How to change your name on Instagram

With name and username you can change the name of your Instagram account. Type the new name you want to use, (you can change both the name and the username, which we remind you to be two different elements) and then press the Submit button, to confirm the changes you have just made, otherwise they will all go lost.

The changes you have decided to make to your profile will be immediately visible on the web page dedicated to your Instagram profile. As you can see them, all your followers or all those who will come to your page to see who you are can do it, as long as your profile is not private.

Windows 10

Why do we deal with Windows 10 computers separately? How do you not know? Microsoft, as always, is making great strides and for all computers that have windows 10 it is possible to download the Instagram application simply by logging into the Microsoft store and entering your credentials (if you don’t have them you have to create them).

In a few seconds the download will be completed and by accessing the start menu of your device you can decide to start it.

If requested, enter the access data, as you would also have done from the web page, then click on Sign in. Do not forget that if you have decided to access Instagram via Facebook when you are asked for your credentials, you will have to click on the appropriate button.

Once logged in, click on the button on the usual little man icon that you will find at the bottom right. In this way you will be redirected to the page of the Instagram application where you will be able to access the Edit profile mode exactly as you did previously from the web.

Click on that button in order to open the tab for editing all the data including your name, just what you are here for. Also in this case you can decide to change the your name, your username or both, by changing the information in the respective text fields.

At any time you want you can proceed to modify all the information you used on the social network, then: name, website, biography and everything else without too many problems and really with very few clicks.

When you have finished making changes, don’t forget to click on the Finish button to save all the changes you have made otherwise you will have to do it all over again. You will be able to see the changes made to your Instagram account instantly on all devices.

How to change name on Instagram Android

come cambiare nome su instagram 2

How to change name on Instagram Android? Android devices refer to both smartphones and tablets of any brand other than Apple. If that’s what you wanted to know, your time has finally come.

If you want to know how to change your Instagram name from an iOS device, we have to refer you to the next paragraph.

Surely you have already downloaded the Instagram application on your smartphone by accessing the Play Store, then start it by clicking on it, otherwise it is time to proceed with the download. Once the application has started, you probably won’t have to enter your username and password, but if you are asked to enter them in order to access the platform home page.

From here click on the little man icon or on the thumbnail of your profile photo, so that you can access your dashboard screen.

Then tap on Edit profile and using the name and username text fields you can change your name on Instagram. But don’t forget to delete the name you typed earlier, otherwise a wrong nomenclature will appear.

Are you satisfied with the changes made? To confirm all the changes made, do not forget to click on the check mark that you will find at the top right. In this way you have confirmed the changes you have made: the changes to your name or your Instagram username will be visible in real time on all devices.

Remember that also in this case, using the same screen you can also enter the URL of your website, provided you have one, or enter the biography if you do not have it yet done. These are all essential steps to succeed in Instagram and increase your followers.

If not you have the Instagram app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can act directly from the browser installed on your device, for example Chrome, as I explained to you in the previous chapter of this tutorial.

Connect, then, to Instagram, log in to your account and first press on the icon of the little man (bottom right) and then on the Edit profile button.Then type in your brand new username so that you can start using it until immediately. Don’t forget to save your changes using the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

How to change name on Instagram from iOS

Come cambiare nome su Instagram Android 4

We have therefore answered your question how to change your name on Instagram Android, but let’s say you have an iPhone, how do you plan to proceed to change your name? Obviously also in this case act from the official application of the social network that you have downloaded from the App Store.

So how to do? In the meantime, start the application and if you are prompted, enter your username and password. Even if you use it regularly, you will probably have saved your credentials and therefore you will find yourself directly on the Instagram home page.

N.B. If you have registered via Facebook, click on the button with the Facebook symbol, which will be characterized by the words Continue as, followed by your Facebook name.

From the home page, where you are at this point, click on the button with the little man symbol at the bottom right, depending on the version of the social network you may also find a thumbnail of your photo, in any case you will find yourself in your profile page, where you can proceed in this way. Click on the Edit Profile button, then click on the name or username fields.

Type in the new name or username you want to use for your Instagram profile. The choice will be yours whether to change the name, or your nikname, or both.

When you have finished editing don’t forget to click on the Finish button to confirm everything. After that the changes will be visible immediately, instantly from all devices, not only to you, but also to your followers and not only.

What if you don’t currently have the Instagram app installed on your iPhone or iPad? No problem, you can act directly from the browser, then from Safari or proceed with the download.

All you have to do is connect to Instagram , perform access to your account and first press the icon of the little man located at the bottom right and then on the Edit profile button on your profile page.

Next, you need to type the new name and / or the new username to use on the social network and press the Send button (at the bottom of the page) to save the changes.

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