How to contact companies on Instagram effectively

In this article, I’ll explain how to contact companies on Instagram to increase the likelihood of them responding and convincing them to partner with YOU.

If you’ve already tried to send branded messages on Instagram to receive free products with no response, know that it might not be your fault. You simply used a wrong method .

I’ll tell you about the strategies I experimented with to start my first collaborations and receive hundreds of dollars worth of products, with an example of an effective email that you can use right away.

Before I leave, I want to tell you that not everyone can collaborate with brands. Is it true that you need at least 10k followers to become a micro-influencer on Instagram?

Requirements for contacting businesses on Instagram

If it relieves you, I don’t really agree with this philosophy. I am a supporter of starting as soon as possible. Starting now, it takes a very long time to reach 10k.

I’ve seen profiles come up with this in no time. @ lucamastella, a highly experienced marketing professional already known online, did it in less than 6 months.

Starting from scratch , without having a community that can get you going from 0 to 10k in a few months, you can still start moving to contact companies on Instagram.

It is often enough to have more followers of the brand in order to broaden the audience they can reach. There are brands, traditional and familiar, who have recently decided to open an account on Instagram.

I know it sounds absurd on a social network with 1 billion users. Often, especially in companies where it is not seen as a priority, they are colossally behind the rest of the world. This can be a great opportunity for YOU.

Find all the requirements to start contacting companies on Instagram in this article: Complete Influencer Guide.

In the next paragraphs we will prepare ourselves in the best way to approach the brands and write the contact email effectively, complete with a template.

1/5) Contact the companies on Instagram most likely to collaborate

To increase your chances of success, you need to start with who you decide to contact. There are companies that have no budget, have not considered this form of advertising, view influencers with suspicion and, for a thousand other reasons, will never want to collaborate with micro-influencers.

On the other hand, there are those who see it as an opportunity, who have already collaborated with other profiles and may be interested in YOUR own.

Make sure there are companies on your list of brands to contact that have shown interest in this form of promotion in the past.

How do you figure this out?

You can start with small brands that you like and go through their profiles, in their hashtags to see if they have started any influencer campaigns. Or, if you don’t have any in mind, you can go to similar micro-influencer profiles to yours and see which brands they’ve partnered with.

There are many chances that these companies are looking for other profiles and you will really offer them a golden opportunity.

This is the way I found the first brands to collaborate on Instagram and, in a short time, I found a house full of objects of all kinds!

I may have exaggerated a bit …

2/5) Try to understand the needs of the brand

Another important thing, before writing the email, are the specific needs of the brand. In fact, companies may be interested in achieving different goals from the relationship with an influencer.

Getting known by new people may seem like the only one but, working in an agency, I realized that there are several needs that an influencer could help fill. Here are some of them:


Surely brands, especially small ones, turn to an influencer to make themselves known by many people.

In reality, even big brands seek visibility, but for them things are a little different. The focus is more on a new product, rather than on the brand itself, precisely because it is already well known.


While influencers aren’t exactly the best channel to get direct sales straight away, some brands try to place their products and empty their warehouses thanks to influencers.

This requires a different strategy, which is not based on content that informs or inspires followers, but that pushes them to go to an e-commerce or in-store.

Much more ambitious!


Producing professional photos and videos can cost thousands of dollars and takes days of work. For this reason, brands may simply be interested in photos or mini videos to reuse on their social networks or on the website at will.

This is by no means a thing to be underestimated.

Understanding exactly what the brand wants can greatly increase the chances of success, because you go to precisely respond to a need they are trying to fill.

3/5) Contact companies on Instagram by email

If you are going to contact companies on Instagram directly on the social network, I urge you not to. You want them to see you professionally and you need to reach them on a corporate channel.

In chat, I can assure you, it is really a pain to get requests.

I have been running campaigns of this type and I was not at all inclined to renew the collaboration. For the simple fact that entering the app distracted me and it was not practical to share information with my colleagues.

