How many followers do you need to earn on instagram

quanti follower servono per guadagnare su instagram

If you aspire to become a social media marketer, then you know that Instagram offers many opportunities to make money . Many instagrammers are already earning considerable bucks, this is because they have worked hard and invested a lot of time to build their follower base, but how many followers does it take to earn on instagram?

Earning money via Instagram is not difficult, but it does not mean that anyone can do it even with a few followers. Well, having followers is not enough to earn, but you will have above all to use the right strategies at the right time to grow your brand. For example, you need to optimize hashtags, improve your bio and more.

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The whole Instagram game revolves around followers, and if you get a huge follower base, you can achieve all your goals such as earning money, increasing sales, promoting your business and improving community feedback.

Many beginners do not know what are the methods by which to earn with Instagram and often wonder how many followers it takes to earn on Instagram.

The answer to this question is not simple, as the earnings statistics on Instagram vary from person to person. In this article, I have highlighted the opportunities to make money through Instagram. In addition, I also focus on how many followers you need to start building your small business.

How many followers do you need to earn on instagram?

No one can tell you the exact number of followers you need to start earning, however, you can make a lot of money by becoming an Instagram influencer. Aside from that, the frequency and quality of the posts you post will determine how much you earn.

You tend to have at least 2000 followers to start earning some money on Instagram. If you don’t have a lot of followers, the chances of earning are slim.

How much money can you earn on Instagram?

People earn on Instagram by promoting the brands’ products on their profiles. Typically, influencers with over 20,000 followers can easily earn up to $ 50 a week with more than three posts. If, on the other hand, you have more than 100,000 followers and you often publish new posts, your weekly earnings could exceed € 500

However, if you currently have few followers, your earnings may be little or no, but, you don’t have to lose hope because even the people who are currently earning millions through Instagram have had the same number of followers as you.

The factors that influence earnings with instagram

There are many factors and variables that directly affect your income and reputation on Instagram. Some people manage to earn huge sums with a few thousand followers, while others manage to make a few hundred dollars despite having hundreds of thousands of followers. The main factors affecting your income are:

1. the engagement rate

If people interact with your posts by commenting, sharing and liking, your chances of earning will increase considerably, find out how to maximize your engagement

2. Niche and target audience

If your brand niche is about medical equipment, you can’t target an audience that doesn’t know medical terms. The target audience is essential to increase sales and build a solid community.

3. Timely Feedback

Customers like salespeople who are smart and active. They wouldn’t spend their money on a person who is lazy and hesitates to answer questions, same goes on instagram, you always have to please your audience if you want to become a successful marketer.

4. The geographic location of your audience

The geographic location of your audience also affects earnings on Instagram. For example, if you have followers from America and Europe, you will earn more. Likewise, if they are in underdeveloped countries, you won’t make much money.

My advice

Many people create the Instagram accounts just to make money and, in their pursuit, they post spam or irrelevant content. As a result, they earn nothing! You shouldn’t start your Instagram account just for money reasons.

Don’t think about making money at first. Your main goal should be to gain the trust and loyalty of your followers, post original content that will appeal to most of them, once they trust you and are loyal it will not be difficult to earn.

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