How many followers do you need to get paid on Instagram

How many followers does it take to get paid on Instagram? Tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands or maybe millions?

The world is full of creators and Instagrammers who are attempting to climb to the million followers in order to finally be able to live in Bali making money on Instagram.

Did I get close?

Yet, you may have realized that not all that glitters is gold.

I have seen accounts around that with 20k already live the so-called life of a full-time blogger and others that with 100k are barely able to monetize.

Something is wrong … Did we miss something?

Follow me and I’ll tell you this secret.

I’ll explain exactly how many Instagram followers you need to do your job, all inspired by Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fan Theory.

Maybe you don’t give a damn about Kevin Kelly, but you can make money on Instagram!

So please pay attention to this premise.

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Don’t wait! You need far fewer followers than you think.

Insecurity is our biggest obstacle, our biggest limitation.

If we just throw ourselves into everything that comes to our minds, without waiting for anything or anyone, we’ll get more results than we might think.

I was the first to make this mistake and only realized it later.

November 2018

Yes, it was just over a year ago when I decided I wanted to start collaborating on Instagram.

My account was around 12k followers and I realized that there were many other girls around me, with fewer followers, who received a lot of products every month from various brands.

What was I waiting for? Could they call me?

I’m sorry, but this rarely happens, especially from the brand of your dreams.

The secret is precisely not to wait and take action immediately. I wanted to try!

What if they said no? No problem. Nothing would happen and I would go on with my normal life.

This is the problem. That sometimes we make ourselves too many problems just because we are afraid to act, to make a bad impression and be judged badly.

We need to get rid of this.

Getting free products is easy, getting paid on Instagram is a little less.

Let’s go step by step.

I know you’ll be scrambling to start monetizing your profile, figuring out how many followers it takes to get paid on Instagram but I think you have to start small. There are no shortcuts and collaborating is a real job that requires great communication and negotiation skills .

It’s all about haggling on your terms and getting what can be most beneficial to you and your audience.

Starting to request free products, as well as being really cool, can really teach you how this world works, what your chances are and how to best sell yourself.

Oh yeah, because it’s really about selling yourself and believe me, it’s one of the things I found most difficult to do.

I wasn’t very sure of myself, I didn’t know what I wanted to do and what I wanted to achieve from collaborations and all this insecurity was reflected in my words.

How did I fix it?

Experimenting and focusing on quantity. I got out of my shyness a bit, from the so-called comfort zone and started contacting dozens of brands a day with which I could potentially collaborate.

I’ve explained in more detail how to do this in this article: Collaborating with companies on Instagram: Getting started right away while others are watching.

Believe me, after a while I discovered something really disappointing.

Although I started collaborating with dozens of brands in this way, including major ones, getting paid was really a difficult task.

I just think that when it comes to putting money into it, companies are much more careful about which profile to choose.

The only thing that matters are always and only the numbers.

If you really want to try to get money from companies to sponsor their products or even to form a partnership, know that you cannot ignore having good statistics .

Indeed… ottime!

I have never been paid by brands yet and I don’t even care at the moment (I’ll explain why in the last paragraph).

BUT I have some friends who have succeeded and I assure you that the profile setting must be perfect, the quality of the content excellent and you must have a topic well in line with what is nature and mood of the brand.

You can’t sponsor Prada if you dress up as a rapper, that’s the concept. And your profile stats will be a determining factor.

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Let’s move on.

While the usual brands that send free products left and right are primarily interested in making it known, disseminating it, and making people understand what it is, budget-shaking ones are very keen on conversions.

What do I mean by conversions? How many people actually buy the product through your advertising.

And this is all about numbers. You need a very clean following, that is, no followers bought and possibly acquired without follow / unfollow, people who interact, who value you and who you can influence.

You must be an influencer in the true sense of the word!

All of this is easily obtained from the insights of your profile but also from online analysis tools such as Ninjalitics.

If follow / unfollow is evident in the last year, if you don’t have enough likes or comments under the photos, if the reach (i.e. how many unique people see your posts) is almost non-existent, then it’s useless to try to get paid by the brands.

In this case, you must first work hard on your profile , invest a lot of time and in some cases even money in sponsorships to make it lift and create a presentable situation.

I leave you 20 techniques to increase your Instagram followers. That’s right, to give you some ideas!

Before I give you a number and tell you how many followers you need to get paid on Instagram, I want you to know Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fan Theory.

I’m sure it will change your perspective on this world!

La teoria dei 1000 fan veri

How many followers do you need to get paid on Instagram and the theory of 1000 true fans.

“You don’t need millions to be a successful creator. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers, millions of buyers or millions of fans. To earn a living as an artist, photographer, musician, designer, author, animator, app maker, entrepreneur or inventor you only need a few thousand fans. “

These are the first lines of the article that Kevin Kelly, an American digital culture scholar, uses when describing his theory of 1000 True Fans.

We often think that success is behind the big numbers.

Kevin Kelly did, in his banality, a simple mathematical account to get to establish what is the minimum number of real fans you need to earn in a decent way .

But let’s start from the beginning.

What is a Real Fan?

This is the person who is willing to buy any product you offer or launch on the market.

It’s that person who buys all your video courses and also suggests them to friends, who gets excited at your meet-ups, takes 7-8 hours of travel just to hear you talk for an hour and buys both the paper version that digital of your new book.

That someone who truly believes in you, who finds deep inspiration in you and would really do anything to spend some time with you.

Will it be rare to find it?

Probably, but according to Kevin Kelly, we only need 1000 people like that to live a decent life.

This is the point.

If you are able to market products worth at least $ 100 per year on the market, then each of these true fans will buy it and earn you $ 100,000 per year.

Not bad, true?

Sure, it’s not millions of dollars but you may already be achieving the much-loved dream of living with Instagram.

