How to change fonts on Instagram

Browsing your favorite social network, you just noticed that many Instagram users know the tricks for how changing fonts on Instagram means making their account completely different from everyone’s simply by knowing how to change fonts on Instagram.

Can’t understand how they do it? But unfortunately you can’t find the setting that allows you to change the instagram font? Many are wondering how to change fonts on Instagram, in posts or in the space dedicated to your biography, completely change your homepage!

Within the Stories of Instagram it is possible to use a different font but unfortunately it is not yet possible to officially change the font in a post, the comments and the various spaces dedicated to the biography from the social network.

But there is a solution found by the various third-party applications that, through a trivial process of copy and paste option of particular fonts, guarantee a satisfactory result in all your posts, bio or any comments.

So in this article we will explain which apps and how to change fonts on Instagram! It is nothing so difficult, and at the end of these simple steps to follow you will also be able to share your Instagram Stories using the various fonts that until recently you did not even realize their existence, such as changing fonts on instagram is just the way you will blow all your followers on instagram!

What is Instagram?


It seems more than natural to us for those who are just starting to land on Instagram after seeing how to change fonts on Instagram maybe from some friends or just for their own curiosity, to also explain how the social network works. In order to have a clear and complete picture on how to change Instagram fonts.

Knowing Zuckerberg’s social network is essential to understand the various steps of how to change fonts on Instagram and to best apply on your account, all the third-party apps that know how to change fonts on Instagram, or at least who created them certainly knows how to fonts on Instagram.

So what is it Instagram? Instagram is a US Social Network that together with Facebook and WhatsApp is part of the social chain acquired by Mark Zuckerberg. The social network allows you to create all kinds of content, such as stories, posts and comments too, which is why it is important to know how to change Instagram fonts, in order to increase your popularity on the Social Network!

For example, the Stories feature is used daily by more than 500 million users! A stratospheric number don’t you find? Many of these users already know for sure how to change Instagram fonts and all its tricks! But all this is not just about the stories, we will also explain in detail what each of them are, post the various comments and stories.

You will see that how to change fonts on Instagram will become much easier and intuitive than it was before, don’t worry, how changing fonts on Instagram is for everyone!

How to change fonts on Instagram, what are posts?


Soon we will introduce you to the various applications to understand how to change fonts on Instagram, but before we get to the list of apps that we recommend, we will also introduce you to the world of posts and Instagram stories, so what are posts and why is it useful to know how to change fonts on Instagram on them?

Posts are one of the various keys to be successful in this Social, among the thousands of published photos and unpublished videos on Instagram stories know how to change fonts on Instagram is as essential as understanding how to make the most of the potential of a single published post. In fact, every single post can make you gain popularity on the web in the blink of an eye, and knowing how to change fonts on Instagram is just one some potential tricks that allow you to make yourself known everywhere on the social network!

A post is any photo or video or a Gif that is published by any user on Instagram, it allows you to i share everything you want but obviously without violating the rules of the social network, at any time. how to change fonts on Instagram is essential to improve the attractiveness of your post among other users.

precisely knowing how to change fonts on Instagram will allow you to improve and change the captions of your various posts, but to do this it will be essential for you to use third-party apps that use the procedure of how to change fonts on Instagram. But not in all cases to change Instagram fonts you will need these apps as in the case of Instagram stories!

The popular Instagram stories


You will be pleased to know, however, that not for all the various options or tools that social media allows us it is mandatory to download third-party applications to change Instagram fonts, in fact to change Instagram fonts on Instagram stories you just need to learn a few simple steps from run on social.

How to change fonts on Instagram? To change the font on Instagram stories, the step is simple. But what is the difference between posts and Instagram stories, because to change the font on Instagram on the various stories, there is no need for third-party apps?

Instagram stories are nothing more than photos or short videos to be included in your profile, with a limited publication up to 24 hours but can still be saved in the featured content to never forget the fonts used through the method of how to change fonts on Instagram.

They were born in the summer of 2016, but they are constantly evolving and if you have always updated your Instagram you can vary from various fonts available, to change the font on Instragram in the stories just click and select in your story among the various fonts like Classic, Modern, Neon, Tipewriter and Strong and don’t forget to choose the color!

