How to choose a good Social Media Manager

When I searched for the keyword on which to build this article about how to choose a good Social Media Manager , I was amazed there were no high search volumes, indeed, that there weren’t any. .

Being born as a copywriter it is obvious to me to perform a keyword research before writing any article, because a text that does not rank well on Google is for me a “lost” text, if we can say so. I was so disappointed to see that nobody really cares about understanding who a Social Media Manager is and what he does, especially before hiring him, that I decided to write this article anyway at the expense of SEO.

Especially with the advent of Instagram , this mania of passing off as a seasoned Social Media Manager has now become a trend. From influencers who use bots and then pretend to be experts, to little aspiring Social Media Managers who improvise teachers. There really is something for everyone and it is precisely for this reason that it is to know how to recognize and choose the one that is truly competent and one you can trust.

In this article I am talking to you, dear entrepreneur who are thinking of delegating the management of the Facebook page or Instagram profile of your business to a professional in the sector, a Social Media Manager.

Who is the Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is a professional, with a regular VAT number, who deals with the creation of communication strategies to be applied to social networks. In the digital landscape, the figure of the Social Media Manager has evolved a lot over time, initially he had to take care of everything, from the implementation of the strategy, to the creation of an editorial calendar and moderation of comments, without excluding the creation of advertising campaigns and moderation of comments, today there is a professional figure for each of these activities, at least in large communication agencies (because freelance Social Media Managers exist, but usually take care of almost everything independently):

  • Social Media Strategist: the one who creates the strategy
  • Content Manager: the one who creates the content to be published
  • Community Manager: the one who moderates the comments and monitors the interactions
  • Ads Specialist: the one who creates the advertising campaigns
  • You understand well that the work of a Social Media Manager is anything but simple and for this reason, very often, little understood. So let’s try to clarify a bit.

    What a Social Media Manager does

    Keeping in mind the distinction of roles that we have just seen, to simplify things, in the following paragraphs I will refer to the figure of the Social Media Manager as we are used to understanding it.

    The tasks of the Social Media Manager are varied, but here is a summary of the things you must necessarily expect from him:

    • in-depth study of the brand whose communication it manages
    • study of the target
    • study and consequent choice of the most suitable social channels to convey the brand’s messages
    • conception of the strategy to follow
    • creation of an editorial plan for social networks and related editorial calendar
    • Planning and publication of the contents created
    • Conversation monitoring
    • Report (monthly, quarterly or semi-annual)

    And here comes the problem: how do I choose a good Social Media Manager if I have no way to verify your skills?

    How to choose a good Social Media Manager: skills

    Let’s start by saying that there are several courses to become Social Media Manager , but there is still no degree in the subject or register that certifies the knowledge of those who follow them. Of course, you will say, not even a degree certifies the skills of anyone, but it is a document that is often requested.

    Anyway, here’s what should characterize a self-respecting Freelance Social Media Manager:

    • He works with a VAT number, displayed on his website
    • He has a website where he can show his previous works facts, from which you can access the social channels and through which to contact him for a quote
    • He manages his social channels professionally and not amateur: his channels are the mirror how he will manage yours if you ever decide to entrust him to your communication
    • When asked for a quote, he always provides time dedicated to studying the activity he takes in management (which is around 30 days) usually accompanied by an in-depth questionnaire.
    • Your estimate always includes a Report on a regular basis

    And why is the story different for a Social Media Manager who works in an agency?

    Being an employee, the agency Social Media Manager has no need (if not for his own personal interest) to take care of his Brand Reputation and therefore to manage his own social channels professionally and open a site dedicated to your business. On the contrary, instead, a Freelance Social Media Manager must, personally, be able to manage his own communication and find customers through the channels he has chosen.

    Now you have the tools to choose a good Social Media Manager and not run into the charlatan on duty!

    Are you looking for a Social Media Manager for your business? Contact me !

    Come scegliere un buon Social Media Manger

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