How luxury brands communicate on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that is now increasingly used by fashion brands and luxury accessories for which the visual part is fundamental. Even the most traditionalists have approached digital communication, involving the public through influencers, stories and new creative ways in continuous evolution. Also very important is the direct contact with users who interact daily with the reference brands, without filters and barriers, and the possibility of being known even by a young audience.Instagram is also a valid tool with which to build an effective storytelling of the brand , its values ​​and products.

brand lusso Instagram

So let’s analyze the communication of some of the most important Italian and non-Italian brands, arranged not in order of success but of turnover. Do they all work? Do they all have continuous communication and careful contact with followers? Do they have a good engagement rate? It seems that luxury brands have mastered Instagram very well and that with perseverance and good social media managers have managed to create – more or less – a very large following.

  • Luis Vuitton: the Instagram profile of the handbag manufacturer in particular has over 26 million followers and more than 2,800 published posts. It is very active so there are often even more posts in a day and takes advantage of all the communication methods offered by the social network. So there are the classic photos, or videos, numerous stories saved by categories in the profile home and also the new Igtv. He constantly updates the public on news and new collections, receiving numerous reactions and comments.
  • Hermes: with over 7 million followers for about 1800 posts published, Hermes’ Instagram profile is graphically very well studied and pleasant. Through photos, videos and instagram stories he presents – with a daily presence and great attention to detail – all the news of the brand, classic products and behind the scenes.
  • Gucci: With over 27 million followers, Gucci’s Instagram profile is a true reference point for lovers of luxury fashion. The gallery alternates photos from fashion shows, photos with the various famous testimonials, historical images of the brand, photos of the products, videos of the advertising campaigns.The captions have only English text, very short and with few hashtags.
  • Prada: with more than 16 million followers and over 3800 posts, the Prada account is also one of the most followed and appreciated on Instagram by those who follow fashion. It consists of cover images, photos of products such as shoes and bags, fashion silates, testimonials, videos of commercials, behind the scenes and many Instagram stories saved in the Home.

  • Rolex: compared to those mentioned so far, the Rolex Instagram profile is updated less frequently (often not daily). The posts published are in fact only about 700 but the followers still reach over 8 million, even if only for the fame of the brand. The account is very linear and focuses on photos of the various watch models on a blue, white, green or otherwise very simple background. There are also several videos with commercials but stories are not used.
  • Chanel: boasts over 29 million followers and is therefore one of the most followed in the field of luxury fashion on Instagram, also counting that it is one of the most famous fashion houses to the world . The account is very rich and includes photos of products, famous testimonials, advertising images, behind the scenes, videos with commercials and new products. At the moment it seems not to use stories. The posts with the most interactions are those involving celebrities like Kristen Stewart.
  • Cartier: over 7 million followers and around 1400 posts published, Cartier’s Instagram profile aims to highlight the jewels that are the strong point of the brand. But there are also stories, photos and videos of testimonials, commercials. All made with a very elegant and linear style, often also in black and white. In full Cartier tradition.
  • Burberry : Burberry’s Instagram profile offers a typically British style, as is its main feature. It has over 12 million followers and a very active publication with more posts per day (currently over 3500). Many famous faces that sponsor it as well as clear and elegant images of the brand’s products.

  • Fendi: another of the brands that manages to involve the public (almost 10 million followers) with a creative but at the same time refined and elegant communication on Instagram as is characteristic of this all Italian brand. Artistic photos, featured objects, fashion show images and many stories populate the profile. Hashtags are used abundantly and publication is very frequent.
  • Coach: the American brand of luxury leather accessories is among the brands that have nominated the one with the fewest followers: almost 3 million (a very respectable figure anyway). It aims above all at a young audience, thanks also to a recent collection created by Selena Gomez . The gallery is made up of fresh, colorful and lively images that highlight the style of the brand and the target it is aimed at. Brief descriptions and a few hashtags complete the whole.

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