How the Instagram algorithm works in 2018: the factors to monitor

Facebook did its algortimo changes recently and so did its younger brother, Instagram .

Like any self-respecting algorithm, even the algortimo of Instagram , already at the beginning of 2018 , gave signs of change and, in some ways, there we all noticed a little.

To tell the truth, there aren’t too many changes since the 2017 Instagram algorithm change , but there really is something relevant.

It is no mystery that since Instagram intervened on the feed , eliminating the appearance of posts in chronological order, things have gotten worse and worse. Today, it is estimated that about 10% of our followers can organically see our content …. does it remind you of something? Hadn’t Facebook done the same about pages?

But this is not the only novelty of the Instagram algorithm in 2018, let’s see the rest together.

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The Instagram algorithm favors posts with high engagement

Of course, this is nothing new, but if once we had to interact a little with our followers, now we really need to roll up our sleeves.

When a photo receives an abundant number of likes, perhaps shortly after being published, the Instagram algorithm perceives that many users really like that photo and, in a sense, the rewards by showing it to even more people.

Obviously, the popularity of a photo, in terms of interactions, depends on several variables, such as:

  • the actual quality of the photo
  • the number of active followers on our account
  • our level of engagement within the platform
  • the hashtags we use
  • how many stories we make and how many interactions we receive

This makes us understand what are the parameters to focus on, to improve the performance of our business or personal profile. Let’s see them point by point.

The quality of the photo

Instagram was created to give space to the passion for photography, playing all and all on visual content, so it’s no wonder that it favors photos with a more or less high quality.

The photos must be objectively beautiful to look at, in order to capture the user’s attention and make them interact with them. If we do not assume that we must take care of the images we publish, not only from the point of view of editing, but also of the subject represented, we will never go anywhere.

Come funziona l'algoritmo di Instagram nel 2018

The number of active followers on our account

You will surely have noticed that there are profiles that no longer insert any hashtags in the photos, but boast a paradoxically higher number of likes than ours, where we maybe spend hours searching for the right ones. Why does this happen?

Accounts with a large number of followers have, in fact, a much larger audience to show their posts to, so the number of likes that can potentially be acquired are definitely more than a mere mortal could reach, regardless from the hashtags used.

But if it is true that the number of followers affects the success of our photo , it is also true that often and willingly when we stumble upon an Instagram profile that has 56K followers and 1000 likes per photo, however, there is something wrong. Just do a proportion and see that the percentage of enegagement is 1.8%, practically non-existent, only it seems very high to us because the number of likes and comments is the first tangible figure that leaps to our eyes.

Algoritmo Instagram calcolo engagement

Our level of engagement within the platform

If we want our followers to interact with us, we must be the first to interact with them, obviously without going overboard with bots, if you use them.

Nothing could be simpler, would you like to be appreciated? Begin to like others.

The hashtags we use

Taking this idea of ​​Twitter, Instagram has made hashtags its real strength … at least initially.

Today there are many users who have encountered some problems with the publication of hashtags on their photos, maybe you are among them too. I myself have seen a sudden drop in likes, despite my photos continue to appear under certain hashtags and therefore do not assume the presence of the shadowban .

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At the moment it is not clear why some hashtags, even if not banned, do not make our photos appear. Confronted with colleagues overseas, the mystery seems to have not yet been solved and Instagram seems to give no answers.

But that doesn’t mean hashtags don’t stay important , especially now that Instagram has implemented a new feature: the ability to follow a hashtag.

What is no less important is the possibility for users to ask Instagram to no longer show content with a certain hashtag, with that hashtag, using the button “Do not show for this hashtag” you see in the photo below.

Algoritmo di Instagram 2018 e gli hashtag

Obviously, if your photos receive more than one of these reports, your account will be exposed.

That’s why always copying the same block of hashtags, for any photo, risks penalizing you.

Stories affect the performance of our account

I dedicate a separate paragraph to the stories issue, not only because they are an element that influences the performance of our account, but because it is one of the elements on which the Instagram algortimo focuses 2018.

Real-time content is popular and, let’s face it, everyone has always liked it a bit.

Seriously, Instagram Stories are an extremely powerful tool when used wisely and in support of a broader marketing strategy.

If you are interested in learning more about “Stories”, let me know in the comments, so I can plan a dedicated post.

Constantly updating your profile with always new stories, leads to increasing the visibility of your entire profile and therefore also of your stories.

As for Facebook, live video has become essential to have a page that works, on Instagram stories are the protagonists.

Basically: give us stories!

The speed of user interaction with one of our posts increases the exposure of our content

As we have already said, engagement becomes the keystone of an Instagram account . It is not only the number of people who interact with us that matters, but also the speed at which they do so.

Come funziona l'algoritmo di Instagram

Everything is concentrated in a few hours, your post must receive the greatest number of likes in a short time, that’s why Telegram and Instagram groups were born to share the photos just published with a host of other users ready to sferrari their likes with little hearts.

Personally this is a technique I disapprove of.

The Instagram algorithm points to the authenticity of the comments

When I told you about bots to increase Instagram likes, I also recommended not to make excessive use of these robots, in fact, it seems that the new Instagram algorithm points more and more also to the authenticity of the comments.

Often and willingly, very short comments of appreciation such as “nice”, “love it”, “fantastic pic” are left by bots and Instagram has seen fit to monitor them and penalize this kind of unrealistic conversations.

To try to improve the performance of your account, therefore, we are required to make an extra effort: to create conversations with our followers, which are however authentic.

Last but not least … here’s what will be in the next Instagram algortimo update

There are rumors that Instagram is testing a new feature (it never happens right?), through which we will be suggested posts that “we might like”.

The advantage of this feature is that Instagram itself will suggest new profiles and photos to interact with, presumably increasing our chances of being seen and known by others.

Could it be true? We hope so!

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