How to create a Twitter account

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world. Particularly in the United States, it is used as an official communication channel by celebrities and politicians. Even in Italy, the famous social network with the blue bird icon has found fertile ground.

Every day there are many people who write a tweet (term with which the short text messages on the platform). I bet I intrigued you and you can’t wait to become part of it. Don’t worry, in this guide I’ll show you how to create a Twitter account .

In the past, I’ve already shown you how to remove your account, today I’ll teach you how to create one from scratch. . This operation is necessary to use the social network, you will not be able to use it without having an active account.

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How to create a Twitter account

Activating a Twitter account is a simple procedure to perform and requires no special computer knowledge.

To do this, you simply need to have a valid email address , a phone number and a username to use as a nickname.

The account can be created easily from your PC, all you need is an internet connection. Let’s see how to do it together.

Subscribe to Twitter

Finestra creazione account Twitter
Twitter account creation window

Well, you’re ready to join the social network. Here is the procedure you will need to follow:

  • Connect to the site and click on the Subscribe
  • Click on the Next
  • Now, if you want, you can customize your experience by deciding to receive emails from Twitter, allowing other users to search for you and getting personalized ads
  • Click Next again and confirm the data entered by clicking on Subscribe .
  • Enter the validation code which will arrive on the telephone number or email address you entered previously
  • Click on Next

Perfect, your Twitter account is ready and soon you can start tweeting with your friends!

Optimize your Twitter profile

Your profile is finally ready and you are ready to search for Tweets from your favorite characters. Before you start, though, you should do some getting started that will allow you to improve your account and, most importantly, get your friends to find you faster (if you want to).

Follow the steps I am about to give you and, in no time at all, your account will be 100% complete .

Search for new followers

The first thing to do is follow someone . Social media, in fact, are based on the concept of followers and friendships. You will need to follow someone in order to interact and view content.

Start following a circle of people, even famous people. There are millions of profiles on Twitter and I’m sure it won’t be that hard to find someone to follow.

If you use Twitter for your business then I recommend following people who might be interested to the services you offer. Twitter, as it already happens for other social networks, can be an excellent communication channel for your company.

Twitter also gives you the ability to choose your followers by searching for them within specific categories and groups. This way you will be sure to start following people with the same interests as you!

Insert a profile photo

It is not mandatory to do so, but Twitter allows you to insert a profile picture . In my opinion, you should take advantage of this possibility.

A profile with a photo is considered much more reliable. That’s why inserting a profile photo is definitely a recommended operation, especially if you manage a Twitter account for business purposes.

This will make it easier for you to be real, credible and transparent towards your potential customers.

Profile photos on Twitter must comply with certain size-related fees. You can consult this guide to get some more information about it.


In a few simple steps we have created a new Twitter account . As you have seen, it was a very simple operation to carry out.

Having a Twitter account allows you to have your say in the social world. As already happens on Instagram, by taking advantage of hashtags you will have the possibility to categorize your tweets and search for them later.

Twitter is a platform that has been active for several years, now mature and which is considered by many to be reliable for quick communications and of some importance. I could use it as an official channel for your communications, for example.

Make the most of your new Twitter profile and take care of it, you will see that it will soon give you great satisfaction.

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