How to clear instagram history

cancellare cronologia instagram

If you’ve had an Instagram account for a while, you’re probably aware of how often you can end up on a random account, three years back in its feed, without a clue how you got there. This is the fun part of the app ( sometimes ) but it’s also very important to keep an eye on how you interact with it . That’s why it’s useful to know how to clear your Instagram search history , from time to time.

If you want to clear your Instagram search history or just to see what you were looking for , you can open your Instagram app on your phone and log into your profile.

From there, tap the icon that looks like three horizontal bars at the top right of your profile , then select “ Settings “, “ Security “, then “ Clear search history “. After doing this, you will be able to see a list ( probably very long ) of accounts you have searched for over time. You have the option to remove individual searches or the entire search history.

Be careful : Once your search history is cleared, you will not be in able to go back That said, however, it doesn’t mean that accounts you’ve searched for in the past will never show up as suggested results.

Even if you clear your history, you may still see more accounts. searched for as suggested when you go to the search option on Instagram . However, these suggested accounts will likely change over time if you start looking for other accounts on the platform.

This process is slightly different if you want to do it on your computer or mobile browser. In this case, you will still have to go to your Instagram profile, then click on the Settings icon, which will have a gear icon. From there, you can click on “ Privacy and security “, then on “ View account data “. Then, you can click on “ Search history “, then on “ View all “.

There, you will have the option to delete the instagram history, although, again, this does not guarantee that Instagram will not show your previous searches as suggestions when using the search function on the platform.

To be clear, your suggested accounts in the search tab are not simply generated by who you searched for in the past. According to PSafe, a software company focused on mobile device privacy and app security , Instagram suggested search accounts are also impacted by your other activities on the platform. For example, Instagram might track posts you’ve liked or commented on, hashtags you’ve used or searched for, and even accounts that have commented or liked your posts.

In other words , it is important to remain aware of your activity on the platform or any social media platform. It can be easy to ignore these things and ignore them, but you should always be aware that your interactions with the platform ( the words you search for, the posts you like, etc. .) Don’t automatically disappear.

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