How to become famous on Tik Tok

How to become famous on Tik Tok? Yes, because today Tik Tok is no longer just the social network of kids who have fun with funny videos in which they mimic songs or film clips. It is a channel that has shown great development skills even in content and, during the lockdown, even in the management of correct information! In short, not only how to become famous on Tik Tok images!

So, buckle up and get ready to find out how to become famous with Tik Tok!

How do you become famous on Tik Tok?

Let’s find out together how to make the most of Tik Tok, the new phenomenon born as a fashion for the youngest but able to evolve very quickly in the offer and in its contents. But before we understand how to become famous with Tik Tok, it will be good to realize the extent of what we are talking about.

Tik Tok is part of a largest Chinese colossus. It was born from the idea of ​​the entrepreneur Zhang Yiming who, after acquiring the social, wanted to create something, according to him, that would give space to people’s creativity. It worked great.

Come diventare famosi su Tik Tok immagini

From funny videos made by kids with lip-sync, whether it’s to “mimic” songs or monologues from films and shows, to the increasingly massive presence of influencers and companies. In short, the deal was sniffed out, so everyone wants to know how to become famous on Tik Tok!

How Tik Tok works

To understand what successful strategies are, it will be wiser to first know something more about this social network. Only in this way will we be able to understand together how to become famous on Tik Tok.

Come diventare famosi su Tik Tok

The platform is accessible to from 13 years of age. Only in this case it will be possible to register or log in through Facebook or Instagram.

What to do when access Tik Tok

Once registered with user and password, without prejudice that you must be at least thirteen, as on any other social network, you will be able to access your profile information and complete it with your data. This will help the algorithm make suggestions on what you might like to follow.

Your search on Tik Tok can be done through the normal enlargement, which here is called “Discover”, placed with the other commands in the lower part of the screen. Here you will also find “Home”, but don’t be freaked out if a video opens automatically.

How do you become famous on Tik Tok? Let’s learn how to use it

The Tik Tok feed is not a normal board, but a continuous stream of videos that open as soon as you log in starting from what the algorithm considers to be highlighted for your taste.

But don’t panic, it’s very simple to navigate. To switch from the “reported” video at the opening of the app to the Home, just tap on the “Home” command at the bottom.

The scrolling of the videos must of course be done from bottom to top, a tap on the screen to pause.

On the right of the phone you can always see the commands that, in order, will allow you to :

Visit the profile that posted the video that occupies your screen, like, comment, share externally on other platforms, discover the song loaded in the clip along with all the other users who l ‘have used, enter your profile.

We know that before you find this article you will have done a lot of research trying all the possible combinations to get exhaustive answers. You may have written “How to become famous on Tik Tok images” hoping to find something visual and immediate.

But like everything, even the strategies to be successful are the result of a minimum study. We want to accompany you on this journey, starting with the thing you usually do: learn from those who have already been successful. The perfect formula for everyone does not exist, but a method can always be traced.

In Italy, the first “brand” that scored a goal, it is appropriate to say it, conquering a growing space on the new social network was Inter.

The winning combination of the most popular sport in the country and the most popular social media for young and old has sparked the team’s engagement, which understood how to become famous on Tik Tok by posting joking videos about the changing room moments and making hashtag challenges with the fans.

While at the international level, one of the very first corporate companies to appear on Tik Tok was the “Guess” . To this brand we owe the birth of the challenges. With the #InMyDenim hashtag, “Guess” “challenged” followers to post their personal take on how to dress on Tik Tok.

How to become famous with Tik Tok. Step 1: The Challenge!

If you are still wondering how to become famous on Tik Tok, you have just read a solution about the “case history” on the “Guess”: challenge!

Just like the fashion brand first did, the Challenge is a playful challenge launched to users. In practice, it involves reinterpreting an idea expressed with a hashtag, so as to make it one’s own through a video.

The episode that can be called “prehistoric” was the “Ice bucket challenge” a few years ago, precisely 2014, when many world stars are poured a bucket of ice on you as a support for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

If yours is a commercial and business reality already consolidated in the territory, more or less vast, you can try this system to involve your customers and potential ones.

You will join the but rketing for the diffusion and word of mouth of the brand the possibility of customization. A true content strategy focused on storytelling.

This is an exclusive tool, which Tik Tok assigns daily only to a limited number of companies choices that can use it.

In summary it is the possibility of appearing with your video or photo promotion in the feed, so that those who browse their personal home can see it in the midst of all the videos of the day.

This can send intrigued people to a landing page , as it also does for Facebook marketing campaigns, or to collect a challenge.

How to become famous with Tik Tok. Step 3: the first strategy is your profile

We can say this very honestly, if you you are frantically searching by inserting phrases like “How to become famous on Tik Tok images”, you are probably not yet part of those big corporate realities that applying a strategy like the challenge, having a big fan-base, they will have a lot of engagement.