Now you can really have fun in your instagram stories, and you know some of the tricks to change fonts on Instagram, but remember that as for pos te le stories this is also possible in the comments section!

The comments section

As also in the Instagram stories or the various posts or the Bio, even on the comments of the various posts it is possible to change the Instagram font, changing the Instagram font is really simple and here the procedure is very similar to those it takes to change the font set up in your posts or Bio, use third-party app to change Instagram fonts, so it’s essential!

Comments are what Instagram or other platforms can be defined as social and beyond the messaging present in them presents a real method to share your thoughts within each post, or Instagram tv videos, change font on Instagram in the various comments will allow you to really cool and weird comments!

Now you have surely understood all the fundamental tools where you can change Instagram fonts, and we will finally begin to style each of the third party apps.

But now let’s go back to his story! After its launch in 2010, the social network quickly gained its current popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year and 1 billion in May 2019. Over 40 billion photos have been uploaded, lots of posts including the most popular ones already started to populate by various influencers who knew the methods of how to change fonts on instagram.

Now that you understand exactly what is Instagram, and you know the Social Network thoroughly, we can design third-party apps to change Instagram fonts quickly and easily!

What are the third-party apps to change fonts on Instagram?

Now you know the basics of interacting on Instagram, and you’re ready to learn about the various third-party apps for changing fonts on Instagram, but you need to know that to change fonts on Instagram you will need to use the specific application for Android or iOS. So to change Instagram fonts, first of all choose the most appropriate app to use on your smartphone and let’s get started!

The applications to change fonts on Instagram are many, but we mainly recommend Fonts, Cool Fonts or others like Fonts for Instagram among these third-party apps it doesn’t change much. The only differences are usually only the operating system they work with, but they usually all have similar functions.

Now you are about to find out what the app allows you to do for change fonts on Instagram and all your doubts will be solved, so we remind you once again that to change fonts on Instagram in Instagram stories it is not necessary to perform these steps, but you just need to use the tools offered by Instagram to use in Instagram stories, and in addition to changing fonts and colors, you can also change the background and add beautiful Gifs or Stickers!

In fact, on Instagram your stories can be customized to your liking and other functions can be performed! But now we have reached the focal point of the speech and the first application that we recommend you download is Fonts, but we advise you to try them all, in order to have a clear idea of ​​which app to change Instagram fonts to use on your smartphone!

How to change fonts on Instagram: Android, Fonts!


The first application we recommend is Fonts, obviously for iOS owners we will recommend another one, but now you we will talk about this. The app allows you to change fonts on Instagram, and can be downloaded for free from the play store. So you just have to click on download and wait for the smartphone to finish installing the app.

When the download is complete, start the app, click on your text here and write what you want to appear in your post or Bio. As you type, the text will appear under each font in the app list, click on the text that appears with a different style under each available font and choose the text to change Instagram font.

But the process is not yet finished, now, open the Instagram app and choose what you want to do with the text and as soon as you copy it, you can insert it both in a new Story or in the biography, as well as in a post or in a comment, just select the paste item after keeping your finger pressed in the display field.

We are really at the conclusion to know all the tricks, but that’s not all for Android in fact there is another usable app also for iOS called Fonts for Instagram. it is one of the best apps to change Instagram fonts and you can download it for free for both iOS and Android.

It’s up to you to choose the free version, or whether to buy the full version of the app , with additional fonts.

The iOS apps, conclusion

To change Instagram fonts you will have understood that the procedures are the same for any app, but also remember that to use Fonts for Instagram, it’s up to you to choose whether to use the free version or the one with more fonts at a price of € 3.49 (Android) or € 5.49 (iOS). Obviously to change fonts on Instagram you don’t necessarily have to use the paid one!

But the apps to use are not over here, in fact we recommend a last application to change fonts on Instagram, we also recommend Cool Fonts, an app also for iOS, the app allows you to change Instagram fonts for free or you can choose to use the paid version without advertising or with more fonts at the price of 5.49 euros.

Now you know everything about how to change fonts on Instagram, now take your time to decide which font to use, and then select it by touching the corresponding item, and compose your message to paste!


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