How to block a user on TikTok

TikTok, like many other social networks, allows you to interact with different people and exchange messages, comments and opinions, as well as giving you the possibility to share short videos. Sometimes, however, you may come across rude users on your way, with whom you would not want to have anything to do with.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for everything. In this guide, I will try to show you in a simple and quick way how to block a user on TikTok , so that he will no longer be able to contact you, at least until you decide to end the block.

You will see, this is a very simple procedure, you just need to dedicate only a few minutes of your free time and follow the steps I am about to explain to the letter. Are you ready? it’s time to get started.

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Preliminary information

Before we get into the tutorial, let me briefly show you what it means to block a user on TikTok so that you can better understand if this is really the right way to go.

You must know that going to block a user, this ‘last will no longer be able to view your videos. Not only that, will not be able to interact with you by sending you direct messages, other than through following , likes and comments.

The blocked user , therefore, although does not receive any notification from TikTok , it will no longer be able to get in touch with you, until you decide to proceed with the unlocking procedure that I will show you later.

Well, now you should be quite aware of the action you are about to take, you just have to proceed with the reading and find out immediately what are the operations to perform to get rid of those contacts that have become uncomfortable forever.

How to block a user on TikTok

To block a user on TikTok you can proceed directly from your Android or iOS app. Here are the steps you will need to take:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Search the user’s profile you want to block
  • Tap on the three dots icon at the top right
  • Tap on Block
  • Follow the instructions to complete the lockout procedure

Perfect, you won’t have to do any more. As I told you previously, the user will not know that he has been blocked and will not be able to interact with you in any way, unless he decides to use another profile to do so.

How to see the list of blocked users on TikTok

As I have shown you in the past for Facebook and WhatsApp, even on TikTok you can access a sort of blacklist . A real list of blocked contacts where you can find the names of all the profiles with which you have decided to close any type of relationship.

TikTok allows you to consult this list every time you find it useful. Here are the operations you will need to perform to view the list of your blocked contacts:

  • Open the TikTok app on your Android or iOS device
  • Tap on Me
  • Tap on the three dots icon at the top right
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Now, tap Blocked Accounts

From here you can view the complete list of contacts that you previously blocked on TikTok through the procedure I explained to you.

How to unblock a user on TikTok

TikTok, finally, allows you to unblock a user at any time you want. Maybe you had a disagreement with a friend of yours and now everything is resolved and you are ready again to welcome him into the circle of your followers.

These are things that happen, especially during adolescence, but everything is there. it is a remedy. Follow the steps below and you will immediately be able to unlock the account you previously blocked:

Here’s what to do to unblock a user on TikTok :

  • Open the TikTok app on your iOS or Android device
  • Search for the profile of the blocked user
  • Touch the three dots icon located at the top right

  • Touch Unlock
  • Follow the instructions proposed by the app
  • Now the user is unlocked and will be able to interact with you again.


    As you will have seen, blocking a user on TikTok is a fairly simple procedure and unblocking it is just as easy. Know that you can perform this procedure as many times as you want and the user who has been blocked will not be notified in any way.

    I cannot guarantee, however, that the blocked user do not get suspicious by suddenly failing to stop seeing your account. Therefore, carry out this operation thinking carefully about what you will encounter. As I told you, the user will no longer be able to get in touch with you using this platform.

    If you have any doubts or any passage of this article it was unclear , write to me. I will be happy to help you in solving your problems. If you encounter other problems, I recommend that you consult the TikTok support and Faqs in order to find all the answers you are looking for.

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