How the new Instagram algorithm works: the key factors

When we talked about the Instagram Shadowban , many wrote and commented on this new Instagram algorithm , which is doing everyone to suffer a little.

Everyone, by now we have noticed that engagement has dropped , that the hashtags we used to use now seem not to work as well as they used to. The question, therefore, is absolutely legitimate: how does the new Instagram algorithm work?

I documented myself, through Flipboard and some Google searches and I have several articles in English, in particular the one published by Buffer , which provided me with the tools to to be able to write my own.

How the Instagram algorithm works

I don’t pretend to have the truth in my pocket, a bit like the Facebook algorithm, the Instagram algorithm is not easy to understand, but you do what you can.

Algoritmo di Instagram i fattori chiave

According to Buffer, there are 7 key factors to monitor and to consider to be able to make the most of the Instagram algorithm, while Kamal Singh , founder of the web agency indiana Solvoguru (yes, the name made me laugh too) adds 2 more.

  1. Engagement – how popular is a post
  2. Relevance – the type of content you interact with
  3. Relationships – the people you interact with
  4. Timeliness – how recent the post is
  5. Search for profiles – the profiles you check most often
  6. The time spent on a photo
  7. Direct messages and comments – the people you contact and who you leave a comment to
  8. The time spent viewing a video
  9. Time spent in an external link to Instagram

Let’s go through them, one by one.

1. Engagement

Every time you post a photo on Instagram, the algorithm will show it to an example audience and based on their reactions, it will then be shown to others. It goes without saying that the first 30 minutes are essential, within this time frame your photo must get as many likes and / or comments as possible to reach the top and then appear among the hashtags most popular.

You have already understood that those with a high number of followers are certainly more advantaged , since their photos will be shown to a greater number of people and, consequently, will have much more chances to “Rise in the rankings”.

2. Relevance

In other words, the type of content you interact with on a regular basis. But how does Instagram understand what are the things that interest me? According to Buffer it is possible that today’s technologies make it possible for Instagram to recognize the theme of the photo, in my opinion, so much is determined by the associated hashtags.

However, the more we interact with a certain type of content, the more it will show up in our feed.

3. Relations

Instagram claims that:

No matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts .

this means, that priority will always be given to the people we interact with the most, to our “best friends”, as he calls them.

Not to be underestimated, however, is the fact that, being Instagram owned by Facebook, it can use Facebook data to determine who our “friends” actually are.

One of Instagram’s engineers, Thomas Dimson , said what factors might be considered to determine the people we know.

Algoritmo di Instagram fattori che determinano gli amici

4. Timeliness

Instagram has announced that everyone’s feed will be based on

the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.

We’ve already covered the first two points, but let’s tackle the third now. The term “timeliness” means the freshness of the posts, how recent they are.

It means that the most recent posts rank first in our feed, rather than the oldest ones .. but we already knew that, didn’t we?

5. Search for profiles

Even the accounts we search through the Instagram search engine are part of the data that the social network collects to find out more about us and our interests.

The fact that you take an action, which also takes a certain “effort” (pass me the term, but compare it with the click on the heart), makes Instagram think and understand that that person or that brand interests us a lot, that’s why posts from these accounts will appear first on our home feed.

6. Time spent on a photo

As with Facebook, Instagram also gives a lot of importance to the time spent on individual posts. If we stop to look at a photo, if we go back to it, if we zoom, the Instagram algorithm records everything.

7. Direct messages and comments

If we want, this is a clarification of point 3, the one on relationships, since, however, actions directed towards an account are considered, such as the direct message.

The more we interact with an account through messages or comments on its posts, the more important it is to us and the more Instagram will show us its content before others.

8. The time spent viewing a video

If the time spent on a photo is an important parameter for Instagram, the time spent watching a video could not fail to be. If we stop to see a video in its entirety or if we stop it after a few seconds, Instagram’s perception of our “relationship” with that account changes.

It will seem repetitive to you, but this will also lead Instagram to position the contents of the account, which posts videos that attract our attention, higher than others.

9. Time spent in an external link to Instagram

This last point is also about the time spent, but this time, outside of Instagram.

You certainly know that Instagram is not the type of social network suitable for driving traffic to your website, because it does not allow you to insert clickable links, except for the one in the profile biography.

This parameter, in fact, is about that link. If Instagram records that the time spent on the link destination site by the user is substantial, this could also affect our feed. Kamal Singh writes like this:

If someone spends more time on your link off Instagram, the content could likely be given favor in your feed.

I interpreted it like this: if a user spends a lot of time on the landing page of the link, which we have included in the bio, it is likely that they are very interested in our profile and our contents, so much so that Instagram should show the first our posts on his home feed.

Have you noticed any changes with Instagram’s new algorithm? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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