How to be successful on Instagram – Tips and strategies

Let’s see how to do this by following some great and effective tips.

Tips to follow to grow on Instagram.

Learn from the competition

Surely to enter the vast world of social media in the best way, you need to get to know it better. What do people like most? Which are the subjects I like most? Learn to understand what you want to convey to your future fans and based on that you can gradually start creating quality content, perhaps even spying on the competition that will come in very useful.

Creativity must never be lacking

To be successful on Instagram it is vital to be as creative as possible and differentiate yourself from the competition. It is okay to take an example and understand what your target audience likes, but always be creative on every occasion, especially to make it clear that you are original and do not copy the ideas of others. Find the style that suits you best.

Interact with your fans

Anyone who comments on a picture of you deserves an answer. Interact as much as you can with fans to make a splash on Instagram. Having feedback is essential, exchanging opinions, knowing the thoughts of others are all excellent methods to significantly increase the level of involvement.

Publish when fans are active and online

The Instagram algorithm has recently undergone several changes: the shots you publish are seen by only 10% of the people who follow you and, based on how much they interact, the shot can have either a negative or obviously positive result. Precisely for this simple reason, it is essential to publish content during the hours when people are most active and available. Constantly check your insights to find out what is the best time to post a photo. The more I like a shot, the more you will have the chance to increase the number of fans in a short time and, therefore, to be successful on the social of the photos.

The right hashtags are the key to success

Be careful how you use hashtags, many of them have been excluded from Instagram and you seriously risk losing visibility on published content. Opt for hashtags to use based on the kind of shot you post and, in particular, if you have a very low number of fans, don’t choose hashtags with many shared photos.

Quality photos

Another trick to be successful on Instagram is to publish high quality photos, the dark, grainy ones etc … hardly attract attention.

Edit your shots

Usually to attract attention it is not enough to publish photos, try to modify them by creating your own style, being original so as to have a curated account. There are tons of apps out there to customize the shots to post on Instagram. Choose the one you like best and that’s it.

Always be honest with your followers / fans

People like sincerity and honesty, if you pretend for a long time, fans might notice and stop following you. To have a good relationship with your followers, always be yourself.

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