How to become an influencer on LinkedIn

The world is literally witnessing the rise of LinkedIn: 660 million users in 200 countries for this platform focused on business, work and networking.

Not bad, actually.

Especially if we consider that 80% of lead in the sector B2B it comes from here (with the highest percentage of any other social network).

And this would already be enough to make you understand why it is so important to launch your own brand on LinkedIn. But what I want to talk to you about today goes far beyond creating a profile and planning advertising campaigns on the platform.

This is about gaining the trust of other users. How? By becoming a real influencer on LinkedIn .

I know the combination of these two terms may seem outlandish, yet I’ll try to explain why it makes a lot of sense.

5-steps to follow to become an influencer on LinkedIn

Do you know that LinkedIn has invited well-known influencers to be part of a “special” group on its platform?

Bill Gates, Mary Barra and Arianna Huffington are just some of these special guests.

A small group with very special features.

Now, don’t expect to get an invitation home to join the group, but don’t think that doesn’t mean you can become a full-fledged influencer.

In your own small way, you can achieve the title you want – and draw attention to your brand – by demonstrating your skills and providing added value to other users.

Here are five simple steps to follow to succeed on LinkedIn .

1. Know the goals

I’ll tell you a secret right away: without a goal, it will be difficult for you to emerge as an influencer on LinkedIn.

First of all, then, ask yourself what your purpose really is .

Getting more followers on the platform?

Make users visit your blog ?

Or more?

If you are confused, and have no idea what you want, I recommend that you make a list of all the goals you could achieve by becoming an influencer on LinkedIn, so that you are clear about them.

This will allow you not only to select the best ones for your needs, but also to build a strategy based on the goals you have set for yourself.

Let’s try to understand better together how to behave then. Let’s say I want to become influential on the platform to promote my freelance editor business.

How should I behave?

Showing other users that they are the best choice for the service they are looking for. Hence, the actions they can perform are quite varied.

Among them:

  • publish content that clearly reveals my professional skills;
  • carefully list my past experiences and skills acquired over the years;
  • share interesting content related to my activities.

In short, the options are many and can be included in a strategy in any possible combination.

But what I really want to make you think about is not so much how to plan the strategy, but how it is important to know the goal you want to achieve .

This, in fact, is the first real step to becoming an influencer on LinkedIn.

2. Create a “superstar” profile

When I think of the word “superstar”, I am reminded of the cartoon of Alvin, the squirrel who was more successful than his brothers because he was perfectly capable of showing off his talents.

Well, with your LinkedIn profile, you have to act a bit like Alvin.

When users find you and land on your personal page, they certainly don’t expect to find it empty.

In fact, I’m curious about you . It is clear, therefore, that you cannot offer him a profile like this:

linkedin member profile

If you want to be successful, you first need a photo that best represents you.

Then also an accurate description of yourself, your passions and your successes. In short, if you are wondering what your profile should look like, the answer is this:

shanee moret linkedin profile

The fact that LinkedIn focuses on B2B relationships and job postings doesn’t mean your profile has to be impersonal or overly formal.

On the other hand, what matters is being able to establish a good relationship with other users, so it is good that your page shows who you are and what skills you have .

3. Create and curate extraordinary content

What’s the best way you know to demonstrate your professional skills on social media?

Sharing content, that’s clear.

But what types of content will allow you to become an influencer on Instagram?

Content that speaks to your specific audience

Before you even start writing, ask yourself who are the people in your audience.

And once you have the answer, imagine the user as a target to be hit with content. This way, you will know exactly what to write.

Let’s imagine that I offer a copywriting service, and that I am therefore interested in attracting the attention of those users who understand that good copy means a good investment.

What kind of content could I offer them?

Something like “The five distinctive elements to consider when selecting the best copywriting agency” could be interesting to attract the attention of my potential clients.

All this to tell you that knowing the people you’re talking to will help you create great content.

Spectacular content

What does spectacular mean in this context?

I’ll tell you right away.

It is a content that can enrich your reader , so that it comes back to you to feel his curiosity satisfied every time.

To do it really well, however, you need to know your audience perfectly.

So I suggest you go and browse other blogs in the sector, find out what is written and what is not, and try to do better than yours competitor .

In short, make your content stand out. Be reliable. And accompany your articles with charts, diagrams or references to known sources, so that you are competent in the industry.

Multimedia content

At the word “content” everyone immediately thinks of an article. But no. You can also share photos, videos, GIFs and meme . Indeed, a good rule of thumb for the sector requires that each article be accompanied by at least one photo.

article with photo

The article above, for example, attracts the public’s attention not only for the data it offers, but also for the beautiful photo it presents.

Curated content

You don’t need to post low-value content every day. Better to share curated content , which will be valuable to your readers .

By the way, users will recognize you as a trusted figure should you decide to share posts from other well-known influencers.

So where to find good niche content to submit to your audience?

Useful tools like Instapaper and Listlty will tell you.

4. Invest time in networking

An important secret to being successful on social media is this: not only do you have to seek attention, but you also have to give it.

So try to comment on the successful posts of other influencers and move on to build good relationships based on mutual trust.

You will see that your number of followers will increase dramatically in no time, believe me.

5. Promote content across multiple channels

Every marketing expert knows the importance of making all communication channels work in harmony.

Each platform tells the story of the brand, and consistency becomes almost fundamental.

If you want to be successful as an influencer on LinkedIn, then you’ll want to share their profile on your blog, Instagram, Facebook . And viceversa.

This way, you will increase your visibility, and you will reach your goals sooner.

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