You could argue that not all 1000 fans would buy your product.

Actually, if they don’t buy, they’re not true fans, by definition.

K. Kelly suggests that for every true fan there are at least 2-3 minor fans. I believe the ratio is even higher. For every true fan there will be a dozen who aren’t.

The thing is, you have to go find them and we will never find them sitting warmly under the covers.

Just think if you could find one a day, it would take three years to reach the famous 1000 and earn $ 100,000 a year.

There are a few caveats though.

You have to go solo.

Kevin Kelly proceeds a bit like the fixed menu at the restaurant … the price is per person!

This means that if you have someone collaborating with you then you will have to find 1000 fans each, so 2000 in all. Unless you want to split the $ 100,000!

Conversely, if your expectations are lower or you can make more money for each true fan, let’s put $ 200, then you will need half the true fan to reach the threshold.

But that’s not all.

The importance of creating and maintaining a relationship is crucial.

Communities are what will work in the future.

Think about it.

We are more and more alone, detached. At the same time, we are bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of advertisements every day.

We don’t really need anything but we only buy things that make us want to buy.

In this crowd of products, we have to choose somehow. And this is where communities come in.

We buy more from those we trust , from those who showed interest in our problems and helped us for free before we even bought anything from them.

Relationships are becoming more important than everything.

1000 fans, or a thousand people, is still a fair number to be managed directly by the product creator. In this way, a relationship is created with those who buy and it is only in this way that the relationship of trust that is the basis of the true fan can be created.

Monica con berretto rosso in bar a Milano

What does all this have to do with it? How many followers do you need to get paid on Instagram?

You already know where I want to go right now.

Don’t chase the tens of thousands of followers, don’t get stuck waiting for you to reach number X. The secret is to get started right away because Instagram changes at lightning speed . What is valid today may be completely useless tomorrow.

In the most ideal of situations, 1000 real, active and involved followers could already be enough not only to get paid by a brand but also to create a business starting from Instagram.

In practice, it all depends on two things.

1. The topic you are discussing on your profile.

Not all profiles are the same and the topic you are dealing with makes a lot of difference.

For larger niches, such as generic travel or fashion might be, there’s no point in hoping. It takes at least 30-40 thousand followers and some crazy content to hope to be considered.

There is too much competition, too many people who have been doing this for years and you would have to invest a lot of financial resources (I’m talking about money!) to emerge.

The solution?

As I have said several times and also in this article on how to find your niche on Instagram, there are accounts that make the choice to narrow their scope as much as possible .

They don’t choose to talk about a macro topic but about a very small, very specific topic that they are the only ones (or almost all) to deal with.

For fashion could be an account of leather bags only and for travel only in glacial or underwater style landscapes. Speaking of underwater landscapes, there is the splendid profile of @underwater_images that deals only with this.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive but in the logic of 1000 true fans it is a little less so!

In this case, even with 5000 very active followers you can already hope to receive monetary compensation from brands.

But there is another factor too important to overlook.

2. The engagement under your posts.

… which represents just how active your followers are!

You should have at least 5% engagement for your profile to be considered by brands but the higher the better.

Interaction is the key thing, remember that those who collaborate with you are looking for conversions, people who buy products whether they are online or in the store and cannot afford to spend money on a profile with non-existent people!

It’s all up to you.

In the above lines I tried to answer the question “How many followers do you need to get paid on Instagram?” .

You may be waiting for brands to call you and give you money, finally get you monetized.

There are actually two avenues and this first is only the least tempting.

Let’s see if you’ve ever thought about it.

Getting paid by brands.

First street and that’s what you’re here for and we’ve talked about so far.

It is either standing there passively waiting for someone to make us the fateful collaboration proposal that could change our career, or start contacting ourselves to have a few more chances.

This first case assumes that you have to partner with some brand and, in some way, comply with its terms.

Not only that.

If things don’t go well, the collaboration will suffer and the brand may choose not to renew your contract.

This is the simplest route though, but if you’re bold enough, I want to propose a second one.

Launch your own product.

If there are really 1000 true fans on your Instagram profile, then all you need to do is launch your own product.

I know it sounds like a pipe dream but it’s easier than you think.

When you have identified a specific topic of yours and you have a following of interactive people, just take surveys or insert boxes in the stories for the questions to understand which are the topics that interest you most or the things they would like learn more of everything.

This way, you could build an e-book or video course to sell online based on their needs.

It is the way many Instagrammers earn their living and allows them to make the leap even without having to depend on contact with brands.

For example, I have chosen to collect all the presets with which I have edited the photos of this summer in the Colors of Greece collection.

I’ll give you other examples from what I’ve seen these days on Instagram!

  • Nick Pescetto (@nickpescetto) takes some crazy photos and has just launched his go-pro course in which he reveals all his secrets.
  • Aggie Lal (@aggie) one of the most famous travel bloggers in the world, has just launched her book in which she explains how to take travel photos on Instagram as well as being a collection of all her better photos.
  • Gianluca Vacchi, influencer with millions of followers and with a super rich lifestyle, has just launched a video course in which he explains how to be like him!

All really crazy!

quanti follower servono per essere pagati su Instagram

One last consideration (before I run away) on how many followers you need to get paid on Instagram.

I hope Kevin Kelly has made it clear to you that you don’t need a ton of followers to get paid on Instagram.

It takes great commitment, passion for what you do but above all a great ability to sell yourself and your numbers to brands.

There is no fixed follower number and you won’t find it anywhere.

The only way to understand if your account is ready is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential brand and ask yourself if they could benefit from a collaboration with you.

Today I wanted to bring to the blog an all-American theory that has been talked about in Italy for a while but to which almost no one has yet dedicated an article.

I hope it will open your mind.

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