How the stylist Elisabetta Franchi manages Instagram

That of Elisabetta Franchi is the story of the realization of a dream, it is a classic American Dream story. It is a story worth telling. It is the life of a woman, a hard worker, a mother, a wife who, with all her strength and without ever giving up, managed to create her own brand and make a name for herself in a world. That of fashion, which is particularly difficult and difficult for outsiders. Elisabetta Franchi is today an Italian fashion brand known all over the world and listed on the stock exchange , which stands out for its seductive elegance and which owes all its true strength to its creator.

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Who is Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi was born in Bologna at a time when having the opportunity to study was not so obvious. Very soon she was orphaned of her father, her priorities in her large family were other than school. Elizabeth starts working very early, but her hard work doesn’t scare her. Every occasion is an experience and she treasures it. Her ideas are very clear and her tenacity in a short time makes her land in the world of fashion, in a Bolognese company, Imperial, which marks the beginning of her turning point in her life. Here she meets her future husband, Sabatino Cennamo, who passed away in 2008, then CEO of the company, who believes so much in her that he helps her in her business idea and together start building her dream.

It was 1996 when Elisabetta Franchi inaugurated her first Atelier . It is a small reality, but it is a beginning. Here she produces her clothes and this is where it all comes to life. Two years later, Betty Blue Spa and the Celyn B. brand was born, which made her famous and which, in 2012, will leave room for the definitive brand that bears her name, Elisabetta Franchi.

Elisabetta Franchi is now a company that employs more than 300 employees and boasts 85 stores around the world. Her dream was realized with a lot of work, by a woman who knew how to go on despite the bitter morsels that her life presented to her.

about her Her life on social media

There is no doubt that Elisabetta Franchi is a particular, eccentric and centralizing character. Her personality is bubbly and strong. She presents herself in social networks as herself and does so by telling her life as an entrepreneur, mother, wife and animal lover. She shows the true side of being an entrepreneur every day. Traveling by train, endless meetings, returning home late at night, Sundays with the family. Her Instagram account has two faces, the official one of the gallery, where she shows the brand and the collections, and the one of the stories, where the behind the scenes airs. Here the true personality of Elisabetta Franchi is released, the engine of everything, from which the ideas are born, the true strength of the brand.

What he shows about her are excerpts from real life, his true passions, her work, her family, her love for animals and her great interest in design . Her house in Bologna, where she lives with her court of dogs, are really many, and with her family he is one of her proud of her, as is her studio in Milan. Every occasion is a good one to show them on social media in all their splendor. She lives Elisabetta in luxury and shows it, but without ostentation, because she also shows another great truth, how to achieve this ease, with work and sacrifices. And she works Elisabetta, she always works, because she loves what she does.

She likes to show off and share a lot with her followers, who always manage to snatch a smile with her strength and good humor. Because that’s how she faces life, with tenacity, good humor and putting a big heart into everything. Her love for animals is one of her reasons for living. All of her are her abandoned puppies or little dogs that she saved from owners who mistreated them. When she is at her house they follow her everywhere and she always spends time to tell their sad stories one by one and to talk about her about her Foundation of her Elisabetta Franchi Onlus , which takes care of animal rights.

Although she also has a private account, very popular, she continues to manage the Instagram of her brand in this way, because the Elisabetta Franchi brand would not exist without Elisabetta Franchi, they are one thing, one part of the other. Her profile has such a high following and engagement that some time ago she also suffered an attack and was hacked. On this occasion, she continued to keep her followers informed of her through her private account, and then celebrated with them when the crisis was over. Don’t worry Instagram friends it won’t be that easy to get rid of her.

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