How to collaborate with Pixibeauty on Instagram and receive the fabulous beauty boxes for FREE

Have you ever thought about collaborating with Pixibeauty on Instagram?

If you’re here it’s because you’ve seen their fabulous beauty boxes hanging around on Instagram and you’re wondering: “ But how on earth do all these pseudo-influencer girls (myself included) get them on a regular basis?”

You might think they make special deals. Who are contacted directly by the brand for their exclusive content and incredible quality.

Actually, taking a look around their profiles you will realize that you are probably posting better photos than them.

So what are the requirements to work with Pixi Beauty on Instagram?

A Pixi beauty box is something as stunning as the one you see in the photo below.

beauty box pixibeauty

If you don’t know it yet, Pixi is a British brand that sells makeup and face cosmetics in these cute pastel-colored packages. Inside the article I will show you all the photos of the products I received!

It might seem like a dream to have all of this in your home.

All completely FREE.

Since so many girls like this brand, I thought I’d explain to you how it is possible to collaborate with Pixibeauty on Instagram and receive these fantastic beauty boxes.

I bet you can’t see the time.

Before we start, I want to tell you something important.

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How many followers do I need to collaborate with Pixibeauty?

I know you’ve asked yourself this question at least once. And you probably thought the answer was: More than I have right now!

You looked on with envy. You would have liked to have received that fantastic beauty box too but you didn’t know how to do it. You prefer to put your soul in peace and move on.

What’s the point of being so sorry. You can always go to the site and buy yourself something you like.

Wait !

I’m here because I want to change the rules of the game. You have to overcome your insecurity. I want to give you the chance to receive it too!

You know, at first it was not easy to understand how collaborating with Pixi Beauty works. I have searched far and wide the web. But I didn’t find anything.

I think this is the first article written on the subject!

I couldn’t figure out if there were any minimum requirements not only for followers, but also for interactions with posts.

Sometimes more sophisticated brands require that your photos have a certain style or that you have a Youtube channel or blog with a certain number of visitors.

Nothing, I kept seeing a lot of girls with these boxes and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I want to give you an idea of ​​the numbers it takes for such a collaboration.

Although I don’t even know exactly, because there’s nothing about it on the official website.

As I have told you before, I am pleased to meet several fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram.

Many of them are friends with whom we go out to take pictures together but also to take something around Milan.

If you haven’t read Giulia’s interview on how to collaborate with cosmetic companies yet, you can take a look at us for some inspiration.

I can count on a vast portfolio of experiences to share. Also, I spend a lot of time on Instagram wandering around girls’ profiles.

I like not only looking at other people’s work and getting inspiration but also understanding what’s happening on the platform. If there are opportunities in sight and what can I do to improve.

And that’s how I discovered that collaborating with Pixibeauty doesn’t take many followers.

If you have 1000+ followers you may already be considered. However, I repeat, it is not a certain number.

My friend @ giuliamartu has just over 5000 followers and she has already been chosen to collaborate with Pixibeauty for a while.

I always thought that Pixi was a different brand from all the others.

I’ll explain why in the next section.

Pixibeauty’s Instagram promotion choices and why they are so effective

This isn’t the first time I’ve collaborated with brands on Instagram, so I can tell you that Pixi is really different from the others.

Just a while ago I explained in an article why I decided to stop collaborating with brands on Instagram and why I think sometimes it’s more of a nuisance than anything else for our social image.

Yes, but why does Pixi Beauty stand out?

Usually, when a brand asks you for a collaboration, it’s super selective.

You need to have at least 10k followers, a certain number of interactions with posts, check if the photos suit their style and many other things.

It almost seems like they choose the girls to collaborate with on the lantern even if they are small brands and they don’t pay you anything.

Once you get accepted, it doesn’t stop there.

They ask you a thousand requests and clarify their rights.

The number of photos you need to post, when you have time to post. The tags and mentions to add to posts. Discount codes to be included in bio and stories.

In short, a nice endless list.

