How to add alt text to Instagram images

As we know, Instagram continually introduces changes and updates, many of which are frivolous or of little practical use. Sometimes these updates also send users into a tailspin because they are the cause of the Instagram down, the temporary collapse of the platform. But there are some designed instead with a social utility, created to facilitate access to the platform for as many people as possible. One of these is alternative text , let’s find out together what it is and how to use it.

What is alternative text

Alternate text – in jargon alt text – means a voice description of the images that are published . In this way, even people with visual impairments such as blind or visually impaired can use Instagram, which was previously unthinkable. It is therefore a text – entered automatically or added manually by the user – which describes the photos posted on the platform as accurately and evocatively as possible. This text will be shown to users who are unable to upload images because they have a slow connection and through speech synthesis the text can be heard by people with vision problems.

Why alt text on Instagram is useful

The usefulness of the alternative text is evident. How could people with visual impairments use Instagram before? For an image-based social network it seemed completely nonsense, while now it becomes a possible experience even for those who cannot view photos. Through the alt text, the description of the content of the published images is read, which in this way reach a much wider audience in a different way. In terms of social media marketing, this tool allows for organic growth of posted content and accounts and also has relevance at SEO level. In fact, by inserting the right keywords in the descriptions of the images, the chances of them being found by searching on Google are increased.

How to enter alt text

Once it is clear how useful the introduction of alt text can be on Instagram, let’s see how to insert it in images. It’s very simple.
First of all you have to upload the photo to Instagram, choose the filter you prefer and click Next. At this point you have to enter the classic description to your image and click on Advanced settings at the bottom left. Then click on Write alt text and enter the detailed story of your photo keeping yourself in the range of 100 words at most. Once complete, click Finish and that’s it.

Is it possible to insert alternative text on the images already posted?

Alt text can be inserted not only on new photos but also on old photos already shared on your Instagram profile and it’s still very easy. Choose the photo and then click on the three dots “…” at the top right. Choose the Edit option and then from the various icons that appear choose the Add alternative text option. Write a precise, detailed and immediate description of up to 100 words and then click Finish. Here we are!

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