How to create a community on social media

Wondering how to create a community on social media is the first necessary step to take before thinking about building it, in fact creating a community is not easy and creating it is only possible through the construction of human relationships. Being aware of this point is of fundamental importance so that it is possible to create a real community of people who will interact with our contents.

The creation of human relationships, in this case, takes place over time and thanks to a good dose of patience, together with a large commitment inherent in the creation of quality and useful content published consistently over time.

The community is represented by a group of people linked by a common interest or passion and can be created by a brand or simply by people with the aim of bringing together different individuals sharing a common topic and protagonist of the community.

Creating and managing a community requires the community manager to have precise knowledge of the methodologies and creativity needed to create content, which is why community management is of great importance.

The essential elements that characterize a community are the following:

  • sense of belonging
  • real interactions
  • giving value to your users / fans / followers
  • becoming a credible point of reference

Sense of belonging

The sense of belonging is usually found in cultural associations, fan clubs or circles, or real communities, but offline, which involve people through their sense of belonging to a topic of common interest.

In online communities not linked to brands but created by people, the sense of belonging is often found linked to topics such as:

  • a passion for a sport
  • an interest in entertaining or informative content

Real interactions

The measure of the success of an online community is engagement, or the level of user engagement with respect to it.

Affecting the rate of engagement we find:

  • like
  • comments
  • shares
  • savings
  • chat

All these different types of interactions create the engagement of a community, but among the best interactions that are good to obtain there are the saves, since compared to the other interactions they reflect a greater interest and consensus obtained by users.

Valuing your users / fans / followers

To give value in the management of a human relationship, a community or a brand it is necessary to create a path, like that of a classic marketing funnel, especially if you have commercial purposes.

This path includes the following steps, which are essential for achieving the goal of conversion :

  • entertain
  • inform
  • loyalty
  • convert

Conversion is easier if you are first verified the construction of a human relationship. Just think of the path taken by a customer to get to the purchase, in which the conversion will take place more easily where the customer trusts the choice he is making.

It therefore appears clear the importance of this path, which through the sharing of content capable of entertaining and informing, or giving value, is able to build customer loyalty, thus bringing them closer to conversion.

Becoming a credible point of reference

Credibility is a goal to be achieved because it translates into being immediately associated with something specific and thus becoming a credible point of reference for all those who follow a specific topic.

Some examples of credible points of reference in different sectors and present online are:

  • Cynical beautician in the beauty world
  • GialloZafferano in the food world
  • Marco Montemagno in the business world

All these examples represent real points of reference with a high level of credibility in their respective and different sectors of reference.

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Creating a community can be very useful for different types of organizations such as publishers, creators, disseminators, companies B2B and all kinds of B2C brands as long as you have clear objectives in mind right away.

Among the main objectives for which a community can be useful to a brand we find:

  • Increased awareness and loyalty with the brand through Real Time Marketing
  • The communication of new stores and products
  • Surveys and market research
  • User Generated Content

Once the objectives have been defined, it is possible to proceed with the development of the strategy by defining the actions to be performed within a precise timing.

Once you understand how to create a community through its essential elements, having a measure of the success of an online community is possible through engagement , or the level of user involvement with respect to it, which can be analyzed through the number of likes, comments, shares, saves or chats.

To encourage such reactions from members of a community, it is essential to share valuable content that can increase interactions by including:

  • entertainment
  • information
  • insights

These three elements represent a fundamental starting point for the creation of a community, as essential to create engagement.

Infotainment: from information to entertainment

The contents created for entertainment can be very different from each other, as they vary to adapt to the reference sector and the tone of voice used in the specific case, while the contents created to offer information , must necessarily translate into being useful for people who follow the community.

A fundamental aspect in creating content for communities is in any case the creation of content through which to share information that is not always and only focused on the product or service offered by the brand, in case you are talking about a linked community to a brand, but which are able to make the product or service present without making it the protagonist, but part of the content.

Transforming the product from protagonist to content through content marketing is essential to retain loyalty and aim for an increase in conversions, and to achieve this goal, making the information usable in a more pleasant way is a very important aspect that can be obtained through union of information with entertainment, thus creating infotainment , or changing the form of information.

Examples of infotainment

Creating quality content is essential for cultivating a community, and in the case of infotainment, infographics are one of the best types of shareable content.

The infographic below relating to a wine community is an example. Through this content information is in fact combined, through suggestions on how to choose wine based on the combination with the different dishes, with entertainment thanks to graphics that make the content lighter for the user to enjoy.

Come creare una community
Image extracted from the course Community management – Case Histories by Alex Ballato

Another product example that from protagonist becomes content is depicted in the image below, in which on instagram shows a content through which it offers information, illustrating the names of the different typologies ie about coffee, but at the same time talking about the product.

Come creare una community sui social media
Image extracted from the course Community management – Case Histories by Alex Ballato


The community is undoubtedly an excellent tool for brands and companies, as it allows them to get closer to their customers and establish a relationship made up of real and useful interactions to build the loyalty necessary to make the customer a real brand ambassador and facilitate the conversion process.

What do you think and how do you manage your community?

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