How to change the language on Instagram in 2021?

How to change language on Instagram. Most likely you have recently moved abroad, and you want to learn the language as quickly as possible.

So, you are wondering how to change language on instagram because it is the application you use most of all.

On the other hand this is very understandable. Do you know those children who, often playing video games in English, for example, are able to assimilate words much faster?

Here, you can do exactly the same way!

Knowing how to switch languages ​​on instagram can give you a very important boost in terms of learning. Not only that, you will also pay attention to foreign posts and how they are written, as you will become more and more accustomed to not reading in your mother tongue.

But then let’s face it: know only the Italian could make it difficult to make a career. It is well known that those who know more than one language, in most cases, manage to get a promotion at work compared to those who only know one.

This is because, above all if we talk about a sales company, it is possible to relate to people from all over the world. It goes without saying that you can reach a lot more customers, no matter how they talk.

Knowing English, for example, is now a fundamental requirement for any job position, even the lowest.

This is why we advise you to understand how to change the language on instagram, so as to learn even faster! Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you!

First, however, let’s see which are the most popular and most useful languages ​​to learn!

Which language to choose?

Surely you know that it is not necessary to learn English to make a career at work. Sure, it’s considered a plus, but you might learn it later as well.

come si cambia la lingua su instagram 2

Furthermore, all Italian students study it at school, so you will have at least a basic smattering that will allow you, in some way, to communicate with others.

On the other hand, other languages ​​are often not taught in compulsory school, and must be studied at university, online or with private courses. Here, therefore, knowing how to change the language on instagram could help you reach a medium-basic level in a short time and, above all, having fun.

In fact, the school environment is often not appreciated, which is why questionable results can be obtained. In addition, as far as the more lively teenagers are concerned, they usually don’t study because they are not stimulated enough.

How to change the language on Instagram in 2021?

Having a foreign language social network in your hands instead , could be more challenging and fun, allowing you to learn without straining. This is why more and more apps dedicated to learning foreign languages ​​are born.

Among the most useful in the business sector, we certainly have Spanish, German and French, dominant languages ​​in European countries. Of course English is also very popular, but we want to encourage you to learn different languages.

If you are more daring and want to face a real challenge, you could try with Arabic, a language in great demand in the literary field, in translations and in the economic sector. In fact, exchanges with the Arab Emirates are very numerous.

Likewise, Chinese can be an excellent language to show on your resume, requested by the best national and international companies. Logically, for both Chinese and Arabic, we recommend that you first learn the alphabet and then how to change the language on instagram!

Last but not least, the language Russian can help you a lot for the fashion sector and the economy. If, for example, you try to interview for some Italian high fashion brands, Russian could probably be one of the necessary requirements.

come si cambia la lingua su instagram

So, choose the language that best suits your tastes and goals and then learn how to change the language on instagram!

If you have an Android device, you will be glad to know that it is not difficult to find out how to change the language on instagram. You will only have to perform a few simple steps which, one after the other, will allow you to learn English to Chinese without too much effort.

First, you will have to open the official app of Instagram so that you can have access to all its settings. Don’t have the application? No problem.

Go to the Play Store, type the word instagram in the search bar and download the application. In a few seconds, this will pop up in your home, and you can access it with a simple tap on its icon.

If you do not have an account, register using the appropriate procedure by clicking on the “register” button. .

After making sure you have configured your account and all the various settings, you are ready to find out how to change the language on instagram. Then, click on the thumbnail at the bottom right, which is your profile icon.

After that, you will notice that there are three dashes at the top right. Click on it and it will buy you a small menu, where you will find the settings button, depicted with a gear icon. Press it, and you will find yourself in a second menu.

come cambiare lingua instagram

From there, go to account, and then go to language. This will be the final step. Once you click on language, you will find all the languages ​​made available by the platform. Choose the one you prefer, and you will have discovered how to change the language on instagram from Android devices!

You must know that everything will be changed: the writings above the buttons, the translation of mi like, comment and share, and notifications too! So, get ready to enter a totally new world! Of course, if you want to change the language again, try to remember all the steps you did at the beginning .

In fact, if you can’t understand what the buttons mean, you could risk don’t go back!

And from iPhone? How do you change the language on instagram?

Did you think we had forgotten about apple-loving users? Not at all, we will explain how to change the language on instagram even from iOS devices! The process, on the other hand, is almost identical to the one that must be followed for Android.

In a few minutes, you will open your way to becoming polyglots within the social network!

First, if you don’t have the instagram app, download it from the App Store. As for Play Store, all you have to do is click on the search bar, type the name of the application and select the first result that will be shown to you.

