How to Become a Micro Influencer on Instagram: THIS IS WHY IT’S NOT FOR EVERYONE!

In this article I want to tell a slightly different, certainly more realistic and authentic version of how you can become a micro influencer on Instagram.

Why am I talking about authenticity?

There are many articles on the web that talk about how to become a micro influencer on Instagram in a few simple steps, in 5 steps, reach 10k in no time.

None of the articles I have read (forgive me if I missed any, you can report it to me in the comments and discuss it together) takes into account what are the requirements you must have to enter this world as well as another very important aspect.

Do you have any idea what that might be?

Instagram is no longer the same as it was 2-3 years ago, when most influencers exploded and laid the foundation for their own success.

The dynamics have changed a lot and Instagram has transformed a lot. The generic steps may always remain the same, but our approach and expectations must change.

In this space I want to share my personal experience as a micro-influencer with you.

I’ll tell you what are the characteristics and the steps to become a micro influencer on Instagram and why this job is not for everyone.

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Come diventare micro influencer su Instagram

What are the characteristics to become a micro influencer on Instagram?

As I mentioned at the beginning, in these lines I have set out to dispel a myth.

Whatever influencer marketing text or testimonial you hear, it seems like becoming a micro influencer on Instagram is something we can all do.

Actually, I think this statement is far from true.

I’ll explain why.

In 2016 I too started this journey, in some ways wonderful and in others much less, in the world of influencers.

In the early days, I have to admit, it was all plain sailing and it seemed like anyone could become popular.

And believe me, the feeling of feeling like a VIP (OK, I’m a bit exaggerating but in some ways it’s similar) is priceless and almost turns into a drug.

There was a moment, about two years ago, when I realized I had two alternatives.

  1. Close forever my Instagram account
  2. Making talked stories and continuing the climb

As you can imagine, I chose the second route.

With many difficulties.

Yes, slowly I realized that even just being a micro influencer on Instragram needed a series of skills that were not at all common.

But they can be developed.

Let’s see what it is.

1/3) Charisma

To become a successful influencer you need to have a lot.

An influencer is really a person who manages to influence the choices of his followers, not the terms of purchases but also of ideas.

It takes charisma to get out of our way of thinking, get us off the chair and join some cause, or simply open the computer and make that umpteenth useless online purchase.

It’s even more difficult to convey this feature on the web.

I know it may seem easier to talk behind a screen than to be in front of an audience of hundreds of people.

Actually, the screen is a real filter.

It holds some of our emotions that will never reach the listener.

What does all this mean?

That when we talk in the room we have to put about 10 times more emphasis than when we are face to face with someone.

Having a certain charisma is achieved not only by training public speaking but also and above all our self-esteem. We must be sure of ourselves, of our ideas and convey them with conviction to the world.

This also means being prepared for criticism and facing it head on.

2/3) Knowing how to talk in the room and show yourself in public

There are still many micro influencers who think that talking in the room is useless or who are even ashamed.

I believe that showing yourself more authentically and not just in photos has become a necessity that should not be overlooked.

First, because videos are the unstoppable trend on social media.

And secondly because they really allow you to create an unbreakable relationship with people.

There is a huge difference between wanting to be popular and really becoming popular. You may find that you can’t hold the audience and feel totally embarrassed.

Of course, it’s a feeling that most influencers get at first. I too was really ashamed to talk in the room, I thought I was disgusting (and indeed it was) and the first such story I did I repeated it 14 times.

I published the 14th out of desperation, not because I really liked it.

The knowledge that you have to face such a difficulty, that of public speaking, is something that can help you a lot to overcome it or to understand that it is not for you.

3/3) Resourcefulness

Becoming a micro influencer on Instagram is not a job similar to being an employee for a company.

It is something very different, perhaps more akin to the universe of freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Why do I say that resourcefulness is an essential feature? And to what extent can an influencer be seen as an entrepreneur?

First of all, growing on social networks is an investment, somewhat similar to what you do to set up a business.

Invest your time in the beginning, for months, without having the certainty that it will return to you in monetary terms.

But that’s not all.

Collaborations and ways to make money aren’t standard. You have to find and invent everything yourself.

It really takes determination but also an incredible vision to figure out what the next steps will be, what monetization opportunities there are and get involved to make it all happen.

If you only think about collaborations with companies, it is very difficult for them to come looking for you spontaneously, especially at the beginning.

You have to be the one to contact them and make them a proposal that suits them. I wrote more about this in this article: Collaborating with companies on Instagram: How to get started right away while others are watching

How is it possible to become a micro influencer on Instagram and who these characters really are

I know it sounds like a very attractive and accessible world, but it’s quite the opposite.

In early 2016 it was extremely easy to gain followers and create an online community.

