How much do the 10 highest paid influencers in the world earn for an Instagram post

Mom, when I grow up I want to be an influencer “. It would be foolish to pretend not to know that, among the work desires of today’s kids, there is also this. To become famous and rich through the coolest social network of the moment, Instagram. A few generations ago the dream was occupied by the universe of showgirls and footballers. That of beautiful, rich and famous people. Today, however, we talk about Instagram. It’s not all that different from then.

Only the way of doing business has changed . Many influencers are still footballers or celebrities. Of course, all this popularity divides the world in two. There are those who find this way of “earning a loaf” rather immoral and disgusting. There are those who consider it a job like any other. Simply. A new way to communicate brands, products and even values.

I think I’ve said and written that at least a hundred times. Marketing changes and the ways in which companies choose to enter our homes are changing . And influencers and Instagram are nothing more than the tiles to be embedded in this new strategic process. Of course, when, for example, the name of Chiara Ferragni comes out (more or less once a day now), people are scandalized. Do nothing all the time and have money to feed all humanity! Incomprehensible things! But our national Chiara, in reality, is not even in the first place among the highest paid influencers in the world.

1st Kylie Jenner

In absolute first place is her. Model and TV personality, she is the sister of the famous Kendall, as well as half-sister of the Kardashians. Beautiful, curvy and over the top, she has won over 123 million followers. She averages over 5 million likes per post and for a photo she asks for $ 1 million .

2nd Selena Gomez

For years she has been the undisputed queen of Instagram with over 144 million followers. Her until she was ousted by Ronaldo. However, she remains in second place in this ranking. Selena wants $ 800,000 for a post . Not bad for the American actress and singer, who owes her fortune to Disney.

3rd Cristiano Ronaldo

Fairytale sports contracts, sponsors raining left and right, here he is, the man who made the new season of Italian football ignite. It is the most popular on Instagram, with almost 151 million followers and if a brand wants to appear in its feed it must be ready to shell out $ 750,000 . Goal!

4th Kim Kardashian

The most famous sister of the fashion system. Model, celebrity and also entrepreneur, Kardashian was included in 2015 by Time in the list of the most influential women on the planet. And even on Instagram, things aren’t very different. 124 million followers and a $ 720,000 cachet for a post .

5th Beyonce

Almost 123 million followers for one of the most beautiful voices on the world music scene. Beyonce likes it and the numbers prove it too. about her A post about her on her Instagram is worth $ 700,000 . After all, every time you write, there are about 3 million people ready to click on the little red heart.

6th Dwayne Johnson

Better known to the general public as The Rock, he is a wrestling champion, but also an actor and film producer. And he likes it. Quite a lot of. His numbers? 128 million followers and the request for $ 650,000 per post . But … There is a but. Unlike his colleagues, he has a low engagement rate, so to speak. Do the greats also buy followers? Who knows!

7th Justin Bieber

The teenage singer idol of teenagers. He now has ten career behind him and last year he got married with the beautiful model Hailey Baldwin. 104 million followers on Instagram for $ 630,000 per post . In February maybe he will come out with a new single and who knows that his cachet will not increase yet.

Justin Bieber

8th Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Another mega influencer borrowed from the world of football. Neymar has mind-boggling figures. And he could not be otherwise for the one who is considered Pele’s true heir on the pitch. The Paris Saint-Germain striker has more than 109 million followers and a post of him costs $ 600,000 .

9th Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is proof that becoming a footballer can still be the trump card for anyone with dreams of glory. Also on Instagram. The Barcelona player has just surpassed 105 million followers and barely requires $ 500,000 for a post. If you go and take a look at his profile, you will find his passions greater than him: football and family.

10th Kendall Jenner

To finish the lap and complete the family picture, here’s Kendall Jenner, who takes 10th place in this top ten. A post about him on Instagram is worth 500 thousand euros and his followers are almost 102 million. “Mom I want to be a Kardashian” – Perhaps it would be more correct to start this post like this…

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