Then the presses begin.

Some people contact you from time to time to find out how it’s progressing and if by chance you haven’t decided to flee to Brazil with the goods without posting anything.

A little too much, can’t you think?

Especially since usually the most pressing brands are the ones with the lowest value!

Collaborating with Pixibeauty is another story.

One day I receive an email telling me that the courier would come by the next day to deliver me a package on behalf of Pixibeauty.

But how do they know my address?

I didn’t even remember sending him some of my personal data. The next day I go to the reception to collect the fantastic package. I reject, I open. I couldn’t believe it!

beauty box pixibeauty box pixibeautybeauty box pixibeauty

Isn’t that great?

They are personalized boxes that they send to influencers to share on social networks.

The last one that came to me contained the new line of face care products.

An illuminated face mask, an exfoliant, a purifying clay, a T-zone, dark circles patches and a wonderful soft towel to remove makeup ( which I still use after almost a year! ).

patch occhiaie pixibeautycollaborare con pixibeauty su Instagrammaschera argillabeauty box viso

Really all adorable! And the great thing is that they didn’t send me any instructions. I didn’t have a number of posts or stories to publish.

Nothing at all!

They play everything on their product. And I must say it works!

Aside from the fact that their masks are great and I really enjoy sharing them on my Instagram, but the fact that they are unpretentious makes all the girls who receive them write an honest review.

And, why not, go back to buying products and recommend them to friends.

The results they get are much better than those muffled and all the same posts that we are forced to do when they impose a thousand limits.

In the next paragraph, I’ll explain how you can submit a request to collaborate with Pixibeauty.

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Becoming a Pixibeauty Ambassador: How do you do it?

I can’t wait to be contacted. I’m not the type of person who waits for the opportunity, but I’m going to look for the opportunity. In fact, I create it.

You must be the one to create the best opportunities.

And so it was with Pixibeauty too. I’ve wanted to collaborate with Pixibeauty for a while now, so I thought “ Why not write him a nice email?”.

I go to the site and on the contact page I can’t find any emails dedicated exclusively to collaborations.

Which has been gaining momentum lately.

Weird , I think. I do not give up. I’ll take the generic customer service email.

I write to them that I really like their products and that I would like to collaborate.

Want to know what they replied?

Hi Lovely,

Thank you for your interest. We love Pixi advocates!

Please fill out this FORM to be considered for our PR list.

Pixi Beauty Team

Customer Service
Monday- Friday 8 AM- 5PM PST
O: 310.670.7767

In short, they write to me that it was enough to enter my data at that link to enter the list of possible influencers.

I couldn’t believe it!

I send my data in disbelief but I never thought I’d be contacted. Until I get the mail from the courier telling me that a package will arrive the next day.


Let’s recap, if you want to collaborate with Pixibeauty on Instagram, you can follow two paths.

1/2) Use the contact form to collaborate with Pixibeauty (if it works)

Just go to THIS LINK and send your request by filling in all the fields. It’s the same procedure I used, but I can’t make sure the selections are still open.

If you get an error message, it means they have temporarily closed applications due to high demand.

The information to enter in the form is very simple. They ask you for your data, address, your Instagram account, YouTube and possibly a blog. I assure you that, at least a year ago when I made the request, they were not very selective in their choice.

I don’t know exactly what they select influencers on, so it’s always worth a try.

I have friends with a few thousand followers, no blogs or YouTube channels, and they have been taken with no problems.

Do it now!

2/2) Contact customer service

If the contact form above is no longer available, send an email to the indicated customer care department that you find on the official page.

I hope you will be able to collaborate with Pixibeauty on Instagram soon.

I really mean it, because it’s a really great experience. Feel pampered and spoiled with fantastic products.

>> If you need support to grow your Instagram profile at its best and find collaborations in a professional way, you can book a personalized consultation with me at this link.

Otherwise, write me in the comments if you’ve ever tried to send a request for cooperation and what problems you’ve encountered.

Talk to you soon.

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