How to add music to Instagram stories

More and more Instagram users are using stories to tell moments of their day, share parts of a trip or an event, open up with a rant in a negative moment or for good news received. And as music accompanies our days, also on Instagram becomes an essential element of storytelling. A completion of the stories that enriches them making them more meaningful. Here, since last summer, it is possible to add background music to the stories that are shared on the social network. Not sure how to do it yet? It’s that easy.

Instagram music

Inserting music into Instagram stories: how it’s done

After choosing the photo or video you want to share, simply tap the sticker icon at the top right that says “Music”. Just like when you want to add a Gif, a hashtag, emoji, a place or the day of the week. This way you can choose the song you want to accompany your story by searching for it in the search bar at the top or by choosing it from the Popular / Moods / Genres playlist. Once you have found the song, you can listen to a preview by tapping the play icon on the right and then add it. The basic setting allows you to add the chorus of the song to the story but by scrolling left or right you can choose any part of the song with a maximum duration of 15 seconds .

At this point the chosen song will appear as a sticker on the Story including the title of the song and the name of the singer and can be moved anywhere in the image or video.

Add song lyrics in addition to music? You can!

Ok, we figured out how to add background music to Instagram Stories. But the app also supports an additional function, namely the ability to add parts of the text of the chosen song to your story. How you do it? First of all you need to update Instagram to the latest version available. Then, as we said before, after choosing the story to post you have to click on the Music sticker and choose the song you want to insert.
At this point if the song supports the text this will automatically appear on the screen in synchrony with the background music . You can make changes by changing the color, font and style of the text.

Can’t add music to stories? A few suggestions

This is this far, right? The operation is really simple but there are still people who are unable to add music to their Instagram stories because they do not have the sticker among the options . The reason most likely is that you have an old version of the app. The sticker for adding music was released by the version 51 of Instagram and therefore you must have installed this or possibly proceed to update it. Alternatively, you can try clearing the Instagram cache .

However, there are also other ways to add music to Instagram without using the function provided by the app. In fact, it is possible to capture the music that comes from your smartphone and that you listen to on Spotify, Google Music or other apps like YouTube (if you have the premium version) when you record a video that you want to upload as an Instagram story. The song played by the smartphone is not paused when you open Instagram and you can therefore record a video with a song in the background.

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