How to create a group on Instagram

How to create a group on instagram. We are here today to explain how to create a group on Instagram, we know well that when you post something on your social pages, what you would like is simply for all your friends to see your content and maybe interact with your content to make it visible to even more people. You know well that only in this way can your account be successful and therefore you will be able to become a successful person in this area.

Precisely for this reason s tai evaluating the possibility of using this functionality on Instagram , the one that allows you to create a group on Instagram and share via direct message everything you would like your friends to see.

After all, that of groups is a functionality that you already know well because it is present on both Whatsapp and Facebook and for this reason you know well that it can be both an advantage and a nuisance, especially if people are involved who send messages continuously.

But if you really think you want to know how to create an Instagram group, then you are in the right place and we can give you some tips.

How to create a group on Inst agram: from mobile

If you have decided to create a group on Instagram and want to act from your smartphone you must know that the procedure will be very quick and easy. But what we would like to do is offer you some ideas to be able to use this feature in a much more immediate and practical way.

creare gruppo instagram

You can create your group, whether you have an Android or an iOS device, the important thing is that you have installed the application by relying on the Play Store or the App Store, but as you well know the procedure is identical in both cases.

After doing this you have nothing else to do, except access your profile or enter your login credentials or alternatively by choosing Login via Facebook, which it is so fashionable in the last period.

Ok, here we are, it’s time to see in practice how to create an Instagram group, click on the house icon and you will be ready.

How to add users to the Instagram group

From home on your Instagram profile click on the airplane icon to access the Direct function. You know it well because you always use it to send private messages to other users and we know that it is now a very used feature.

come creare un gruppo instagram

The first thing to do is identify the names of the people you want to be part of the group you are about to create. You can add them by tapping the (+) button in the upper right corner, then scroll down the suggestions screen to proceed to view the names of the people you have recently come into contact with.

Alternatively, use the Search field, to be sure that you have entered everyone.

Don’t forget that at any time you can decide to expand your audience with other people, by searching for them and ticking them to make sure that they are within the group.

The names of the people you added you will find in the field with the wording A :, when you have completed the procedure you can do tap on Next to complete the creation of the group.

Group elements

Once the procedure for adding the users you want to be part of the group has been completed, you can proceed to give a name to the group by inserting it in correspondence with the relevant item. You are done, there is nothing else to do but invade the box post of participants with all the messages you always wanted to send them.

come si crea un gruppo su instagram

The content you can send will be text messages, a photo, an audio clip or you can even create a short history by clicking on the camera symbol.

Group management

We have therefore seen how to create an Instagram group but at this point how is it possible to manage it immediately, without having to get lost between various clicks?

Calmly, don’t rush, now we’ll explain it to you.

To manage group notifications, click on the circled i symbol, which you will find at the top right. At any point you can decide whether to disable notifications, by switching from ON to OFF in the appropriate section.

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Remember that this feature will probably it will be much more useful when you find yourself in a group that you did not create and from which, you cannot or do not want to leave, but you also do not want to receive hundreds of notifications a day.

Always from the circled i symbol you can precede :

  • Add people
  • Leave the conversation

Alternatively, you can also proceed from the Direct section by swiping from left to right for Disable notifications or by clicking Delete twice, you can also delete the conversation.

In this case, however, note that the conversation is deleted only for you, but the group will not be closed and other users will continue to be part of it and share content with each other.

Manage group with an app

A solution that allows you to manage your group in a simple and direct way is that of the Direct from Instagram application, the little sister of the good old Facebook Messenger.

The application is available on the official stores completely free . This is an official Instagram App that allows you to access chats without having to go through your Instagram profile.

To get it, access the Play Store or the App Store and then type in the Search section the name Direct From Instagram, when it displays it in the new window that opens, click on install and in a few seconds you will have it on your smartphone.

Remember that in case if you have an Apple smartphone, you will be prompted for the Face ID, Touch ID or Apple account password for identity verification.

After installing the application on your device it’s time to start it by tapping on its icon and pressing the continue button as followed by your Instagram username.

When you are finally in the fantastic world of Direct From Instagram you will be asked if you want or less receiving notifications of any messages , it seems to me I must tell you that, it is useless to have app if you do not activate the notifications.

