How to copy and paste a photo on Instagram

By now you could call yourself a true fan of Instagram , the popular social network owned by Facebook. Stories, filters, posts in the Feed and direct are now your daily bread. To say it all, however, there are still some details relating to the use of Instagram that escape you. For example, you’ve been wondering for a while if it’s possible to copy an image from an app and then paste it on Instagram, in order to add it to a story or feed post.

You have tried and tried, countless times, to copy the images of your Gallery and those found on the Net; however, once you have reached the “fateful” moment to paste them on a story or post, there is really no way of inserting them. How do you say? This is the case and, therefore, would you like to know if there is a solution to this problem? So, if that’s okay with you, I can help you and give you some “tips” about it.

As you may have already understood, Instagram does not allow you to directly insert copied images in posts and stories. However, there is a handy feature integrated into the social network app and another simple gimmick that can help you get around this limitation. If you want to know more and, therefore, want to find out how to copy and paste a photo on Instagram , read on: you will find everything explained below. Enjoy your reading and have fun!


How to copy and paste a photo on Instagram Stories

Storie Instagram

If you agree, I would start by talking to you about inserting images in stories of Instagram thanks to an integrated function in the app that allows the addition, by way of stickers, of images taken from the phone’s Gallery. I assure you it’s just what you need if you were looking for how to copy and paste a photo on Instagram on Android or how to copy and paste a photo on Instagram for iPhone (l ‘option is in fact available on both Android and iPhone, while obviously it is not possible to proceed from a PC, where there is still no function for publishing the stories).

To proceed, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the Instagram app is updated to the latest version : I have explained to you in this guide how to do it.

Once you have updated the application, open it and tap on the + icon located at the top right of the main page (i.e. the tab that has the house symbol). Then, click on the Story item located on the black bar at the bottom right and, once you have accessed the story creation menu, click on the Aa button at the top of the list on the left.

At this point, tap the icon of the smiling sticker placed at the top center and, from here, press the button with the two overlapping rectangles and the + symbol. Then browse the list of images stored on your device and tap the one you want to paste on the story you are creating. Once you have applied the image in this way, if you keep your fingers pressed at the opposite corners of the latter and if you move them, you can enlarge and reduce it.

If, on the other hand, you want to move it to another point on the screen, just hold down a finger on it and drag it to the position you prefer. You can paste as many images as you want into the same story by repeating the steps above. To change the background color of the story, click on the colored circle located at the top right. If you want, you can also draw freehand on the story, by pressing the wavy line icon located at the top right, and enter some text by tapping the Aa button next to it. to the latter.

Once you have completed your creation, click on the Send to button at the bottom on the right and, finally, click on the Share button next to Your story . See how easy it was? If you need more tips on creating Instagram stories, read my tutorial on the topic. In my guide on how to put multiple photos in the same story on Instagram, I explained to you how the Layout function works, which allows you to create stories with cute photo collages.

How to copy and paste a photo on Instagram in the Feed


As for the Feed of Instagram, ie the “standard” posts containing only photos or videos which, unlike the stories, remain always visible on your profile and do not expire after 24 hours, you should know that there is no built-in feature that allows you to paste images into them.

So if you are wondering how to copy and paste a photo on Instagram (intended as a Feed) the only possible solution is to create a post (structured as a single image) that includes multiple images, i.e. a collage .

To do this you will have to resort to specific third-party solutions. I immediately propose one that I consider particularly valid: Canva . Haven’t you ever heard of it? I’ll immediately explain what it is. Canva is the app version of the famous online service of the same name for creating multimedia content, including posters, playbills, logos, tickets and, precisely, collages for Instagram, using a very intuitive editor.

Canva includes various reference templates to use as a “base” for your creations, and many of them are free (the others typically cost around a dollar). To download Canva on an Android device, just open the official app page on the Play Store on your device and press the Install button. If your smartphone or tablet does not have access to Google services take a look at the alternative stores.

If instead, you intend to install Canva on an iPhone or iPad , open the application page on the App Store directly from your device, tap the Get / button Install and proceed verifying your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or password of the Apple ID (if required).

Once you have installed the app, open it from the home screen or from the app menu and choose whether to register with your email address or with your Google or Facebook accounts. Now that you have accessed the main page of the app, you can proceed to create your collage to be published on Instagram.

Just scroll through the proposals you find in the Home tab (the one with the house symbol ) to find the one that’s right for you. Optionally, you can also check the Instagram Post and Collage categories that you find in the list (choose a template categorized as Instagram Post if you want to publish the collage directly from the app once that you have finished editing). When you’ve found the post template that’s right for you, click on its preview to start customizing it.

Just tap on the various elements that make up the future post (photos, background, text, logos and so on) to change them from time to time. To replace one of the preset photos, click on them; then tap on the + button in the lower left corner and press on the Photo item.

In the next screen, to upload your images, simply go to the Uploads tab and then press the Upload multimedia content button. Therefore, scroll through the list of photos stored on your device and, once you have found the one you are looking for, tap on its preview and then press the Select button, to charge it. Press the Upload media button from time to time and repeat the last step to upload as many images as you want.

From the Uploads tab, by clicking on each of the displayed photos, you can add it to the template you are editing. At this point, by holding your finger on the image just “pasted” and moving it, you can place it where you prefer. To reduce the size of the images, simply tap on them, hold your finger on the white dot in the lower corner and move the latter to enlarge or reduce the image.


If you want an image to be superimposed on all the others, just double tap on it. By pressing on an image, you can also select it and apply various effects on it, delete it, flip it, duplicate it or cut it by pressing, from time to time, on the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the screen. When you are satisfied with the final result, press the down arrow icon (top right), to download the final image in your device’s Gallery.

If, on the other hand, you want to publish the image directly on Instagram, click on the button with the arrow pointing upwards (at the top of right) and choose the item Instagram Post (if present). Really handy, isn’t it?

If you had chosen a “vertical” collage template, the Instagram app could automatically cut the top edge and bottom To make sure this doesn’t happen check out my tutorial on how to post photos on Instagram without cropping them.

The one I have you about The operation just illustrated is just one of the various applications to create photo collages: to find out all the most valid ones, I refer you to my dedicated guide, which I have just linked to you.

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