How to call yourself on Instagram

When you sign up on Instagram at some point you are faced with a big dilemma, what is your name on Instagram? This doubt affects above all those who decide to subscribe to the social network to get noticed and not just to browse through the photos of other profiles and to publish their own ones that are considered the most beautiful.

So how do you call yourself on Instagram to be successful? It seems obvious to use your name when you decide to have a personal account, but when you open an account for your own use? Or if you want to open a page how to call a page on Instagram? How do you choose the right name?

So we want to offer you a short guide to choose your social name in the best way, a name that will surely allow you not only to be successful, but also to arouse empathy with your audience and gain the trust of your followers and more.

Then come on and read our advice before proceeding to subscribe to the social photo.

How to call yourself on Instagram: some preliminary tips

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Choosing a good Instagram name is the first step to being successful in the world’s most famous photo social. This especially if you decide to use it for professional purposes, to sponsor your business, to make yourself known as an artist, musician, influencer.

Before registering, carefully analyze the tips you will find below, we are sure they will be really very useful.

  • use a username that allows others to understand who six. So if you want to get noticed in the first person, then use your name and surname, if instead you want to use the profile for your business then don’t forget to insert a reference to what is your main business
  • a name that is easy to remember and also original : this way you will entice the public to follow you
  • q when choosing your name never use 10/15 characters, a name that is too long becomes difficult to remember and therefore people will not look for you, but simply because you have not made life easy for them
  • if you have multiple profiles social media, try to use the same name on all your profiles to make it easier for your followers to connect and search across all platforms
  • finally remember not to enter numbers in your username , because it makes the search more difficult, not everyone will remember exactly figures you used.

It is important that with your name you are able to give people an idea of ​​what you do, of the topics you will address on your page. This will avoid creating confusion and will allow you to some extent drive your traffic.

Remember that it is much more important to have an audience that follows you because they are really interested in what you post , rather than having thousands of followers who follow you just to make up the number.

What is the username

The username is an important part of an Instagram profile, as is the biography and then subsequently publications that are going to be made. This is a way to identify the account and is often a discretionary element to have or not the interest of those who will later be your followers from there on.

The username is nothing but your identifier, the one that will allow other users to mention you and interact with you. Basically your social first name, for this reason you cannot help but pay attention to it when you proceed with the registration.

Evaluate hashtags

Before proceeding with how to choose calling yourself on Instagram, we would like to give you the first tip. If with your username and consequently with your profile you intend to get noticed on Instagram, make an evaluation based on what are the most used hashtags at the moment.

Remember that hashtags are a powerful way to connect different profiles but that have the same theme for what concerns the publications.

A means for evaluating hashtags is the Top-hashtags site that allows you to proceed with the search for the competitiveness of keywords based on Instagram users.

In short, find out if the keywords are within the names of other users and how much they manage to be successful, how many interactions they can record.

Probably a single search will not be able to give you the answers you were looking for and to find the username that best suits your needs , you will have to carry out several studies that will still lead you to a good res last. However, do not underestimate this aspect which is much more important than you think and will be your first step towards becoming famous on social networks and we know that it can be really important.

A name generator

Maybe you don’t know that your question how can I call myself on Instagram can be answered by an automatic username generator, whose name is SpinXO.

SpinXO is a platform with a very intuitive interface, which allows you to generate your nickname simply by combining your name with something that distinguishes you, such as:

  • an adjective that distinguishes you
  • your hobbies
  • something you like
  • a word that turns out to be very meaningful to you.

By filling in the fields and then clicking on Spin in a few seconds you will have a whole list of possible usernames that you can use on Instagram.

Among the 30 possibilities that are made available to you, all you have to do is choose the one that seems most suitable for you and that broadly respects what we have previously told you regarding the choice of nickname.

Didn’t you know about this possibility? I told you that you would find a lot of ideas from our guide and think that we are only at the beginning, we have time.

