How to connect Facebook to Instagram

You have decided to get busy and get noticed on all your social profiles, but you don’t have much time between all the commitments you have, that’s why you would like to know how to connect Facebook to Instagram. I warn you that as a procedure it is extremely simple and you will not have to make complicated steps, much less rely on external means.

The two social networks, especially since dad Zuckerberg decided to have both of them are increasingly linked and allow you to work synchronously to optimize the experience of use both by those who decide to open accounts to browse the profiles of others and share their photos, ideas or whatever, and for those who decide to use the social for work.

So you are determined to know how you can link your Facebook account to your Instagram account? Well, make yourself comfortable, in this guide of ours we will offer you all the information you need right now.

How to communicate on Facebook and Instagram

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When you started asking yourself how to connect Facebook accounts to Instagram maybe you haven’t asked yourself some questions that will prove to be truly essential to be successful on both social networks.

Are you wondering if linking your accounts is the right choice and how to proceed in the best way? Well, the first piece of advice we would like to give you is to draw up an editorial plan for your monthly communication. What you publish must have an element in common that will end up distinguishing your publications.

You know well that what matters to get noticed is to always be original and above all to choose a distinctive trait that makes you recognized by the crowd.

When drafting your editorial plan, keep in mind that people are not the same on the two social networks, or rather, they can also be the same, but by accessing one or the other platform they have a different perception of your message.

So don’t neglect anything, otherwise you could run into a completely unsuccessful experience.

How to connect Facebook to Instagram: why do it

So if you are wondering if it is possible to connect Facebook to Instagram, the answer is undoubtedly yes. If you are wondering if it is difficult to do, in this case we must say no, also because both social networks are designed for an extremely intuitive use that also allows those who are new to these platforms to use them to the fullest. their potential. Surely you know that it is really very high.

Connecting the two accounts allows you to share stories and posts at the same time on both the Instagram and Facebook profiles, for savings of time is not indifferent, also considering that social networks are often used in the hope of being immediate and not having to waste hours and hours.

In short, if you are a practical one and don’t want to repeat the same post twice then this could be the best choice.

Without considering that as far as concerns business profiles, the connection seems almost an obligatory choice to embrace an audience that is as wide as possible, giving itself the possibility in a short time to make its way into the sector most congenial to us .

How to connect Facebook to Instagram: why not do it

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We wouldn’t want to discourage you, but maybe give you some good advice. Ok, yes, linking the two accounts saves a lot of time, really a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. I’ll explain why.

Both Facebook and Instagram are platforms that focus a lot on images, but the latter much more than the former which leaves a lot of space for the textual part of your thoughts.

So if you want to express a thought by launching yourself into a Platonian-style monologue then you will probably find your niche on Facebook. But if you want the images to speak, then Instagram is the right plate to follow.

In the path of connecting Facebook to Instagram you have to ask yourself if this is really the right choice or if your desire to save time is leading you astray.

The two social networks inevitably have two completely different cuts, different is the slice of public that you will be able to embrace with one and the other, different is the tone that you will have to have when you will set up your posts.

But don’t worry, if you decide to connect Facebook accounts to Instagram, it will not be an irreversible operation, when you realize that it was not the best move to you, you can always decide to retrace your steps.

How to connect Facebook to Instagram: login to the profiles

Let’s get to the point, I know you were wondering when I would give you some practical notions on how to proceed for the connection . And here they are.

Let’s start from the beginning, you know that to use Facebook and Instagram you must first proceed by accessing your profiles. Generally you log in using the credentials that were chosen at the time you signed up, but maybe you didn’t notice something.

On the login page of Instagram you will find a button that tells you: Log in via Facebook, by clicking on it, both at the time of registration to the social network, and in a subsequent access, you can decide to connect the two accounts directly.

In this way the login credentials to remember will only be those of Facebook and not also those of Instagram, as they will be the same.

At any access, when you will be asked for your credentials, all you have to do is click on the sign in via Facebook button to find yourself on your profile. Simple right? In this way there are fewer uses of the Forgot your password, which often requires you to remember other elements that you really struggle to memorize.

Link between private profiles

We have therefore seen how you can access Instagram simply by using the data login of Facebook, but let’s say that you have an account on the photographic social network that appears to be private. How to connect Facebook and Instagram in this case?

To connect the account of a private Facebook profile to the Instagram one is extremely simple, but I already warned you about this. You can use your smartphone whether it is an Android device or an iOS device, so follow our instructions and in a moment what you publish on one will also be present on the other profile.

