How much does a youtuber make?

In this article we will talk about how much a youtuber earns per video or per view or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers.

There is those who do it for passion, start for fun, and those who have made it a real job. Sometimes even from tens of thousands of euros a week. We are talking about the famous Youtubers , characters who nestle with hundreds of thousands of videos on the most famous video sharing platform of the world.

Leaving aside the big web stars who earn millions upon millions a year simply by posting new content every week and entertaining their audience, how much does a youtuber make on video or on every budding view, or who wants to start doing this new profession?

Let’s try to give concrete answers to these two questions.

quanto guadagna uno youtuber a video

Let’s start by saying that posting a video on Youtube is not enough a day to earn millions. You have to study your audience, create ad hoc and quality videos. In short, as in all things, you have to work hard to reach the top of the category.

Gaudagnare with YouTube is not something that happens overnight but it takes perseverance, commitment, study and communication actions and marketing. And obviously you have to publish great videos in order to attract more and more users and increase the views and credibility of the channel.

We are talking about how much a youtuber earns per video or at each view or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers.

How much do you earn with Youtube?

The earnings from Youtube come from the revenues of the advertisements that are inserted within its advertising videos.

In particular Google, which owns Youtube , pays 68% of the AdSense revenue, the advertising platform that must be linked to your Youtube account. So if an advertiser spends $ 1,000 to put his ad in your video, Google will give you 680, the remaining 320 is Google’s money. Obviously, being a service, Google must earn its share.

quanto guadagna uno youtuber per ogni visualizzazione

Not bad right?

But there is a but: the rates that an advertiser pays they travel with an average of 18 cents per view. Therefore, you would get 18 euros for every 1,000 views.

So you immediately understand that if you really want to earn a lot, you need a huge number of views that can only come from a huge number of users who follow the channel.

However it must be said that many views also come from non-followers of the channel, the youtuber must be good at placing his video in as much side as possible among the millions of videos on YouTube .

For this reason most youtubers or aspiring youtubers have a lot of work to do to increase the subscribers to their channel and the quality of their videos to entertain their fans and to attract fans / followers to their channel.

How much a youtuber earns therefore depends a lot on the number of people who will click on the ads, (obviously the more users watch your video the higher the possibility that the advertising banners are clicked.

youtuber con iscritti

So they produce income) and as the number increases, the more your name will gain popularity and you will also be contacted by large companies or brands for collaborations . Up to the Olympus of the Youtubers, studded with world stars of the caliber of PewDiePie or the very Italian Favij.

But the difficulty is not so much the after, but it’s just like earning the first euro. The beginnings. How much does a novice youtuber earn?

We are talking about how much a youtuber earns per video or per view or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers.

Some clarifications on how much a Youtuber earns in grass

Activating the monetization of your youtube videos is quick and easy, and you could do it right from immediately. But it is very unlikely that you will be able to make money right away until you have accumulated enough traffic on your Youtube channel.

Speaking of AdSense , there are two different types of monetization: CPM ads and CPC.

I CPM ads are the advertisements that are based on the cost per thousand views, which we have seen previously. It should be noted that to be counted for payment, the ad must be displayed for at least 30 seconds or half of the ad if it is a short video.

The CPC are the costs per click, that is the people who actually click on the advertisement.

And you will immediately understand that if you’re just starting out, the few people who follow you are unlikely to click on the ads or see the ads in full. After all, how many times have you skipped the video start ad yourself? This is one of the biggest thoughts on earnings, but obviously if the channel has a lot of followers and the video will be viewed thousands of times it is normal for people to watch the advertising video to increase; it is simply the law of the great nuneri.

Whenever these conditions are met, your Youtube channel will receive part of the advertising revenue; AdSense will transfer money to your account every time it reaches 100 euros.

How much you make money with Youtube, try the affiliations

In the beginning you are building your reputation, people have to learn to know and recognize you. So not only will you earn little, but most of it you will have to reinvest it to improve the quality of your image, your videos and your channel.

