How to become an Instagram influencer

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about how to become an Instagram influencer ?

We’re not talking about have a few thousand followers, but reach a much larger number. Let’s talk about how to have an impeccable influence on people eager to consume the content and product you offer through this online platform.

If you want to change your life and wow your audience, you are in the right place. In this article we will explain in this article how to become an influencer on Instagram even if you start from scratch.

Part 1: defining an influencer

Before we start let’s understand what it means to be an influencer , Influencers are content creators (in this case on Instagram) who build a community through a particular niche or topic . Being Instagram a platform based mainly on photos and aesthetics in general, you always need content visually dynamic and captivating , which attracts attention but which at the same time gives a value that can be useful for your followers.

Influencers usually deal with specific niches like photography, travel, beauty, fashion, food, fitness, etc. Or they are public figures, already famous outside the platform who share stories of their personal life on Instagram.

Their following of followers varies from 1000 to million . Influencers with a number of followers between 1000 and 100,000 and are known as micro-influencer.

Part 2: how to become an influencer on Instagram

Here are some quick practical tips for becoming an influencer

Step 1: choose a niche

First of all, you need to choose a niche that you are extremely passionate about . It should be something that fits your personality and that you are well versed in. It is not enough to have basic knowledge, you will also need curiosity to deepen all the facets of the niche.

S ui social media cannot fake a passion , sooner or later your true personality will come out and take over. So, be very careful and don’t follow a trending niche, rather build a community on what really interests you. Cooking, music, travel, lifestyle, food and so on

Step 2: create your hashtags

Before becoming an influencer of Instagram, it is essential to understand the value of hashtags. Instagram gives a lot of importance to hashtags as they make your posts findable via the search bar.

To find out how and which hashtags to use I suggest you read how to find instagram hashtags to attract new followers

and to avoid nasty surprises like the shadowban read also the complete list of hashtags banned from instagram

Step 3: Write your original biography

Taking your profile bio, it should be engaging and attractive, briefly say who you are, what you do and what your account represents . Remember, the bio is like your business card, so think about it carefully and create a noteworthy bio.

To get inspiration you can see these 200 examples of instagram biographies

Step 4: Publish your content

Consistency is key to every aspect of life, and it’s also essential to become an Instagram influencer. Unique and quality content gains more exposure on the Internet , regardless of which social platforms you use.

However, you shouldn’t forget that content must be posted regularly. Haven’t you ever seen people waiting in front of the TV waiting for their favorite show to start? This is what followers should do , they should know your schedule so as not to miss a new post.

There are advanced tools to check the analytics of your page and find out what is the right time to publish. If you manage a schedule consistently, no one can stop you from becoming an influencer on Instagram.

come diventare influencer instagram

Step 5: Interact with your Followers

Everything goes right, you publish 1-2 posts per day quality and eye-catching graphics, your brand sends a message and gets lots of comments and likes from your followers.

Well! now you should start taking action . To become a true influencer, grab your phone and start interacting with your followers , make them feel that they are talking to a real person, not a wall of photos. Strengthen your brand by encouraging them to use a personal hashtag exclusive to your brand.

Furthermore, interacting with your followers is one of the basic strategies for increasing engagement on instagram, even if they come back to your post just to say “thank you” this will increase the number of comments and the time spent in your account

Step 6: Join a Social Media Network

You can earn money in a number of ways, using your posts could get you free products or sponsor other brands, which isn’t easy at all. If you have a blog or an ecommerce you could invite your followers to visit the site, and make money with adsense advertising or as an affiliate.

You could join a network of accounts similar to yours. In this case, promote their products and / or services to your audience and receive some money or advertising for your account in return.

Step7: Use Instagram Stories

Stories are essential to become an influencer on Instagram, you can’t do without them . Over 200 million users use Instagram Stories every day, and why shouldn’t you do the same to improve your follower base? They are also searchable through your hashtags. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add a link in the stories with a “ Swipe up ” option. They are perfect for calls to action.

Step 8: Use the corporate account

Use a corporate account if you want to become a influencer. With the company account you will have detailed information on posts along with demographic data of followers , you will also be able to see the times of the day when there are the most interactions, etc. Follower demographics could help you build your brand

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