How to COLLABORATE with brands at FASHION Week

Collaborating with brands at Fashion Week is the starting point for entering the fashion shows.

Or rather … it can be a very useful way to enter the fashion climate of these days and make acquaintances and experiences that will make you get the much desired invitation.

For this reason, I decided to tell you how I came to collaborate with brands at Fashion Week in Milan , which allowed me to:

  • Walking around in dream clothes that I could never afford;
  • Being photographed like a diva on the streets of Milan by dozens of photographers;
  • Produce crazy content for my social networks like a true professional blogger;
  • Opening the doors to new collaborations and fashion shows.
  • Feeling like a diva for a day!

If you are a micro-influencer or dream of being a blogger , I advise you to go all the way because I will tell you something unique that can be very useful to those who, like YOU, is a beginner.

But before we start, let me tell you something.

You may not want to hear this from you, but I like to be 100% honest.

Taking part in the Milan Fashion Week shows is really difficult.

And I’m telling you this from personal experience!

I tried to enter several times and, after several unsuccessful attempts, I discovered all the ways to participate in the Milan Fashion Week shows, which I have already told on another occasion.

Now, I don’t always have the time to do everything I can to get in or, even worse, I have too much work to do and can’t take a lot of afternoons off.

Trying to get invitations, especially at the beginning, is a real job.

And very tiring too!

To be able to achieve something you need to leave at least a month before the start and really put in the effort.

Not only that.

You should also consider coming to Milan even if you don’t have any invitations. I understand it’s a big nuisance, but Fashion Week is not for time wasters but for real fans .

The first step is therefore to go out to the shows and, in addition to crashing with a bit of luck, it is essential to start collaborating with brands to produce material.

Entering a world with armored doors can be difficult, but once you get the key it becomes easier.

I know it may all sound strange, let me explain something better and then I know we will agree.

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Why should you partner with brands for Fashion Week?

The secret to failure is this.

To think only and only of our personal gain.

But if we put ourselves in others’ shoes and think about how to best help them, we can achieve truly exceptional results.

The secret to collaborating with brands at Fashion Week.

If you’re here, you probably don’t have the numbers of a professional blogger but you still want to make your way into the world of fashion.

There are a lot of brands that struggle to consistently produce content for their social media.

Not only that.

Producing professional shots costs a lot of money between make-up artists, models, photographers and the whole crew.

In this situation, there is a great opportunity for you.

You can fill this gap by offering a trade .

Basically, a collaboration with brands at Fashion Week involves borrowing fairy-tale outfits to wear around and in exchange you will provide the brand with lots of materials to use on their social media.

OK, not all brands will appreciate even if the advantage is obvious, but there are many who are willing … and we just have to find them!

What are the advantages of such a collaboration?

1. You can get crazy clothes at no cost.

If you’re just starting out, unless you’re super rich, you won’t be able to afford dresses worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to run a catwalk out of a fashion show.

Going out to a show and attracting collaborations takes an outfit that rocks.

Borrowing it from a high fashion brand is an excellent solution to avoid spending a euro and be super on target!

2. You will have free quality photographic material.

Out at the shows, there are dozens of photographers ready to capture whatever minimally glamorous they come across.

It’s not that hard to get their attention.

So, you don’t even need to bring a photographer around to produce material! Just walk around with all the safety of this world and they will come to you.

And I’m not kidding!

The only thing you must never forget is ask for their contact to send you the photos . Whether it’s their Instagram profile or an email, it doesn’t matter! They will be happy to agree with you to provide you with the material.

3. You will go and nurture your portfolio of fashion collaborations.

Mark all the emails of the brands you work with. Follow them on Instagram and always show your interest. Having such contacts can open the door to many opportunities.

4. You will build your first relationships.

Relationships are the number one secret to success in fashion. Feeding them, feeding them and being in the right place at the right time really make a difference.

Start building your notoriety small and slowly climb to the top!

Attention !

There is one important thing to consider.

Not all brands are interested in collaborating with micro-bloggers. Let me tell you how to find the right ones, save a lot of time and reduce frustration!

