How to create a filter on Instagram

Do you know what we want to do today? Tell you about Instagram filters, above all we would like to show you how to create a personalized one in an extremely simple way. What will you have to do? Just follow our directions and in a short time you will become a real master of social photography. After all, that’s what you were looking for, right?

Among the possibilities that Instagram offers, undoubtedly the one most loved by users are the stories that allow you to instantly share content with your followers, whether it is photos or videos, it is not important, that it is a way to make them participate in your life is extremely important.

Until not many updates ago, it was possible to use only the filters made available by the platform itself, only now it is possible to choose those that can be self-produced, to make your publications even more original .

But are you sure you really know what Instagram filters are and how to create one on Instagram? Let’s see it in detail.

How to create a filter on Instagram

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How to create a filter on Instagram and Instagram Stories: here’s how to add and have new masks and effects to customize the stories and surprise your followers.

Everyone is crazy about Instagram filters, so much so that they are now included in songs to create new modern rhymes, a lot that some did not even imagine being able to publish a photo without adding a filter.

But how is it possible to create filters with the apps that the web makes available? These are very few clicks that even those who are not a mobile or PC geek can do.

How to create a filter on Instagram

Turning your face into a cat’s sweet little wall, sweetening your features with an animated filter, creating funny faces to make the viewer smile is very simple. There are several tools that will allow you to do this and guess what, we are here to introduce them to you.

Mark this: Spark AR Studio, to download on Mac and Windows, even if that compatible with the latter, it is a trial Beta version and therefore not the final one.

After installation, the program will be able to offer the page called “Samples” as the first screen, with predefined templates that offer you a base from which to start and to customize according to what it wants to achieve.

A simple interface is what sets Spark AR apart. Still on the same page, at the bottom you will find two buttons: “Create Project” and “Open Project”, the first will make you start new projects, the second will make you modify those you have already worked on.

The work area that will be opened will be divided into different areas. As simple as it is, we remind you not to snatch the guides that the site itself offers you to learn how to use them, otherwise you may regret the choice. What you will really need is a little practice to create your own custom filter that you can not only use yourself on Instagram, but you can also make it available to other users.

How to create a filter on Instagram

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To create filters for Instagram stories, you must have a Facebook account (you know how the two social networks are increasingly linked), only in this way will you be able to create filters for Instagram.

But if your purpose is to create a filter that is used for social photography, you will have to follow some basic rules, from which you just cannot back down, such as the resolution of the image which must be 1080 × 1920 px with a transparent background.

Precisely for this reason we would like to suggest you to use a professional graphics software such as Photoshop or any other digital graphics program or app (eg Adobe Spark for Android / iOS / iPadOS ).

If you want to process in augmented reality, you will need to use the official Facebook Spark AR Studio software for Windows and macOS, following step by step all the advice that we will offer you from here on out. After exporting the filter to your device, you must send it to the blue social network, which will have to proceed with the approval. The submission form must be completed in every single part. Remember that if your filter does not exceed this small selection, you will not be able to use it in any way.

So once the filter proposed by you is approved, it will be visible in the haòòaria of the effects applicable to Instagram photos, so not only can you share it yourself, but other users can use it exactly as you do.

For the filter to be approved you must follow some guidelines such as the file format which must be in PNG or JPG, minimum size of 200 × 200 px, all accompanied by a presentation video that you will have to record with the Instagram camera.

How to create a filter on Instagram: from pc

Know that then always decide to take advantage of the official guide (in English) offered by Spark AR Studio, which is very detailed and offers a complete index of all the features that the filter should have in order to be used on the most popular photographic social network in the world.

So what have we learned? That to create filters for Instagram stories you must make use of Spark AR Studio, a real graphics software that can also be used by those who are not really an expert on social media. This tool is available for both Windows and macOS.

How do you go about using the software? Well first you have to proceed to download it, by connecting to the official website and then clicking on the Download Now> Download button. In a few seconds the files will be available on your device.

Then double tap on the file so that it starts and then starts the software installation, following step by step the instructions provided on the screen.


Come creare un filtro su Instagram

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How to create a filter on Instagram


How to create an Instagram filter: how to create an Instagram filter and how to create an Instagram filter from your phone.


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