When you can find it, always send messages by email to make the work of the marketing team easier.

4/5) Make a list of your strengths

And now it’s your turn. Lots of girls want to reach out to businesses on Instagram to partner when they have a few thousand followers. If you want this too, know that you have to think about what you can offer them.

Don’t think about yourself, it’s only natural that you want to get great products for free. The problem is that, on the other hand, you have a business. They are focused on the return of that promotional activity and on revenues.

To do this, you need to start with your strengths. What are the things you are at the top of and that you could successfully offer to a company? Can you take good pictures? Do you have a good storytelling of the products, or an excellent engagement? Have you created a close-knit community?

Anything could be interesting if communicated in the right way. And you can only do it after you understand the needs of the brand.

5/5) How to write a really effective collaboration email

I’m about to tell you something that many are unaware of, but it will greatly increase the likelihood of a response from the companies you contact.

The email you send is very important and you must first make sure it is short , by which I mean no more than 200-300 words. Then, you have to write it with precision , that is, focusing on specific needs and showing professionalism . Finally, customize ! Always try to insert something specific so it doesn’t look like a copy and paste.

Such an email can be written with this in mind five paragraphs of up to three lines each :

Intro) Write who you are and what you do, make it clear immediately what your main profession is, that your account deals with a relevant topic for them.

Paragraph 1) Why do you want to collaborate with the brand, what are the things you like and why you are in line with their product.

Paragraph 2) The main numbers of your Instagram account. Not all of them, but only those in which you are strongest. If you have few followers and good engagement, for example, don’t name the first ones but focus on interaction.

Paragraph 3) What you can do for them, what are the needs you can meet and the benefits they will get from this collaboration.

Closing) Call To Action (CTA), i.e. a call to action. You have to get the person who will read the email to act and the only way to do it is to tell him exactly what the next step is to take. At this point, they can either indulge you or trash everything.

Greetings) Short greeting in which you leave a door open to avoid procrastination on the part of those who will read the email.

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Sample mail

Let’s say I want to propose my Instagram account @ monicpirozzi to @ desenio, e-commerce of posters. Since I also talk about motivation on my profile, I feel in line with the brand precisely because they have so many posters with motivational phrases in their assortment.

Contattare profilo Instagram Desenio Poster

Once I’ve made sure it’s right for me and has recently collaborated with other accounts on Instagram, I’ll make a list of my strengths and what I can do for them.

Then I move on to the mail. Here is what I would write in 160 words:


I’m Monica, social media strategist and author of the blog where I deal with blogging, motivation and influencer marketing.

I really like Desenio, I appreciate how you are doing your influencer campaigns, I think we are very effective in spreading the brand. Since I also deal with the topic of personal motivation, I would like to collaborate with you to propose your posters quotes.

I have an Instagram account with X followers and a Facebook page with X like, with people interested in this topic to whom I could propose the product.

What I can do for you is:

  1. Talking about the brand to my followers with 4-5 stories talking on my Instagram profile with Swipe Up and 1 post in feed on both Instagram and Facebook
  2. Provide you with photographic material in line with what you publish on your page to be used freely on social networks.

If you think this proposal could bring value to the brand, please tell me how we can continue.

I await your reply and greet you.

Monica Pirozzi ”

Next Step: What to do today to contact businesses on Instagram

To effectively contact companies on Instagram, assuming you already have a list of interesting brands, you need to start with the quality of the companies.

If you want to get started today, here are the practical steps you can take:

  1. analyze the list and understand which companies you are most likely to partner with
  2. make a list of your strengths and highlight which of them may be of most interest to the brand
  3. write a convincing email using what you find in this article as a template.

If you want to deepen the topic of collaborations with brands I suggest you Collaborations with companies on Instagram: how to start immediately while others are watching

Share this article if you found useful info or write me in the comments with any questions. He responded within a few hours.

Namasté, Monica.
Ig: monicpirozzi

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