How to call a page on Instagram

How to call a page on Instagram when you want to use it for your own company? Up to now we have done nothing but give you general advice on how to name your Instagram profile. But now we would like to choose in detail.

Because there are not a few companies, even small ones, who decide to use Instagram to advertise their business and their products. So in case you are wondering how to call yourself on Instagram to create a business account to promote your business then you must first check that your business name has not been taken by someone else.

Yes, in short, you know that Instagram does not allow two accounts with the same nick name to be present. If the username you wanted to use and that is that of your business is free, then there are no problems.

Otherwise you will have to give free rein to your imagination and maybe add the name of the city where you do your business, or try a different combination of words from the one you started with.

You can’t do anything but change small things so as not to deviate so much from what was yours intent, but finding a solution that is unique.

Change your username

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Let’s say you already have an account on Instagram but you haven’t managed to get the success you hoped for . After some time, you became convinced that probably the path you were following was not the right one, your name was not catchy at the right point to have success. In short, after 1000 and more doubts you have decided to change it and I dare say finally.

Remember that you can proceed with the change with any device, both mobile and PC, so don’t hesitate to scroll down to the solution that best suits your Instagram habit.

From mobile

Let’s start with our classic application, the way in which users most frequently connect to the photographic social network. If you want to change your username, start the application and log in to your account using your login credentials or alternatively using Facebook.

When you are finally on the home page of Instagram tap on the little man icon or alternatively on the thumbnail of your profile photo at the bottom right.

A screen will open, under your profile photo you will find the words Edit profile, click on it and start typing in the field where you will find Username the new username you have decided to use. Then click Finish to save the changes you have made.

Remember that in the If you still do not have the Instagram application on your device, which may be a tablet or smartphone, you can always remedy this by accessing your reference store, then the App Store for Apple and Play Store for Android. All clear so far? Well then we can continue.

From PC

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If, on the other hand, you have decided to change your username using a PC, we need to make a small distinction, between Windows 10 computers and those that they are not. If you have a PC with Windows 10 operating system then by accessing the Microsoft store you can decide to download the official social application, exactly as you do from a smartphone.

The procedure is extremely simple, first of all click on Start and look for the Microsoft Store icon, then click on it to open it. On the search bar, type Instagram to find the app you will need to download and then proceed with Install.

You will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft account, remember that it is essential as a procedure, just like happens with the Apple account.

In short, in a few seconds you can have the application on your PC screen and then you can click on it to open it and proceed exactly as you would if you would have proceeded from the mobile app.

For what concerns the devices that are not Windows 10 you can decide to access through the official website of the photographic social, access your profile, click on the little man.

Then on Edit Profile, on the page that is shown to you choose Username and enter the new username you want to use, do not forget to click on submit to confirm the changes.

How can I call myself on Instagram: username as the first step to success on Instagram

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As you surely already know, choosing the right username is only the first step you can take to be successful on Instagram and in general on social media. What you need to know how to do is to be able to use the means that the photographic social network itself makes available to those who decide to get noticed on social media.

So ok, the name you can manage remember and describe what you do, but know that this may not be enough. However, you must be able to constantly publish content that is of quality, otherwise all the effort for choosing the name will be worth nothing.

Your content must be beautiful, because, never like on Instagram “ the eye wants its part”. So post photos that are free of defects, if you can, use professional equipment or at least a smartphone that is of a high standard as regards the performance of the cameras.

Don’t be afraid to get inspired by content posted by others that have been successful. But be careful, take inspiration but don’t copy, remember to always remain original, never fall into the trap of doing exactly what others do. Of course if they have been successful you can too, but not looking like a bad copy of them.

Create your own style that is able to stand out from all the others. Do in so that your followers looking at your content never think it is the same as someone else’s. Only in this way can you make sure that they always follow you. Then don’t forget to interact with them with live broadcasts, and with polls and questions.

Connect your social profiles and remember to always use hashtags in the best possible way to broaden your audience.


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