Did you know that even the indications you give in your profile must be designed for success?

Success on Tik Tok thanks to the right image

Perhaps the search “how to become famous on Tik Tok images” starts to make sense.

The rule for having a successful profile image is the same as on Instagram.

If you want to look like coo l or spontaneous, the same mechanism applies: photos must be cured, well taken and with the right light. You can also do your own research on the colors that seem to be the most popular, so you can choose your background and outfit.

Your image can also be a cover clip. A few seconds you can make the most of to show who sees you for the first time who you are and what you have to offer.

As you can imagine, nothing can be left to chance, so that even behind short-lived products there can be long trials. Because if you want to understand how to become famous on Tik Tok, you have to think in terms of the product.

How to become famous with Tik Tok looking good: User and Bio

Choose the best user to be successful. Very simple, abbreviate your name in an original way, perhaps thinking of “hybridizing” it with a word that refers to your sector or to the theme of your content . It may be a good idea to first do a thematic search on the most popular hashtags that affect your world, in order to choose the most effective word.

If you are already active on other channels, relies on your usual user , so you can bring along the following you already have on Tik Tok.

Write well your Bio on Tik Tok. Just enter your Profile, by going to “Edit Profile”, where you will read “Still no biographical”, then you can add it.

Be brief, of course , very concise, no long sentences or sentences and try to give space also to the human and emotional side of what you do. Remember, you’re not writing a commercial, don’t be self-referential or overly emphatic in tone. Tell us in a nutshell why you do what you do and what value it represents for you.

Understanding how to become famous on Tik Tok begins to become clearer.

How to become famous on Tik Tok images… and videos “For You”!

If you’ve started browsing Tik Tok to get an idea of ​​how to get around, you may already have noticed the section “For You”. These are the “recommended” that the social network selects based on the information and preferences shown. Now we will try to figure out how to get there together.

Please note: continuing to watch the “For You” videos can offer you great insights into how to become famous on Tik Tok.

As I was explaining before, the first thing to do to see your Tik Tok videos selected in “For You” is to take a cue from those that have already arrived there.

You have four possibilities:

  • Create lip-synced videos with hit pop songs
  • Create “duets” with other videos
  • Dar life a challenge
  • Create tiny tutorials. A relatively new typology that has had a boom since the lockdown period!

How become famous on Tik Tok with the right hashtags

Tik Tok is for short videos what Instagram was above all in the beginning for images. In fact, they have in common the use of hashtags.

Hashtags represent a real link. When a phrase or a single word that expresses a concept is proposed as a hashtag and begins to go viral, those who use them have a high chance that their posts will become more visible and popular.

The first tip is to choose the right amount, never overdo it. Remember that they are real “keywords”.

Keep the balance between hashtags. There are, like on Instagram, the popular ones of a generic type and the popular ones that are more specific to a sector or a theme. So it’s up to you to find the right balance between them. As I wrote before, it is always advisable to do a minimum of research in Tik Tok first.

The right way to publish

We said it and you can’t escape this logic. To be successful on Tik Tok you need to make videos. Very fresh and dynamic short clips, especially funny. However, this should not lead you into the mistake of being quick to implement them.

Take the right time to do things with a minimum of technique, choose the filters, the color matches, as we have already said, and in addition always look for the right music . If you already practice Instagram you know what it means to prepare a story properly.

For Tik Tok not much changes, the important thing is to dedicate the right time to ensure that they are of quality .

Also for the time to devote to the preparation of a video that will ultimately last about fifteen seconds, be balanced. The search for quality and trendy elements that help you to be popular must not make you lose sight of the continuity of the publications, which is very important to help you rise in visibility.

Speaking of music to accompany your videos, an important element in helping the final product to be fashionable and popular, there is the music section of Tik Tok which also helps you discover the trendiest ones.

How to become famous with Tik Tok: interact with your audience, be present!

Tell the truth, now your search “How to become famous on Tik Tok can you imagine” seems extremely reductive compared to how many attentions and strategies are worth knowing.

We conclude our journey in the social network of the moment with a very important but often overlooked indication that is generally valid in the social world is to be present, always anyway.

  • Reply to comments. Comment is a sign of fundamental interest and interaction.
  • Reply to messages. If you can be contacted privately you have increased your chances of having really interested followers.
  • Speaking of messages, such as through the Direct function of Instagram, you can also send your videos!
  • Search and get the friendship of your competitors too. You will be able to monitor them to learn about their strategies from time to time, while liking and commenting on their videos you will weave relationships that will help you grow even more.

Now you have all the right things tools and the best possible indications to know how to become famous on Tik Tok.


Come diventare famosi su Tik Tok

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