The problem is that you are not always able to support it.

People who follow you expect something from you. For this reason, before starting, I wanted to highlight the qualities and skills that you should at least consider becoming a micro influencer on Instagram.

These characters, with their charisma and, why not, their spontaneity, are able to tell us something, to convey feelings and a lifestyle that pushes us to act.

How many times have I closed my mobile apps or lifted my f ** out of my chair to get to work just spurred on by the words of some friends on social media!

The path to reach the top is long and you must have not only clear enough ideas about the result you want to achieve but also have the right method.

Which is what I’ll tell you about shortly.

The steps to try to become a micro influencer on Instagram today

I thought for a long time about what steps you can take today to become a micro influencer on Instagram.

You will not find techniques and strategies to grow on Instagram, which I talked about in this article: How to have many followers on Instagram: Techniques never seen to make a bang in 2020!

I want to offer you a path that also includes a part of testing , in which you probe the market and understand if it is really for you.

1/5) Choose your micro-topic

Becoming a micro influencer in itself means nothing if you don’t have a topic to talk about and, even better, a mission. Indeed, being so is precisely a consequence of having clear who we are targeting and what we can offer to our followers.

I talk a lot about this topic in the book How to Become an Influencer on Instagram: Influencer Marketing Techniques and Strategies from a Real Story , available soon on Amazon. If you want to receive a notice as soon as it is online, at a discounted price, you can leave your email below:

There are people who have become famous on social media by sharing their specific passion, every day, for several years.

The key is to start with an argument.

Not just any and extremely generic. A theme that is as niche as possible. I explain in detail how to do this in this article: Niche on Instagram: How to find the foolproof topic for your profile

2/5) Publish one post per day for 30 days

Once you’ve chosen what to talk about, the best way to understand more is to open your Instagram account, or use one you already have, and start posting.

It is useless to spend months thinking about the perfect bio, the perfect name and a super structured communication plan that will cover the next 5 years.

It’s no use because after two days you might get bored with everything.

This moment will help you not only to test the waters and understand how interesting the topic you have chosen may be, but also to understand what you are able to do.

What kind of content can you produce? Do you feel able to support the commitment to publish every day? Do you think this is for you? Are you going to publicly exhibit?

I can’t give you all these answers. I can’t write you a list of signs to tell if your topic or communication as an influencer is going in the right direction.

Only YOU can figure it out, by testing and trying.

3/5) Create an Editorial Plan

Once you have established that you still want to become a micro influencer and you have not been discouraged by publishing one post a day for 30 days, I assure you that you are already well under way.

Most people get annoyed after a few days and, for one excuse or another, break the routine and stop being constant on social media.

Now, you need more structured communication.

Grab a pen and paper and write down the next topics you might be covering. Go to Creator Studio, schedule posts and distribute topics well over one or more weeks in a well-structured Editorial Plan.

Having a plan allows you to give consistency and continuity to your message without stressing about publication.

4/5) Amplify

Increasing Instagram followers is just a large-scale process of amplifying a message that already exists.

We can’t go the other way around, by first collecting followers and then defining a mission . It doesn’t work, and if we get small results, we won’t have any interest from the public.

Sponsorships, hashtags, Instagram PODs, BOTs and any other tools are only meant to reach as many people as possible.

For this reason, I don’t recommend that you immediately think of a strategy to increase followers. Instead, try hard to understand what your goal is and build solid foundations.

5/5) Evaluate your results

We can’t go blind, like trains. Every now and then we have to stop to understand where we started from and where we want to arrive.

I recommend that you test a few strategies at a time, give yourself a time, and evaluate what kind of results in terms of followers and engagement they returned to you.

Is it necessary to collaborate with brands to become a micro influencer on Instagram?

Collaborating with brands is just one of the many ways to become a micro influencer on Instagram and make it your job.

There are numerous alternatives and I myself have never taken a euro for collaborations. Furthermore, this type of income does not allow you to increase your income exponentially, because your presence is always necessary.

Your income is closely linked to your time.

In short, you can consider creating e-books, selling products, consulting and whatever else you can think of.

These are just the most common ones, which can make you realize how distorted the vision I grow my Instagram followers so companies pay me to show products is.

Take a look at this article for some more ideas: How and how much an influencer earns: STUNNING FIGURES

Have you ever thought about becoming a micro influencer on Instagram?

If you’re here, you’ve probably thought about getting some money to post photos on Instagram at least once.

What I wanted to make you understand is that not everyone can become a micro influencer on Instagram for the simple fact that, like all jobs, it has its own rules and requirements. At the same time, however, I’m happy to have left you an unconventional method to start from.

Share this article if you found useful info or write me in the comments with any questions. I will reply within a few hours.

Namasté, Monica.
Ig: monicpirozzi

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