How to change your name on Tik Tok

How to change your name on Tik Tok is a much more debated question than you might think today. All of them sooner or later, by now, find themselves doing Google searches of this type. Perhaps one of these is the one that has brought you to us now. Well, then we can undoubtedly tell you two very important things for your precious treasure hunt.

For starters, you’ve ended up in just the right place. And secondly, yes, as Barack Obama (but also Gene Wilder in the film Frankenstein Junior) used to say YES- CAN- DO !

the name on Tik Tok is an operation absolutely within everyone’s reach. So it is without any possible strange consequence due to bugs or errors that you may inadvertently leave behind.

There is a reason why you are not alone. But indeed there is a real army out there eager to know what the answer to this question is . And do you know why? Because there is an army that has now understood the enormous importance of Tik Tok and the right way to make yourself known on the social network … starting with the name!

Come cambiare nome su Tik Tok- Visibility Reseller

Why know how to change the name of Tik Tok?

It goes without saying that before arriving at the right solution to a problem, you need to ask yourself the right starting questions. If the thing concerns an important and highly topical and useful topic such as Tik Tok, even more so. So, trying to put everything in context, why and who wants to know how to change the name on Tik Tok?

The first answer is the most immediate. It is also the least personal and the most generic at the same time. A question capable of offering us in a synthetic way the perfect portrait of the context in which we move. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about why so many, so many are looking for an answer to this question is … Because now Tik Tok everyone has it!

Certainly true and very correct. Too vague and generic, you think? Perhaps, indeed certainly. But it is precisely from the general – and generic – that we want to start. This is because, as we well know, every research that is replicated by many people is the mirror of a transformation and an instance.

Everyone wants to be on Tik Tok, everyone has Tik Tok and everyone they want to find the right strategy to be visible on Tik Tok. Consequently, everyone – or at least many – wants to know if and how to change the name on Tik Tok.

How important is the user you introduce yourself to on Tik Tok?

Talking about user today, or whatever you want to call it, username if you prefer, means one thing. It means talking about the real identity card with which you enter the reality of social media. A reality that today is really The Reality, where what matters is being there.

Certainly in recent months there has been more emphasis on content and creativity . Tik Tok shares a feature with Facebook, Instagram and all these social networks. Having the inventiveness and the ability of each user to be an active content generator at the center more than others. And that’s how they all changed their algorithms to that effect.

This in layman’s terms means one thing. As much in an organic way as – and even more so – for those who sponsor themselves to grow their business profile, this is the news. That is, the feed rewards the most original content with greater visibility. Therefore, the era of appearing more end in itself seems to have passed.

How are the growth of Tik Tok and the importance of the username connected?

About perhaps also how especially Tik Tok became an adult during the pandemic. Which has done nothing but cascade a series of uncovered nerves on several issues. This fact has made young people more sensitive and attentive than previously believed.

Being present in an active and creative way on social networks like Tik Tok means exposing oneself in an easy, honest and also brilliant. But at the same time having the courage to present oneself for what one is, only with a fresh and unusual perspective.

All this naturally includes the true, for many underestimated, key starting point: the right choice of name. departure it is also legitimate to know how to change your name on Tik Tok. And it’s okay to do it as easily as possible.

Come si cambia il nome su Tik Tok- Visibility Reseller

So Isn’t username just a name on Tik Tok?

The answer, at this point , it can only be No, absolutely No. It is true that when you enter social networks, especially the first few times, and as a simple user, everything seems very different. Experiencing them and interacting with them with eyes that are not yet digitally savvy means having a different vision. A vision in which one has the impression of living in a large and united community. A liquid and ever-expanding place to simply show oneself to others.

Described in in this way, the reality of a social network appears almost like a sort of hippy 4.0 utopia. Of course, only to come across advertisements, often unsolicited if not implicitly. That is, both through the data and only by registering we consent to collect about our habits.

But this utopian vision can also be shattered in the face of other awareness. Like the excessive courage that sometimes users who are not very bold in reality acquire, perpetrating verbal violence against anyone. And here corporate communication appears almost a benevolent appeal!

All this to say that there is nothing so apparently spontaneous or too genuine on social media. If you are a social media manager who already has experience for their customers on Instagram, you know what we are talking about. Spontaneity, especially for those who create a digital reputation, is always well studied. So, does it matter to have a catchy username? Absolutely yes!

The importance of the name and how to use it in social networks

Very well, having acquired all the necessary awareness on the subject, let’s start with a general advice. If you are only now looking out on Tik Tok, or if you have not been there for a long time, consider the user as a weapon. Just so as not to find yourself in the situation of having to understand how to change the name on Tik Tok, choose it well.