If you have a low number of subscribers who follow you on a regular basis, you could try to make money through affiliations; For example, if you examine a particularly popular product with your video, and link it to a sales page affiliated with that product, you may be able to earn a little something every time a user buys the product of the affiliate page.

A lot also depends on the topic you decide to deal with your channel, there are market niches where you earn more than the others. Try to stay relevant to the one you have chosen, or you will appear as a “sold out” to your fans, who are unlikely to follow you.

The niche that goes for the greater the game; the players are a gold mine and the gaming industry, you know, is huge. It is no coincidence that among the most famous Youtubers we find gamer.

But also other categories are certainly not to be excluded: lifehacks are very popular, tricks to adopt to improve everyday life, recipes and tricks for cooking well, food and travel reviews, gossip, news and videos about animals (who has never seen a video of cats playing cuddly ? Adorable aren’t they?).

Putting all these precautions together, and consistently and patiently publishing new quality content, you should be able to get some small income that will allow you to survive, although you will probably still need another source of income to support all expenses.

So it’s time to start turning your passions into a real job. Obviously you will have to invest in yourself, in your skills and improve the channel and your videos as much as possible and assert your reputation and your image online.

Once once you have passed the initial phase, and reached a number of subscribers on the 15-20.000 units you should have reached a stable phase, in which you create contents constantly but you still can’t live only on Youtube but you are on the right path!

Your fans want more and more content, and you have to work all week to get them satisfied. The risk in this phase is always to “sell out” by offering their fans products of various kinds with affiliations and frustrate all the work done so far (even if this does not apply to all niches).

Right now you will be considered a small influencer for your niche, and you could attract small brands and companies that could offer you various collaborations, and increase your revenue.

You can also try Crowdfounding: that is a fundraising to create new content and support the expenses of the channel.

There are sites like Patreon that allow the publication of videos for fundraising and from which you could also derive income. The more these sites recognize you as successful, the more you may receive help for the advertising part in Ads .

And when it reaches the million? How much does a Youtuber earn?

We are talking about how much a youtuber earns per video or per view or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers.

When the millionth subscribed on the channel is completed, life becomes much easier, now you can very well live only on Youtube.

Although the number is large, don’t believe that one million subscribers are the top: think that there are currently more than 2,000 channels that have surpassed one million subscribers.

To aim higher and join the elite of Youtubers you still have a long way to go.

How much do you earn with Youtube reached one million? Once you reach this milestone, you have enough traffic on the channel to earn modest revenue.

AdSense will come with 68% of revenue , as we saw earlier.

If you count that about 15% of Youtube users view ads enough to trigger the monetization count, that means 150 out of 1,000 views will see the ad paid.

At the average price of 18 cents per view, Google will pay around 27 euros in advertising, of which 68% will be forfeited by the Creator, plus or minus 18 euros every thousand views.

If a video is hypothetically seen by a million viewers, of which 150,000 will see the ad, the profit will be around 18,000 euros per video .

Here’s how much you earn with Youtube!

It is very important to continue to create video content on a regular basis so as not to lose contact with your audience and to ensure that people continue to follow you and that the community increases more and more.

With such a large subscriber base there will obviously also be requests for collaboration from high-level brands, and earnings can also increase with affiliations.

Now you are a real influencer, capable of influencing the choices that people make on the web.


The path is very long and difficult. If you do not have patience, will, firmness, you cannot undertake it. If you think that it is enough to post a few videos on Youtube to get rich and not work, you are wrong.

Lo Youtuber has become a real job in which you work daily to churn out new content and continue to entertain your audience. There are many Youtubers who started and then got lost, posting very little or totally changing their attitude towards their members. They turned against them.

So you have to be very careful and you have to plan things in detail and with precise social publishing plans.

In this guide we talked about how much a youtuber earns per video or at each view.

Or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers and how much you earn with Youtube . We hope that our tips will help you in building your Youtube channel.

That’s all for today, see the next article!

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Quanto guadagna uno youtuber?

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In this article we will talk about how much a youtuber earns on video or at each view or with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers …


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