So at this point you can:

  • create Stories very quickly
  • record short videos
  • take pictures
  • send everything in private or group chats, thanks to the airplane symbol

Pay close attention to what I tell you, this application does not allow you to create a group, but you will be able to access it after having opened it through the official Instagram app.

Come on it all seems quite simple right? Now let’s move on to who wants to use Instagram from PC.

How to create a group on Instagram: from PC

Do you have a PC with Windows 10? Well then you can create your Instagram group through the dedicated application that you find on the Microsoft Store and that you can download completely free of charge simply by creating your Microsoft account; that we remind you, it will be essential for you, whatever application you decide to install.

Once you have downloaded the application on your PC you can start it and do it. access to your profile by entering the data you chose when you signed up for Instagram. To be able to create an Instagram group, tap on the airplane icon using the mouse of your pc.

In this way you will access the Direct screen and act in the same way as you we have described with regard to smartphones, you can start using your group very quickly and using your PC.

Also the features you will have access to for group management are the same ones that the application for Android or Apple mobile offers you, so you will not actually notice the difference at all.

As simple as drinking a glass of water no ??

How to create a group on Instagram: the rooms

How to create an Instagram group for Direct seems pretty clear to us now, whether it’s a smartphone or a PC .

But Instagram never makes us bored and not for a long time has implemented its parterre of proposals with the Rooms feature.

You don’t know what is? have you tried it? We’re not there, it’s time you continue to listen to us to find out more.

The Instagram Rooms are direct group streams, with a maximum number of participants which is 4 users. Let’s say that it is a sort of group video call, which adds to the possibilities given by Whatsapp, Facebook and even Zoom, widely used especially for business meetings.

Ok, ok don’t get upset, now I’ll explain better what it is, I know you’re getting excited already.

Group live broadcasts

Until the introduction of the Rooms, a maximum of two users could participate in the Instagram broadcasts. Live broadcasts have always been a medium used by Influencers , both already known and those who are trying to make their way into the world of social media.

The double direct in fact allows both the subjects to make their audience grow with an interchange between one and the other. But anyway, this is a discussion that maybe we will deal with in another context.

How do you start a direct group with the Rooms? First you have to log into your Instagram profile and click on the + button as if you wanted to publish a post or create a story, then open the Live section, enter a title and press the rooms option to add other participants.

Viewers will be able to use a special button to request participation in the live broadcast. Who started the live broadcast will see the active users at that moment and will be able to choose who to participate.

In this way the guests in the room can alternate and open the Rooms not only to 4 users but to a much larger number.

Why use the direct and the Rooms

You may be wondering what are the positive aspects for those who direct and use the Rooms. We have already mentioned one of the advantages to you previously. 2 users can participate in the live shows at a time, in Rooms 4, the fact remains that you can alternate.

So this means that your followers will have the opportunity to get to know the other participants and their followers to know you. This inevitably allows you to broaden your audience both yours and theirs, in such a way that everyone’s popularity grows.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is the possibility of feeling the mood of your audience who can intervene directly to make their own opinions and possibly suggest topics that are particularly interesting.

In this way you create direct contact with your followers that will see you much closer, creating more empathy and probably increasing your success.

How to create a group on Instagram: disable notifications for joining groups

You have added a group where they send hundreds of messages a day, I know, we are all victims of this system.

Don’t panic we deactivate the group notifications and peace will return and above all you will no longer receive invitations to join groups.

Start the Instagram app from your mobile phone and access your profile by entering the your login credentials in case you need them.

Then click on the little man icon or your profile thumbnail depending on the Instagram update you have on your device.

Then click on the and three horizontal lines and then on the gear wheel to enter the Settings section.

Scroll the menu that opens up to the item Notifications and then on the wording Direct messages, at this point check the No item in correspondence with the wording Group requests .

How to create a group on Instagram: leave the group

In case you want to continue receiving notifications to join groups, but want to leave a particular one or mute it, proceed as follows. Start the application and access the home of your Instagram page at this point click on the airplane icon and then identify the group that is bothering you at this moment.

Click on the i icon circled at the top right and in the menu that opens, choose Abandon Chat and then confirm the operation.

Remember that if you proceed in this way the group will receive a notification in which the username will be displayed with the words Has left the group. If you don’t want to cause a mess, you can alternatively mute the group and no one will notice.


come creare un gruppo instagram

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