Not that this isn’t easily fixed, as we’ve already told you and as we’ll see shortly. But in any case, whatever the reason for your presence on Tik Tok later on, think carefully about the name with which you introduce yourself on the platform. Look for a solution that nicely shortens your name.

You could also choose a pseudonym linked to something about you. Or, a nickname that somehow anticipates what you will post. Be witty, communicative, direct.

A practical and very optimizing idea could simply be to use the same user you have on other social networks. It will allow you greater recognition for those who already follow you somewhere else. This will also make it easier to start creating your own user base right away.

L'importanza del nome e come usarlo- Visibility Reseller

The first steps to get to the user change in the social network itself

Very good . Now, before picking up Tik Tok – who said that sounds a bit like taking the bull by the horns – a clarification. More than any other social network, Tik Tok was developed solely as a mobile app.

So to put into practice what we are now going to see on how to change the name of Tik Tok, know that you can do it from your smartphone or iPhone. Certainly it is not an operation that can be performed from the Personal Computer. At least not yet.

Having learned this, you also know that the app of the social network in question, the safe and certified one, can be downloaded from the Mac storage for i-Phones and from the Google PlayStore for smartphones.

So Tik Tok communicates with both languages, both iOS and Android. So the app can be easily downloaded by performing the download common to each app. So, once the Download is complete, open Tik Tok and … start!

I primi passaggi per arrivare al cambio di user- Visibility Reseller

We continue through the Tik Tok app the user change

As if it were the first time, we have downloaded Tik Tok on our mobile phone. We are therefore ready to interact with others. We finally have the possibility to create short funny videos of fifteen seconds.

We can indulge ourselves with special effects, the transitions. We can choose the type of sound and the song we want. Distort time and image to be original. We can search through hashtags for other videos, create virtual duets and, why not, create our own challenges!

But of course, first of all, we need to sort out the access issue. As on other social networks, Tik Tok offers the possibility to enter and use the app as a sort of Visitor, by logging in from Facebook or other third-party sources.

This naturally relieves us of the difficulty of choosing a user who we may not like anymore. Which means you don’t have to ask yourself how to change your name on Tik Tok. But in a way it’s also limiting.

Proseguiamo attraverso l'app Tik Tok- Visibility Reseller

How to change the name on Tik Tok

For the reason just described, it will be good to create your own independent account. So that it is disconnected from the other possible ones that make you present and active on other social channels.

It is actually a good idea to think about exploiting the one already in use, perhaps on Instagram, for a matter of familiarity and hijacking of traffic from there to Tik Tok. After all, that’s what many influencers are doing today!

More and more often, web stars, influencers and famous and followed characters or profiles already on IG refer, both in the videos published as posts and in the stories to their Tik Tok. The social network attracts more and more in an increasingly transversal way. So think about how much more important it is to choose the right username!

Both practice and common sense suggest that, talking here about how to change your name on Tik Tok, that there is already one in use that you want to have no more. Therefore, this means that a preliminary preparatory operation must be carried out. That is, delete the user you want to get rid of.

Come si cambia il nome su Tik Tok

Let’s start by deleting the old user in the social

As we have just mentioned, the username change presupposes the elimination of what you are using. So, you have done some practice as a tiktoker. You have made and shared videos, perhaps participated in challenges.

You have sprinted with hashtag searches and you have become aware of the most popular trends on Tik Tok. Maybe, despite having started it all out of pure curiosity, the idea of ​​getting visibility is teasing you.

Let’s proceed then, before we can finally use that new user you have been thinking about so much , to delete the old name.

Then open Tik Tok on your smartphone. You are now on the homepage, but forget about the videos scrolling in front of you and focus on the menu. At the bottom right you will find access to your account, with the name Me. From there, proceed to Edit Profile.

At that point you will find the words User Name, and just click on the X to proceed with the cancellation.

Cominciamo dall'eliminazione del vecchio user- Visibility Reseller

How to change the name of Tik Tok

Once you have deleted the old user name that you already intended to change, we can proceed to search for the new user. And yes, because the writing from which you have just deleted your previous user is supported by a plug in. The latter checks in real time whether the name you are typing is already in use or not.

When the green check appears, all clear, you can use that name! At this point, two simple taps will conclude and complete the operation: first on Save, at the top right side, and then on Set Username.

All this is identical for both Android and iOS. The only thing that changes from smartphone to Mac is that the Save button is called Prefer ! Finally, remember that the username can only be changed once every thirty days! Now we have everything in hand about how to change the name on Tik Tok!

Come cambiare il nome di Tik Tok- Visibility Reseller

Well, if the topic has intrigued you, you can find out something interesting just on the blog.


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