How to choose the most suitable social network for your company

Oh, yeah, it’s not a trivial matter to choose the social network most suitable for your company , at first glance these platforms all look the same, you don’t it seems? On all things you share, on some you put hearts in others thumbs up, but more or less we are there … but no! If all existing social networks were the same or, in any case, had the same function, they would have no sense of existing, one would be enough and would simplify everyone’s life, instead, they sprout like mushrooms.

When there was only Facebook it was a godsend, then with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, Google Plus and so on and so forth, things have gotten a little more complicated and now, you have to arm yourself with patience and understand which of these is the social network that would most benefit your brand .

What to keep in mind before choosing the social network for your company

You certainly can’t do ambarabaciccicoccò or think about choosing the one you like best, it should be considered for a moment, at least you must first answer these questions:

  1. What is the target of your company?
  2. What kind of product do you offer?
  3. What kind of content could best describe your product (photographic, written etc)?
  4. Do you have the tools to do good Social Customer Service ?
  5. What goals do you intend to pursue?
  6. What resources are you willing to invest?

Once you have answered all six of these questions, you will probably have a clearer idea and have already started doing a sort of “social skimming”.

Now let’s see together, briefly, the characteristics of the major social platforms.


The most famous and the most used among social networks, its catchment area is always infinite, users increase every year and, despite its age now (February 4, 2004), it still does not seem to be tired. On Facebook you can meet practically any type of target, therefore, it is a platform that meets the needs of any type of business, especially if you have a hotel, you cannot miss it and here I will explain why.

Nowadays, however, being on Facebook means having a budget to invest , because if for normal users it remains a free tool, for those who have a company it is no longer so. since Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has seen fit to increase his income by changing the algorithm several times. For the latest news, I recommend this article by WebinFermento.



Even though it has seen a substantial decline in users in the last period, personally, I find it a excellent tool to do Social Customer Service and to intercept conversations concerning the services / products of your company . Here the users are very different from those of Facebook, we can say that they are divided into two large groups: that of chatters, who post thoughts of 14 characters in profusion and who enjoy commenting on live television programs and events, and those who use it. to search for targeted information on certain topics, using hashtags (born with this social network, among other things).

With Twitter you have to make the most of the moment, so a tip: let a true creative manage it, the ideas must come immediately, here Instant Marketing goes to wedding .


The photographic social network that lends itself well in the fields of fashion, travel and food, its use is intuitive and the female sex is the one that predominates, a fact that should not be underestimated. Choosing this social network for your company is not something immediate, it is a much more particular platform with a defined niche of users, to learn more, however, I recommend this article from the PinterestItaly blog.


Instagram is a powerful social network , images, like on Pinterest, are the masters, but its use is completely different, as is its type of audience.

Although it is used a lot by companies that work with tourism and fashion, being a very versatile platform, it could also adapt to other types of business. To be evaluated carefully, because it is not just about posting photos, but about actively interacting with users, commenting on their photos, using the right hashtags, the right filters … in short, there is also something to study here. And if you think that it is owned by Facebook and that they interact with each other also in relation to ads, you have to think about it.

Below you will find an exhaustive Quick Sprout infographic that explains in detail who should use which social network and some interesting statistics.


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