Collaborare con i brand alla Fashion Week di Milano

How to choose the brands to collaborate with at Fashion Week.

Don’t think about contacting Gucci, Prada or Fendi on the first try.

To ensure you are a hit right from the start, I’ll give you a couple of tips for trying to find the right brands.

1. Target niche and not very well-known brands.

There are a lot of fledgling brands producing quality clothes. Here, you have to aim for those!

It’s useless to shoot high. To get to the top you have to climb step by step.

You often recognize these brands because they don’t have their own store but show the outfits in showrooms. You could start not from the brand but by looking for all the showrooms in the city.

2. Choose a brand that reflects your style.

There must always be an understanding between brands and bloggers.

You can’t think of wearing clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in, no one will be willing to accept it. The content will simply be unusable by both parties.

So don’t be afraid to choose something you like and truly feel “yours”.

3. The clothes must attract attention.

You absolutely must avoid super simple clothes whose quality is not well identified.

I’m not saying you have to choose super flashy outfits but they still have to have something special. For example, for the fashion show I attended I chose this dress by Selezza.

Monica Pirozzi alla Milano Fashion Week - Febbraio 2020

Simple yes, but I assure you that it attracted everyone’s attention, especially the most important people … the photographers !

Now we are missing another very small step to make Fashion Week a reality.

You’ll find out in the next and last paragraph!

Collaborating with brands for Fashion Week: How to contact boutiques and showrooms.

The first approach is the thing that embarrasses me the most. Usually I don’t know what to write, I’m afraid of rejection and not being up to par.

The truth is that if we ever try, we will never succeed!

So, I’ve come up with a small 4-step checklist that I use whenever I want to contact someone for an ambitious purpose. In this case, receive fairytale clothes on loan.

1. Gather your strengths.

Before I start, I always make a list of my strengths. It will be useful to me in two ways:

  1. Understanding what I can offer to the brand I’m contacting.
  2. Give me a good boost of self-esteem , which at first never hurts!

I usually just like these things:

  1. Followers and engagement of my main social channels ;
  2. The numbers of the blog and of the newsletter ;
  3. Details I can find on the type of audience following me;
  4. My photographic equipment ;
  5. The types of content I can produce (photos, videos, etc.);
  6. Previous works and some examples.

These are all things that can be super useful for the brand to understand that YOU are indeed the person for them.

2. Create your contact list.

Go to Instagram, browse the web, ask friends. Do everything you can to find e-mail contacts from showrooms and small brands.

In this way, you will build what will turn out to be your gold mine of contacts.

3. Write the email.

The time has come to highlight, among your strengths, the most relevant ones and write an email in which you introduce yourself and show the benefits they can derive from the collaboration.

I’ve already talked in detail about how to write a perfect email to request collaborations with brands in this article: Collaborations with Companies on Instagram: How I started while others were watching!

You’ll also find an example of an email with which I got dozens of collaborations on Instagram!

4. Submit!

Take the email you wrote with all your strengths and your offer, open your contact list and send full force!

Don’t stop to contact some brands and hope they’ll answer you, I suggest you try dozens and dozens.

The perfect number for me is 50. Every time I’ve emailed 50 contacts I’ve always been successful. I also managed to publish a book of mine with a publishing house using this technique.

Have you ever tried to collaborate with brands during Fashion Week?

Share your experience in the comments!

It happened to me by chance at the MFW in February 2020 and I assure you it was a unique experience.

I got the contact from the show room thanks to a friend of mine who got me and Brigita some crazy clothes from Selezza.

Here’s the dress! What do you think?

Monica Pirozzi alla Milano Fashion Week

We threw ourselves out at the Ferragamo show in search of photographers who could immortalize us and, in this way, we found not only some crazy clothes but also some super professional content to share.

The great thing was, for a shy person like me, having dozens of targets aimed at.

At first I was really in total panic but then I melted, I entered the mood “Hollywood diva” and I had a lot of fun!

Surely such an experience, if well exploited, can open a thousand doors.

Always remember to value and communicate previous experiences when contacting other brands.

I hope you liked this unusual idea and that it can help you open the doors to the world of fashion. Share the article with the buttons below!

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See you soon!



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