will see the posts of the accounts you follow. At the top, Instagram shows profile pictures of people who have a new story to view.

Just tap one to start watching the stories. You can tap the right side of the screen to go to that user’s next story or swipe right to watch the next user’s stories.

At the top right, you’ll see the Messages . Tap it to start a new conversation with one or more accounts or to view your chats

Post to Instagram

To upload a new post, simply tap the Plus icon ( + ) in the center of the bottom toolbar. Here you can choose whether to take a new photo ( or record a new video ) or upload an image from your Gallery. You can also add multiple images to a single post.

After taking the photo, you can apply one of Instagram’s many filters with a simple tap. Photography professionals can also make edits manually using the Edit tab .

Finally, add a caption to your post, tag people and mark the location if you want, you can choose even if you share it on other social networks. Once you press Share , your image will appear on your profile and on the home of your followers.

Add a Story

To post new content in your Stories, go to your profile and tap the blue icon next to your profile picture . This will open up a whole new panel with a wide range of options. These include Boomerang ( a short looped video ), Music to add songs to your Story, Reels the new feature that mimics TikTok with a separate video feed of up to 15 seconds, Live, which allows you to stream your camera in real time with your followers and many other features.

Why use Instagram?

You may be wondering what the purpose of using Instagram is when there are so many other social networks out there. The main attraction of Instagram is that it is based on photos, which are super easy to take with a smartphone. You don’t have to carry a camera to share the world around you – just take a photo, apply a filter and you’re good to go.

Even if you don’t care about using Instagram to post your photos, just like entertainment is fine. It can be a fun way to keep in touch with your friends and get to know the news from celebrities or companies that interest you.

Although not the common use of the average person. , Instagram is widely used as an advertising tool . Influencers, brands and businesses use this social network to increase their following and profits by sharing content designed solely to build a following. Then they promote their blog, their image or their products to make money, using social media marketing strategies

Well we have seen a general overview of how Instagram works, what it is and why to use it, but there is much more to know, if you are interested in knowing all the details of this social network visit our section of articles dedicated all to Instagram

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