How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram? The new tool to know

How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram? Probably too much, like me.

Our smartphone is always on the bedside table, ready to be consulted, on the tram, train or bus we no longer read books, but we update ourselves on the lives of others by logging into Facebook and Instagram a million and a half times during the day.

A research by Hootsuite and We are Social for 2018 shows us how much time Italians spend on social networks every day , which specifically equals almost 2 hours a day.

quanto tempo spendi su facebook

This data can, on the one hand, scare us, on the other hand it can make us realize how people are increasingly present on social networks and how important these platforms are for those who want to do marketing and get to sell their products and services in an ever-wider range.

Having said that, let’s go back to the news of Facebook: a tool to monitor the time spent on Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook, in its Newsroom , announces that the introduction of this tool to manage and control the time spent on these two platforms has been designed and implemented in collaboration with mental health experts, to meet the needs of its audience.

Facebook is championing our health.

Together with this new function inside the two apps (Facebook and Instagram) in the “settings” section, not yet available for everyone, it will also be possible to activate notifications that warn us when we reach the maximum time limit that we we are forced to spend on social media.

But let’s see how it works.

How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram?

The image you see below is the one that Facebook itself published when it announced the news. Since, as we said, the function is not yet available to everyone (despite the app update), we will use these screenshots to understand how it works.

quanto tempo spendi su facebook e instagram


By accessing our Instagram profile, in the “settings” section (“setting” for those who use it in English), we will find the words “Your activity”, here a graph will show you the time spent on the social platform, day by day.

Just below the graph, a function allows you to set a “reminder”, which will notify you when you have reached the maximum t time you have imposed on your social networks . Let’s take an example.

If we want to spend no more than 50 minutes a day on Instagram, we will set “50 minutes” in this section and when this threshold is reached, we will receive a warning.

Also from this screen we can also decide which notifications we want to see and which not, to try to keep the time spent on Instagram under control, and not get distracted by useless notifications.

We can make them completely silent or we can decide not to receive notifications in the next few hours.


The process on Facebook is practically identical. Still from the app, we go to “settings” and from here we look for the item “your time on Facebook” (Your time on Facebook) , to find out how much time per day we spend (or lose) on this platform .

Similarly, under the graph that illustrates the progress of our business, we find the two functions we talked about for Instagram, the one relating to the actual management of time and the one relating to notifications.

Conclusions and considerations

When Facebook announced the arrival of this new tool, it justified itself by saying

We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring

Which literally means “we want the time spent on Facebook and Instagram to be integral, positive and inspirational”… personally, that’s what makes me think.

Are we so incapable of managing our time on social media, that we need the same social platforms to provide us with a tool to do so? Aren’t we exaggerating a bit?

I understand the usefulness of this function, but honestly I think we should be the ones to set ourselves limits and understand how much time spent outside social networks is important to ourselves.

I am the first to have a smartphone addiction and I do not want to justify myself by saying that it is “for work reasons”, I have it, but I try to control myself.

According to Facebook it is important to be aware of the time spent on its platforms , because it wants to be sure that this time is well spent and that it makes us want to come back because it is useful to do so and not because it is a pastime.

What I really think is that each of us should already be well aware of why he opens his Instagram or Facebook profile every day and the use he makes of the time spent here, don’t you think?

How to limit the time spent on Facebook and Instagram independently

To conclude, I’ll tell you how I myself try to manage time on social media.

  1. During the working day I keep the phone silent and I try to answer only and exclusively to calls
  2. After dinner, I leave the phone in another room and enjoy time with my partner or friends
  3. I keep social media open in browser windows only and exclusively when I have to do something for work
  4. During my lunch break I try not to hang on to my cell phone, but rather to read a book or watch a movie
  5. I take a moment out of the day to do a general check of the pages I follow for my clients and one to dedicate myself to interacting with users, after which, I close everything.

That said, I’d be curious to know what you think about this new feature and how you have managed your time on social media to date. I look forward to reading you in the comments!

Quanto tempo spendi su Facebook e Instagram

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