Access the application you use every day on your device and if necessary, proceed by entering your account in the manner we have previously told you about. Then click on the thumbnail of the little man that you will find at the bottom right (ATTENTION: in some updates, the icon is replaced by the thumbnail of your profile photo).

Tap the three horizontal lines and then at the bottom right you will find a gear wheel, tap to access the settings.

Click now on the wording Accounts> Connected accounts> Facebook; at this point you will be asked for your Facebook credentials, unless you have logged in to do so (as specified in the previous paragraph).

All you have to do is decide for the sharing preferences, you can choose to share both stories and posts or just one of the two.

Connect a Facebook page to an Instagram account

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At this point we will need to make a specification that it can be really useful. Obviously, even in this case the procedure is very simple and immediate. But read what we have to tell you below.


Do you have to have the requirements to link a Facebook page to Instagram? Yes, but nothing in particular, you don’t have to have a thousand thousand followers to do it.

If you manage a Facebook page and want to connect it to your Instagram profile you must be the administrator of that page, if you are not. then you have to ask the administrator in charge to upgrade you. Otherwise this is a closed road in which it is useless to go.

If you have this requirement, as they say, we are on horseback.

To connect Facebook to Instagram this time too you can use your trusty app, the one that keeps you company day and night in moments of boredom. You can also proceed whether it is a private Instagram profile or a business one.

Actually, in case you have opened your Instagram profile for a certain activity you have undertaken, you will necessarily have to have a Facebook page to connect, considering that it will be your showcase for the products.

With the direct connection your customers or possible such will be able to see the characteristics of your products, consult the price, availability and possibly buy.

But it seems to us an interesting discussion to undertake at another time than this.


In practice as it is Is it possible to link a Facebook page to an Instagram account? Guess? Launch your Instagram app and log into your profile. Done? Well at this point click again on our trusty little man or on the thumbnail of your profile picture. Click on the three horizontal lines and then on the gear wheel to access the settings.

Accont> Connected Accounts> Facebook> Share on> search for your page .

Alternatively you can also take this route. Access the Facebook application and search for your company page> tap at the top right, on the gear icon> Instagram. The social network will want you to confirm the connection, so don’t forget to click on Continue and then enter your login details.

The game is done, much simpler than you thought right? But I warned you.

What happens at this point

So far we have seen how it is possible to connect a Facebook page to any Instagram account, be it private or corporate. We have given you as an essential requirement that you must be the administrator of the page you want to link. But what happens when the operation is finished?

If you are not the only administrator, Your other peers, editors, moderators and advertisers can:

  • create Instagram ads from Facebook and manage comments
  • it is possible that the same subjects can read , reply to comments and direct messages from Instagram

  • they can manage the posts of your Facebook page on Instagram and vice versa
  • add content to the story of your page
  • connect other Instagram accounts to the Page
  • all those who have access to the page have the possibility to synchronize company contact information such as telephone number, e-mail address, company address
  • updates made to the Facebook sa page will be visible on the Instagram page and vice versa
  • whoever has the login credentials to the Facebook page can decide to add a contact button on Instagram to ask for information or to make appointments
  • if the company has the right features to access the Instagram Shopping function, anyone with access will be able to proceed with the configuration
  • if the page is registered with the Facebook charity tools, the other administrators will allow people to add donation stickers to us on Instagram Stories
  • companies may decide to integrate a third-party app from a developer.

As you will have understood, this is not the simple possibility of sharing everything simultaneously on Instagram and Facebook, but a real marketing choice.

Disconnect the Facebook profile from the Instagram account

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It is possible that at some point you decide to retrace your steps and therefore you will want to know how you should proceed when you want to disconnect the two accounts.

Basically this is not an irreversible action and you have every right to know how to proceed. So to proceed by disconnecting your Facebook profile from the Instagram account, first start your social photo application. What you will have to do is the same path that we have indicated for the connection, only with reverse actions.

Access your profile and click on the icon of the little man or on the thumbnail of your profile picture. At this point, click on the 3 horizontal dashes icon and then the gear icon to access the settings.

Settings> Accounts> Connected accounts> Facebook> Disconnect> Confirm your choice.

This is the path to take if you will use your Instagram profile, if instead you want to act by connecting to the Facebook profile then continuing in the same way as you did for the connection of the two platforms.

Click on the Unlink Facebook page button and in this way they will be independent again and for you it is again time to study separate publications for one and for the other account.


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