The download takes place in a very short time, also because we are not dealing with a particularly heavy application. The weight of the app, in fact, is due to the data you will save later, such as stories, posts and temporary files. Once downloaded, you will find the app in your Home, represented by the official logo of the platform.

So how do you do it?

Then, click on it and you’ll be on the login page. Create an account if you don’t have one. Conversely, log in by entering your credentials (username / email / phone number and password). Press the login button and you will finally be inside the most famous social network in the world!

Now all that remains is to understand how to change the language on instagram. Do you see the little man at the bottom right? All right, that’s the thumbnail of your profile picture (which will be blank if you’ve just signed up). Click on it, in order to go to your profile.

Then, you will find three horizontal lines positioned at the top of the screen.

One once you have clicked on the three dashes, you will be able to access the settings section. Then, click on account and then on language. You will find a very long list of available languages. Choose the one you like best and have fun learning while watching the content of your friends and relatives!

To go back, based on the language you have chosen, we recommend that you remember by heart the steps. Try to memorize the position of the keys, which will be the only thing to remain unchanged. For the rest, you will also receive notifications in a foreign language, so you will immediately learn a lot of new terms!

Beware, though! Choosing languages ​​like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, or any other language where the alphabet is totally different from ours could be a real challenge!

Is it possible to change language from Windows PC?

Of course, we also thought to all those users who do not like to use the app on their mobile, but prefer to have everything at their fingertips on a desktop PC. Yes, we will also explain how to change the language on instagram via computer!

First of all, we strongly advise you to go to the official website of the platform, or to the app that you downloaded on your computer with Windows 10.

In fact, if you didn’t know, the latest computer models have the Windows Store, which is a platform where you can download many applications . This makes using tools like instagram or facebook much more intuitive!

Didn’t you know? Well. So let’s see first how to download instagram on your computer!

Downloading Instagram on Windows

First, you will need to access the Windows Store via the start menu of your PC, which is located at the bottom left and has the official Windows icon. From there, you can type Instagram directly into the search bar, so you can immediately find the application.

Click on the instagram icon and download it to your computer. Try to remember your Microsoft account credentials, because you will need them to complete the operation. Once all is done, instagram will be available on your beloved desktop.

Double-click and you’ll land on the famous login page. Register or log in, in order to catapult you into the home of the social network. From there, then, the steps will be very similar to those we have seen on mobile devices.

Then, go to your profile icon at the bottom right, and then on the wheel with the gear at the top , which is the settings menu. You can then scroll until you arrive at the language item. From there, you will access a complete list of all the languages ​​in the world, so you can learn the one that most inspires you.

Select one one, and confirm the settings by clicking on the edit item. In a few seconds, the app will restart automatically and, once it reopens, you will find a totally different world! It will be like taking a trip to your favorite country without even getting out of your chair!

And on the web? How do you change the language on instagram?

If you have no intention of downloading the instagram app so as not to clog your memory of your computer, you can also change the language from the web. In this way, you will not have to worry about going to the Store, searching for the app, downloading it, configuring it and so on.

So, go to Google or whatever your favorite search engine is, and go to instagram. The procedure, however, is very different and can be not very intuitive. In fact, it will not be enough for you to go to the profile and change the language through the account settings.

Conversely, you will need to use the URL of your profile. What does this mean? In a nutshell, you will have to manually select the abbreviation of the language you prefer by entering it within the URL of your profile. Then, click on your account icon, located at the top right.

You will see a URL like this: https: //www.instagram. com / [username] /.

To change the language, you will need to use the ? hl = [language code] wording. What does this mean? Let’s assume your account is called Marco89, so your profile URL will be something like

To change the language, we use the words? hl = plus the language code (eng for English, fr for French, it for Italian). Then, click on the URL and enter ? Hl = fr, to select French. We will have a version like this:,

Make sure that the symbol / present strong> after the name, and also the ?, as they are sometimes hard to notice. Press enter, et voilà, all the messages on the platform will be displayed in French!

And here you have learned how change language on instagram!

We discovered together how to change language on instagram from different devices, both Android, iOS, and desktop .

Learning a new language can be very useful not only for work purposes, but also for personal satisfaction. Being able to relate to individuals from all over the world is an experience that can radically change the own life.

Not only that, you can create lasting bonds and who knows, find your soul mate in a period when you thought you would be alone forever. That’s why we recommend that you change the language of your instagram from time to time. Depending on what you choose, you will never be able to go back.

If knowing how to change instagram language is not enough for you and you want to discover all the secrets of the most popular social networks of the moment, you just have to visit the rest of our blog, or visit our social channels!


Come cambiare lingua su Instagram nel 2021?

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