How to become an Instagram influencer

how to become an instagram influencer

Would you like to become an Instagram influencer too? Have more following and visibility, set trends and earn money? If the answer is “yes”, you’ve come to the right post!

As you well know, however, having a good number of followers and a few thousand likes is not enough to be successful and start collaborating with brands and companies . A lot of patience, commitment and professionalism are needed!

If you want to know more about it, below we will reveal all the secrets to take your first steps in this world and become an influencer on Instagram , we will also analyze if it is feasible to take this path alone or if you need the help of a ‘Communication Agency.

How to become an Instagram influencer? Here are the 10 steps

  1. Identify your target niche
  2. Create your own style
  3. Switch to a business account
  4. Use an appropriate set of hashtags
  5. Dedicate yourself to captions
  6. Differentiate the editorial plan between feed posts and stories
  7. Be present (and constant)
  8. Focus on quality and not quantity
  9. Interact with the community
  10. Be authentic

1. Identify your target niche

The first step is to understand what to talk about in your channel, you need to focus on a single theme: if, for example, you have a passion for fashion, dedicated to content related to that, to your outfits, to what you would like to buy or that you have already purchased.

A mistake to avoid is in fact to create an account that is too generic, which contains a bit of everything. This would prevent your account from becoming sectorialized and therefore from creating more and more competence and trust around you and your account .

2. Create your own style

Remember that the key to being recognized is knowing how to distinguish yourself. So avoid copying the accounts of other users: even if they are perfect, they will never be appropriate to you.

Your account must have a precise identity , reflect who you are and what you do, speak about you in an authentic and truthful way. Follow a line and stay faithful to it: your posts must always be original but never give up on tying them together with a common thread.

3. Switch to a business account

Opening a business account is another essential factor to understand how to be popular on Instagram, with a business account you have access to the insight section , which provides day by day personal information of your audience, on the times in which your fanbase is most active and especially data relating to the performance of every single post.

This is important to measure the engagement rate of your followers and above all to organize future publications based on this data.

4. Use an appropriate set of hashtags

Using the most appropriate hashtags for your sector of expertise helps you to be found more easily by users and therefore to obtain as much engagement as possible. A good piece of advice is to enter a maximum of 30, not more because you could incur penalties by the algorithm.

5. Dedicate to captions

Captions are just as important as the photos themselves: pay attention to them and write relevant sentences, pay attention to form and grammar, a misspelling could cost you dearly! Also, remember that even the descriptions of your photos must be perfectly in line with you and your account, be clear and direct!

6. Differentiate the editorial plan between feed posts and stories

It is important to differentiate between posts and stories because the two formats have completely different roles. The former represents the essence of your account and also graphically it is good that the set of posts create a pleasant and well-kept feed, you could even think of a particularly creative way to take advantage of the presentation grid of your account.

Stories, on the other hand, are decidedly more snack content, they allow you to interact and involve your followers more directly, making them feel part of a community and taking them with you into your daily life.

7. Be present (and constant)

If you want to be followed by people, you must be constant in your presence on Instagram, both in the number of posts and in the number of stories (about ten) to be published per day. This also allows you to build real relationships with your followers , which are necessary for success as an influencer.

8. Aim for quality not quantity

Although we have just said that you need to be present and dedicate time to Instagram, remember that the important thing is always quality, not quantity. Rather publish one less post per day, but create efficiently and performing content from all points of view.

Also, don’t forget to interact with your community of followers : respond to comments, questions, through stories, ask them for advice in turn, for example by using the question stickers. The secret is to involve them and make them feel part of a group and part of your life: only in this way will you get feedback and reactions from them.

10. Be authentic

The last useful step to understanding how to be famous on Instagram concerns the attitude to take. The key to being credible and, consequently, to be liked and followed, is to be true, authentic and spontaneous.

People don’t like those who invent stories or go out of their way to show off, but those who remain themselves in every situation. Remember that to be a full-fledged influencer you will need to develop collaborative relationships with brands and companies , to do so and to obtain significant results it is necessary that your audience empathizes with you and trusts to the point of following your purchase advice.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

We have already seen how becoming an Instagram influencer is a complex but not impossible process. The important thing is to follow some very specific rules, even in the methods to increase followers.

For example, we advise you not to buy followers because , in addition to being an incorrect practice, the Instagram algorithm is improving more and more and applies the shadowban when it recognizes improper activities by a profile. Also, looking for such a shortcut compromises the seriousness and quality of your profile. Here are some natural ways to increase your followers:

  • Integrate the Facebook account with the Instagram one
  • Be creative and communicative
  • Say who you are and what you do starting from the bio
  • Know how to stand out from the crowd
  • Choose the right time to publish
  • Engage with other influencers with comments under their posts and mentions in stories.

All these actions of yours will lead users to become curious about your account and perhaps to follow you. Always try to add value so that those who arrive on your account can immediately find an answer to the question “why should I follow this account?” and become part of your community.

Is it possible to become an Instagram influencer without an agency behind you?

Once you become an influencer, you need to understand whether or not it is convenient for you to rely on an agency to take care of your communication strategy and your relationships with companies.

The answer is yes if you have serious intentions in this regard, earning and growing your business requires time and professionalism, so it is preferable to have an agency with experience in the world of influencer marketing that can advise you especially with regards to collaborations.

Having an agency behind you also means having someone who structures your editorial plan step by step with always new ideas and who helps you manage the page. In any case, to maintain and improve the relationship with your audience over time, it is essential that the last word is always yours and that you personally follow the development, creation and publication of each post or story.

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