How to add the ‘verified’ badge to your Instagram profile

Social networks are now an integral part of personal branding. Those who are not there are likely to find it very difficult to close commercial relations. The large companies have also understood this which, after some hesitation, have also rushed to the network. This flood of big names on the Internet has led some attackers to create fake profiles or even steal them.


To run for cover, Facebook has equipped itself with a user identity verification tool. Instagram has also added the ‘verified’ badge, but it is only granted to large companies, big brands or celebrities, leaving all other users out. Generic profiles, even if well known, that do not refer to real people, brands or companies cannot therefore request the badge. So let’s see if it is possible and how to add the ‘verified’ badge to your Instagram profile.

How to get the ‘verified’ badge from Instagram

Obtaining the ‘verified’ badge from Instagram is not an easy path, but it is also not impossible. In fact, Instagram in its help page declares to grant this verification only to famous people, brands and public figures, and that the badge cannot be purchased.
In reality, however, the boundary between being or not being a verifiable user is quite elastic . Obviously, the more quality your profile is, the more chances that the verification is carried out increases, and it is therefore important to be in line with a series of rules.

However, it should be specified that if Instagram decides not to release the check mark, a user has no possibility to add it to their profile in any other way . There are no tricks about it and nothing marketing consultants can do.

How to be verified on Instagram: the rules

In general, therefore, in order to obtain a verified badge, you must be a known user. So well known that they run the risk of fake profiles being created to ‘steal’ our popularity.
Common sense rules can still facilitate obtaining the verification badge:

  • The first is to respect the community guidelines published on the same help page.
  • The second is to stand out! It is important that Instagram recognizes that it has a solid, original and above all consistent personality in front of it.
  • The third is to create a dialogue with visitors and keep it alive.
  • The fourth is to use hashtags correctly.
  • The fifth is to fill in all the fields of the profile and connect it with the other social profiles. By doing this you will help Instagram to recognize the identity of the applicant.
  • The sixth is quality. The images must be at the top, characteristic and not trivial. The same goes for the lyrics. Even in a few lines it can be interesting or boring.
  • The profile must also be the only your profile on Instagram that refers to you or your company. In fact, Instagram issues only one badge per person / company.
  • Finally, the increase in the real popularity of an account, even outside of Instagram, can push the social network to issue the verification badge.

How to request the blue check and verify your Instagram profile

To ask Instagram to release the blue check you must:

  • Log in to your profile
  • Go to the Settings of your profile
  • Click on Account and then on Request verification
  • In the new page you will find the form for requesting the blue verification badge. The fields that you must fill in are ‘Name and surname’, ‘Known as’ and ‘Category’. You will also need to upload a photo of your ID

modulo richiesta badge verificato instagram

Once your request has been sent, you just have to wait. Instagram will send a notification to let us know if the request has been accepted or not. If the request is rejected, you will have to wait thirty days to send another one .
If instead you are issued the verification badge, always keep in mind that Instagram can remove it at any time. The causes for removing the blue tick can be various. Surely you risk being removed – and even your account being deactivated – if you try to sell the account with a check mark or if you advertise other accounts in your bio or profile photo.

Getting the blue check mark on your profile is one of the most coveted goals of many Instagram users. Beyond the reasons for which this check was introduced, having it or not having it has in fact become a question of “status”. Having a verified profile means seeing your role as an influencer certified. The check mark has therefore become an element of great commercial interest.

Currently, the most sensible approach to this issue is not to go too hard to get this elusive badge. The best thing is to focus on the other aspects of your profile on which it is possible to intervene without violating the Instagram regulation.

How many followers do I need to have to request the blue tick?

One of the questions we are asked most often concerns the minimum number of followers needed to request the blue check. The answer is that there is no minimum number of followers required to make the request. In fact, however, being a well-known character usually means having many followers. Impossible to say how many, but you will hardly find verified profiles with less than 30,000 followers…

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